Workout of the Day
Every minute, on the minute, for 15 minutes:
Snatch from Below the Knee x 1 rep
(Perform from at least 2″ below the knee cap, plates hovering slightly off the floor, pause, then snatch.)

*Sets 1-3 – 50% of 1-RM Snatch
*Sets 4-6 – 60%
*Sets 7-9 – 70%
*Sets 10-12 – 75-80%
*Sets 13-15 – 80-85%

Three sets of:
Halting Snatch Deadlift + Snatch Pull
Rest 2 minutes

Perform one halting snatch deadlift, return the weight to the floor, and then perform a snatch pull. On the halting snatch deadlift, focus on weight distribution through the mid-foot (not fore foot), engagement of hamstrings, and strong lats pulling/stabilizing the barbell into the mid-thigh. Hold in position until you acknowledge all of those points.

Five sets of:
Front Squat x 3-4 reps @ 4111
(You MUST move up in weight from last week by 4-6%)
Rest 3 minutes

For time:
8/6 Muscle-Ups
12 Power Cleans (155/105 lb.)
16 Front Squats (155/105 lb.)
20 Alternating Dumbell Snatches (70/50 lb.)
16 Front Squats (155/105 lb.)
12 Power Cleans (155/105 lb.)
8/6 Muscle-Ups

  • patskinner

    A. up to 165. used straps. wow what a difference.
    B. 205,215,220
    C. 240×3 x 5 sets
    D. 11:07

  • JΓ©rΓ©my LΓ©vo

    A. 45-80 kg
    B. 90-95-95
    C. 4 sets @100 kg
    D. 10:40 @60 kg and 24 kg KB for the snatches

  • Espen HellesΓΈy

    50kg x 3, 55kg x 3, 65kg x 3, 70kg x 3, 75kg x 2, 80kg x 1

    80kg, 80kg, 85kg

    105 kg on all sets

    13:02 (6 muscle-ups)

  • Joey Konieczny

    A) up to 215 no misses
    B) 250
    C) 225/255/285/305/315
    D) 14:08 w/ 8# titan vest

  • Noah Morford

    Legs are toast…

    Snatch 115, 141,165,180,190&200

    Halt DL + hp 3×225

    Front squat @4111
    295×4, 305×3, 305×3, 310×3 310×3 (hard!!!!!)


    UB MU
    Singles on pc
    UB front squat
    UB snatch
    10,6 Fs
    6×1, doubles for 7-12
    3,2,3 MU

  • Brent 43 y/o, 185

    A. 95,95,95,105,105,105,125,125,125,130,135,140,145F,145,155 Pause threw off balance but got better at the end. up to 88%
    B. did these @ 185.
    C. 225X4,235X4,245X4,250X4(barely)255X2 did last week @225 getting stronger!
    D. Got first 8 MU’s unbroken – 2 rep pr! The rest was heavy for me and hard finished in 11:43. Squats really hard on the breathing today.
    I really appreciate the programming. I’m seeing improvements across the board. It helps me to see how the athletes on here perform what I thought was impossible. I am amazed daily by the performances of the folks who post here. I love this stuff.

    • Cj Martin

      Awesome. Great job Brent!

  • Scott Abston

    A. 100-3,120-3,140-3,155-3,175-3

    B. 225-3

    C. 225-5×3

    D. 15:11 53 lb. KB This crushed me, MU at the end took me over 3 mins.


  • Isaac

    A. 115, 115,115, 135,135,135,155,155,155,165,165,165, 185 f, 185f, 185 f- struggled with the pause.
    B. 225
    C. 235, 245, 265, 275. 280 failed on 4th rep. Big improvement for me. Last week was 235.
    D. subed 16 C2B after failing muscle ups. Very frustrating not being able to do MU’s, one of the only things holding me back. Time was 9 something.

  • Stella

    After 3 week vacation at Europe
    A 45,55,60,65,70,70
    B 70
    C 95,95, 115,115
    D 2 mu, 95 lbs pwc/ fs, 30 dbs, 2 mu 12:36
    Terribly weakling

  • Chase H.

    A. 115/140/160(1miss)/180(1miss)/190(1miss)
    B. 245#
    C. 245/265/285×3
    D. 8:56 very low drive on this today

  • Connor Duddy

    A. Up to 80kg. Failed twice. Hit the last one

    B. 3x95kg

    C. 5×[email protected]

    D. 8:14. Left my breakfast outside after this one

  • Kyle Feliberty

    A. Up to 175. Felt off. Didn’t warm up right
    B. 215
    C. 250 across. Notice everybody building up. Should I be going up every set?
    D. 10:51. PR on UB muscle ups with 8. Then ugly

  • David Schroeder

    A) 115/135/160/175/190
    B) 225#
    C) 230×4 x 5 major improvement here
    D) Noah, thanks for setting the standard for the conditioning today!
    had to use KB instead of dumbell
    MU unbroken
    PC – 6,6
    FS – 8,8
    Snatches slow but unbroken
    FS – 8,8
    PC – 6,6
    MU 3,3,2

  • Tristan

    A. 3x40kg. 3x50kg. 3x60kg. 3x65kg 3x70kg
    B all sets 90kg
    C 80 kg. 100kg. 100 kg. 120kg. 125kgx2
    D 15:24 rx.
    Cj at the moment I’ve put on a bit of weight 7 pounds over the last 2 months as i no we are training a lot of strength .
    Does this matter as I feel it a bit on the cardio side specially on those mile runs on sat. I follow a zone diet I’m on 5 blocks meals and some creatine as a supplement I no training will be more as it gets closer to the open and I will trim up then just wanted to no if its a good thing to do thanks.

    • Cj Martin

      Perfect. This is a good thing in the early off-season…as long as we’re talking about increased muscle-mass and not flab. Strength is still a priority for you, so don’t worry too much about your conditioning right now.

  • Trydal

    A.) 40-45-50-55-60/62,5 kg.

    B.) 80 kg on all sets.
    C.) 3x75kg on all sets. Increased by 7 %
    D.) Managed to get in 20 DB snatch before time ran out. Used about 10 min to get there. Unbroken on the MU, cleans and front squat got a little heavy for me.

  • A. 35-55kg.

    B. 60-60-62,5kg

    C. 85kg

    D) 8:15 PR my unbroken MU today (6 in a row first round)

  • Oliver Severin Tynes

    Squat centric WOD at the gym today, so had to make do with very few plates so 5x 60, 5×65 and 5x70kg, missed two last 70s
    B) Done @ 1RM 80kg
    All 4 reps @ 75kg, feeling dizzy due to holding breath for 6 seconds every rep.

    D) Shoulder a bit weird so only did 4 MUs per round just to get them in there.
    Heaviest dumbbell only 60lbs, so had to scale down to that.

    13:45, frontsquats were the killers.

  • Andreas Lindberg

    A. 3×60-3×70-3×80-3×90-3x105kg. No misses,solid.
    C. 5×4,110kg
    D.8:57, but subbed mu with 16 ctb. Felt sooo weak after bad weekend. Didn’t have it in me to struggle with the MU.

  • Daniel Ward

    A. Done based off 210lbs. Last set at 185
    B. 225lbs
    C. 225-240lbs. Still lighter than it should be but only 2 weeks back to lifting
    D. No time

  • Dan Johnson

    A. 100,120,135,145,155165,170F,175,180

    B. 205,215,225

    C. 225,235,245,245,245. Rough

    D. 12:05. This was awful! Front squats hurt after the tempos. Last 8 mu’s took me over 2 minutes

  • Mike Cowie

    A. 1-3 105/ 4-6 125/ 7-9 145/ 10-12 165/ 13-15 185 1 miss
    B. 225
    C. 240
    D. 11:15 squats sucked.

  • Kristin Holte

    A. 35-52,5 kg

    B. 45 kg

    C. 65-65-70-70-70 kg

    D. 8.14 min
    (with 25 kg (55lb) DB)

    • Cj Martin

      Solid work Kristin!

      • Kristin Holte

        Thanks CJ! I really enjoy your programming – it makes me stronger:)

  • Garth Cooke (CFNO)

    190*pwr, fail,fail,fail

    C)315*3 all sets. neck chest shoulder went screwy and tight, something wrong
    D) might find time later today. busy busy!

  • Mange

    75kg/ 77,5kg / 80kg
    82,5kg / 85kg / 87,5kg


    C: 110kg

    D: 10:33 (32kg Kettlebell) had no dumbell…

  • Caroline Fryklund

    A. 35kg x 3, 40kg x 3,47,5kg x 3, 50kg, 50kg, 52,5kg, 55kg, 57,5kg, 57,5kg.
    B. 65kg, 70kg, 70kg
    C. 70kg (4reps first set, then 3 reps)
    D. 8:49 with a 26kg DB.

    • Cj Martin

      Great job Carro!

      • Caroline Fryklund

        Thanks! Feels good to be back in training again!

  • Tim Svensson(CrossFit Kalmar)

    I’m back after 10 day of with a lot of rehab workouts on my vaccation.
    A. 40-40-40-50-50-50-60-60-60-65-67,5-70-72.5-75-77,5
    B. 80-85-90
    [email protected]
    D.18:15 with 26 kg dumbell.
    I’m only say ouch todays workout was hard but fun. Focused on mechanics in the metcon.

  • A
    50,60,70,80,85 kg
    No misses, but as the barbell got heavier the weight shifted forward.

    Done with 90 kg

    4,4,4,3,3 at 125 kg


    MU: ub, 5-3
    PC: ub, 1-1-1-1-1-1-3-1-1-1
    FS: ub, ub
    DB Sn: 10-10

    Decided to go unbroken on the first set of power cleans and squats without dropping in between. I managed, and I think I’m stronger for it – but it definitely took longer than breaking it up. Good push with Frosti today!

    • Cj Martin

      Good job Christer. At the level that you want to compete at, you need to shift your mindset to keeping these unbroken. I would rather you have that mindset and build to the point that you can complete this entire session unbroken than have you pace this and settle for mediocrity. This is going to be a 6-minute workout for the top male athletes, so pacing the cleans and squats isn’t much of an option.

      • robert sax

        wow- i would like to be top 15 at regionals next year and to then compete as a top male athlete – considering what you just said that s a ways away whew!

        • Cj Martin

          If that’s the goal, you need to start embracing and working through pain much differently. Your times on the track show me that you can do that, but that you are much more comfortable in certain domains than others. That mindset has to carry to everything you do in training.

          • robert sax

            would you say that i should look at a workout and work for the longest possible UB set and then work from there (instead of breaking up sets)?

            • Cj Martin

              It depends, but most people who pace workouts and break sets end up underestimating what they are capable of doing as they progress. It’s a process, but if you’re constantly pushing the envelope on what you think you’re capable of doing, you’ll have a much better gauge when it comes time to compete on whether you need to break the reps or if you can power through. Use your “training” as an opportunity to learn what it feels like to push up against your redline without crossing over it and crashing and burning, rather than an opportunity to break up sets and try to “win” the workout.

              • robert sax

                makes sense! will do from now on! thanks cj

                i find im always thinking to “win” the wod as opposed to pushing hard……

      • Thanks for the input CJ! I’ll focus on having that mindset from now on.

  • Johan Blomqvist

    C,done with 110kg 4rep all the way
    D, 9:35 had no dumbell so did it with 32kg KB
    Was really tired in my lower back from work

  • robert sax

    a) worked up to 190 PR below knee hang then went from floor and hit
    215 (5#pr)

    b ) later

    c) done at 245 x3x5

    d) 10:40 fs got rough too many breaks
    myscle ups felt gross too need more practice on those

  • Andy

    A. Based on 155
    B. 185,215,215
    C. All at 205
    D. 14.39

  • Kim McLaughlin

    I finally figured out how to pull up the competition workouts!! YAY!!

    A. Built to 110

    B. 3 sets at 135

    C. 5 sets at 175# (these felt particularly challenging today – I need to concentrate more on staying on my heels out of the bottom (thanks Nicole!)

    D. 10:53

    Subbed MUs with 16 chest to bar pull ups
    Used 35# for db snatches because we ran out of 50 and 55# DB — 40s were no where to be found.
    I need to work on barbell cycling!! Having trouble getting back into the hook grip on the way down

  • Joe Blaylock

    45-80kg (no fails)


    110 x 4
    110 x 4
    114 x 3
    115 x 3
    120 x 3

    D: 9:59

    *Coming back after two nights drinking & partying for my stag do… Felt it big time today, only thing that went well was snatch.

  • Will Brindza

    A. 125/145/170/195/210
    B. 225/235/255
    C. 235
    D. 11:16 with #70 kbell no dumbbell

  • Caleb

    A 145/178/195/215/ 225 Very happy with this
    B: 275 across the board
    C. 185,225,235
    D. 10:52 w 2pd KB

  • Brandon Rogers NW

    A. 1-3 75lb
    4-6 95lbs
    7-9 105lbs
    10-11 115lbs

    12 120
    13 125
    14 125
    15 130

    B. 165lbs
    C. 1 – 3×4 225lbs
    2 – 3×3 225lbs
    3 – 3×4 225lbs
    4 – 3×3 225lbs
    5 – 3×4 225lbs
    These felt good. Just making sure tempo is good and form stays solid or else I stop at 3.

    D. 15:52.

    Really disappointed in MU. Takes a long time to get through the first and last part of the wod.

  • Andres Castro

    75-110-125-130 lbs.

    155-165-185 lbs.

    C. 225×4, 230×4, 235×4, 240×3, 245×3

    D. 22:18 Rx
    Had to substitute for MU’s since I don’t have them. 3 Chest to Bar Pull ups, 3 Ring dips for 1 MU. 24 reps each.
    Used 70# Kettle bell, didn’t have a heavy enough dumbbell for Snatches.

    I was disgusted in my performance, I let the pain and fatique get in my head. I rested to long. I don’t want to give excuses so I won’t give one. I was mentally defeated and it won’t happen again, period!

    • Great reflection for the D portion!
      Go kill it tomorrow

      • Andres Castro

        Thanks Brother, I plan on it.

      • Andres Castro

        Thank you brother

    • Richard Madrid

      brotha, you’re stronger for doing it and powering through it anyways. no worries man. head up high

      • Andres Castro

        Yea this old man trying to keep up with the young bucks. I am trying to not let this keep me down. I am letting this to motivate me to push harder.

  • Ryan Pollock

    A. 135/145/175/195/205… then one extra rep at 215.
    B. 235/255/255
    C. 245 for all sets
    D. 13:50… subbed 8 strict pull-ups and 8 ring dips for MU. Struggled to get through it after a competition yesterday.

  • A.
    40kg / 45kg / 52,5kg / 56kg / 60kg / 63kg x.x.fx
    Felt great at the lower percentages, but I noticed the speed was getting slower and slower because of the pause.
    Failed my last rep. I couldn’t get away with this long set with a fail on the last one, so as soon as it hit the floor I picked it up again and that was one of the best reps of the whole set – explosiveness wise.
    Lesson: I need to get more angry.

    70kg / 70kg / 75kg
    Really nice feeling in the hamstrings

    5 sets of 4 at 80kg.
    Used a belt for the first time on these paused front squats and it felt great.
    3mins rest was just enough to get recovered

    I used a 32kg KB and 60kg on the barbell for the PC and FS.

    MU: ub – 4/4
    PC: single drop, pick up immediately
    FS: 8/8 – 8/8
    KB sn: single drop, pick up immediately

    The FS was a real burn. Never did 32kg KB snatches before, I took it easy on these once. I was looking for stable shoulder positioning each time.

  • Zak Carchedi

    A) 125,155,175,195,210 No fails pretty happy with that
    B) all at 255
    C) all at 260
    D) 8:00 MU ub,4-4 PC8-4, 4×3 FS ub, 8-8 DB10-10 Couldn’t breathe

  • Cj Martin

    Some of the Invictus kids hit this today:
    Nuno – 6:59
    Lil’ Fish (Lauren) – 8:05
    Lukas – 7:53

    They all provided excuses. πŸ™‚ But in all fairness, Nuno just returned from vacation and trained all weekend, Lukas hasn’t trained in about 4 weeks while traveling, and Lil’ Fish just returned from a week at the OTC doing nothing by weightlifting. I think they each could have shaved 30 seconds or more fresh.

    • RX ?! Awesome job!

      • Cj Martin

        No…actually I forgot to mention that they did not do this as prescribed. Nuno and Lukas used a 75 lb dumbbell instead of a 70, and Lauren used a 55 lb dumbbell instead of a 50. Good catch Cody, thanks!

        • That is even more impressive haha, I feel far from fit! Hoping to stop by Invictus sometime soon for a visit!

  • tony j

    A snatch 115, 135, 155, 165, 175 and 1rep @185 a few failed reps
    B DL 225
    C FS 235, 245, 255, 265, 270 failed 3rep so reracked and did 2singles
    D. 9:07 took to long to chalk up for musup

  • Chad Leckie

    A. Done based off 200 – up to 185(92%) with no fails. Movement felt great today
    B. Done at 205
    C. Done at 235
    D. 11:09 – Front squats killed me here, took way too much rest

  • Noah

    A. 135×3, 155×3, 185×3, 205×3, 215xf.f.1.1

    B. All 3 sets @ 265

    C. 275×3, 275×4, 275×4, 275×4, 275×4- way easier than the lighter squats we did Friday…weird

    D. 7:31- tried to keep up with Ryan…it didn’t work

  • K_NorCal

    A. worked up to 95#
    B. 3 sets at 125#
    C. 5 sets at 190# getting more comfortable with the tempo.
    D. Muscle ups felt great, but back issues made me call it quits during the cleans. (back issues for the past 2 weeks, going to listen to my body and take a few days off).

  • Steve

    A. Based on 195
    B. done at 205
    C. Completed at 205
    D. 13:03

  • Mark Buskas (NW)

    A. 1-3: 105#
    4-6: 125
    7-9: 145
    10-12: 155/160/165
    13-15: 165/170/175

    B. 215/225/235

    C. 275# x3/x3/x3/x3/x3

    D.10:30 No DB so used a 32kg KB. Know I can be much faster, head wasn’t in it today.

  • Lukas Esslinger

    a) done based on 250lbs
    c) worked up to a heavy frontsquat to get used to squatting again and to see how knee ferls
    d) 7:58

  • Sam Smith

    (All Power)
    Sets 1-3 – 145
    *Sets 4-6 – 165
    *Sets 7-9 – 180
    *Sets 10-12 – 185
    *Sets 13-15 – 190 (1 miss)
    (This is my worst position to pull from. Sets 7-15 felt strong, just missed the last one. Knee is getting better)

    (These felt extremely good, as if I could snatch it)

    4x225x4, 1x205x4
    (Had to grind real hard on the 225 sets.)

    (Snatches were easy, MUs could have been better. Need to practice them more, my pressing muscles were fatiguing. Cleans were fine, but the FS were tough as I did the whole session straight with minimal rest. Now that my knee is getting better my leg strength will begin to rise)

    • Sam Smith

      *7:54 on D (error first time)

  • Niko Vandevoorde

    did a local team comp this weekend, did really well (third overall, second place prizes due to a dream team from that program winning it, not 4 members from the same gym) First time actually winning stuff, felt super cool, ha! That being said, I felt wrecked today. I need to work more on recovery, should have done some active recovery yesterday to help flush everything out. Shoulders and quads were particularly extremely sore and tight.
    A. kept it very light, 95 to 155
    B. combined it w A
    C. 225×3, 275x3x3
    D. this was horrible from the beginning. I had no fuel and mentally out of it. Rough day for me, excited to get back and redeem myself
    MU still hard
    PC singles
    FS 8,8 both sets
    snatches were bad news, delts smoked….

  • Karen McCadam

    started unbroken, then hit the 2nd set of front squats and slowed up, too many breaks.

    • Cj Martin

      Solid effort Karen!

  • Corynne Leduc

    First time posting, I’m a member of Crossfit Rx competition team… Had a local comp this weekend and am feeling pretty sore from the events.

    A. From the floor- up to 125 four times (kept it light, worked on keeping the bar close to my body and getting full extension)
    B. Skipped
    C. 5 sets all at 140
    D. 13:19 Rx… muscle ups need work.

    • Cj Martin

      Welcome to the community Corynne!

  • Ryan Swobody

    A. 120×3, 145×3, 170×3, 185×2/195, 195/205/210

    B. 245, 255, 255

    C. 265, 275, 275, 275, 275

    D. 6:20 – First round all UB, second time through broke FS into 2 sets, PC into 2 sets, MU 3/2/2/1

    Been following the Blog and getting back into it over the past week. Figured its time to start holding myself accountable and posting on here again. I’m so glad to be back to training and look forward to watching everyones progress through this year. This is one of the most awesome communities I’ve been a part of. Thank you CJ for all that you do and thanks to all of you guys that add to the competitiveness of this community!! You’re in the right place, I promise!!

    • Cj Martin

      BOOM! Not only back on here, but with a scorching time! Well done buddy. Looking forward to checking in with you daily.

  • Thomas Cofer

    C- 195×3, 205X3, 205X3, 215X3, 225X2 (felt stronger than previous weeks)
    D- 14:58RX (I must admit that there may have been a few db c&js thrown in there as it started getting heavy for me) Spent a lot of time on those FS too

  • Procharged Mopar

    A. 95# -160
    + OHS specific work; 3 sets of 2 reps @175/165/155
    B. 185
    C. +6%, 195
    D. Mods were:
    w/Rings strict: to chest chins/dips
    62# 2″ thick bar DB
    All sets broken 6/6,8/8 ect. except last set of PC

  • Sarah Kristen Baker

    First season doing invictus. A little intimidated!

    A)[email protected] [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    B)120 3sets
    C)130 for 5sets
    D) 20:02 don’t have my m/u. Did 3pu/3parallel bar dip for each muscle up instead. 53lb kb for single arm snatches… Ow

  • George Briones (SoCal)

    A. Work up to 190 focus on what you ask!

    B. work up to 255

    C. Work up to 255×3

    D. Rxd: 7:57

  • Sterling Brown

    A. 110, 130, 150, 175, 185
    B. done @ 225
    C. Done @ 230×3, x4, x3, x3, x3
    D. 11:14rx

    Palms are ripped up fom bmu’s at the Wodgear Team Series so tried not to rip them more… fail.

  • Karen Loftis

    A. 65/80/95/105/115
    B. All sets at 135#
    C. All at 165# x3, x3, x3, x3, x2 (attempted for more reps after 3rd, but failed.)
    D. 13:37. There was not a 50# DB so I had the choice between a 35 or 70. Went with 35#. All other weight RX and did MU progression on low rings with band.
    For part C, I kept failing the 4th rep and the last set i could only get 2. Is this supposed to happen and should I stay at the weight I am at? Thanks!

  • Kyle Flanders


    All done @ 235# (105%)

    All sets @ 255# for 4 reps, up 6% from last week.

    Shit the bed on this one, very disappointed In myself today.
    Ill screw my head on right tomorrow.

  • Chris Jeffers

    A. EMOM for 15 minutes: Snatch from Below the Knee x 1 rep
    105×3, 125×3, 145×3, 155×2, 165×2, 175×2(missed last one)
    *Felt great on these today

    B. 205,215,225

    C. Front Squat x 3-4 reps @4111

    Today’s: 265×3,265×2,255x3x3
    Friday’s: 235x3x5,245x2x4

    D. 17:58, *Just can’t breathe!
    *Tried my best to get something Unbroken, but it didn’t happen. Really pushed on the front squats, but could get all unbroken.

    MUs: 5+3
    PCs: 8+3+1
    FSs: 13+3
    Alt. KB Snatches @32kg: Took a minute to get technique down. ROUGH
    FSs: 12+4
    PCs: 4+8 *Got some sort of jolt that allowed me to hit 8.
    MUs: 3+3+2

    *All in all, this wod crushed me. Needed this, though.

    • Paulb

      Pound for pound Kettlebells are way tougher.

  • Powertrip

    A) worked up to 60kg. Shoulder felt really good today…..might start upping the weight if things stay good.

    B) All at 60kg.

    C) Sets of 4, 4, 3, 3. All at 96kg.

    D) I knew this would be heavy weight for me but decided to do it as required and just plug through. Muscle-ups were best I have ever done. Front squat was hardest part for me.

  • Will Peddie

    A. 3×132, 3×154, 3×179, 3×203, 3×218
    B. 242, 252, 262
    C. @250: 4, 4, 4, 4, 3
    D. Ran out of time, had to go to practice. Will do on Thurs.

    Forgot to post Saturday’s Mile Repeats, did them on Sunday:
    1) 7:10* (ran 1720m on accident)
    2) 7:41
    3) 7:27

    6’5″, 255#

  • A: Based off 205#
    B: 225,245,245
    C: 230 Across
    D: 9:26

  • Elissa

    A. 60,75,80,95,100
    B. 100,110,120
    C. 130×3 for all 5 sets (up 4% from last week)
    D. 14:10 weights rx with 3 MU at the beginning, 1 at the end – 4 more with a little push through a sticky spot, thanks Litsa! I need to work on stringing MU together. I have to reset each time causing too much time lost on getting into a false grip. Goal is to string at least 3 together by this time next month and drop the false grip πŸ™‚

  • Chris (CF Charlottesville)

    A. Up to 65 kg
    B. 80 kg
    C. 88 kg
    D. First day of law school, DNF due to lack of time.

  • R. Le (NW)

    A. Up to 150# (based off 175). No misses πŸ™‚

    B. 185 across (105% of Sn 1RM)

    C. 5×3 245 across

    D. 12:55 with a few mods.

    No rings and no 70# db.

    16 CTB, 12 PC, 16 FS, 20 KB snatch w 55#, 16 FS, 12 PC, 16 CTB.

    Back was smoked on second set of PCs. Can’t drop the weight because I lift in my condo living room…not sure if it’d make much a difference anyway :p

  • Adrian Mejia

    A. 105-125-145-165
    B. 185-205-225
    C. 245(4-4-4-3)
    D. 12:58

  • Brandon Hunkus

    A. 125-155-175-195-205

    B. 225-245-255

    C. All at 245×3

    D. 10:50

  • Nicholas Sholley

    A. 100(1-4), 115, 125, 135
    B. 135
    C. 185 x3 x4, 195×3 x4 x4
    D. 13:50rx….that sucked really fast on the front squat

  • Paulb

    A: worked up to 165
    B: @ 225
    C: 5 sets 4 reps @ 205
    D: 14:07 had to use 65lb dumbbell. It’s out heaviest. Everything else was RX. Super slow. Lol

    6ft 180lb

  • Aryel Giroux Portelance

    A. Up to 115
    C.4 reps @155
    D. 12:45
    I scaled the ring MU for bar MU and did a ring MU practice prior to this workout to work on this weakness.

  • Lōz

    A. Up to 135lbs. Some triples and doubles in the first half a dozen. Based off 155lbs.

    B. 185×3 sets.

    C. 185-195-205-205-205 all 5 reps.

    D. Can’t string mup so I did ctb and ring dips. 13:05
    This was brutal I thought. Front squats in 5’s or 6’s. Singled the cleans but did them pretty steady. Spent a lot of time trying to catch my breath. I did the mile runs yesterday, not sure if that matters.

  • Anthony Lehn

    A. 135 x 4, 145 x 4, 155 x 4, 165 x 2, 175 x 1
    B. 205
    C. 185, 225, 235
    D. 10:28 –> 8 mu unbroken, 6 x 2 PC, 6 and 10 FS, 10 x 2 snatches, 7 x 11 FS, 4 x 3 PC, 4 x 2 mu
    Been so surprised and excited about the strength gains I’ve seen over the past 3 months since starting invictus. Love the programming CJ. Cardio is definitely hurting but my strength is what hurt me in the open this past year – so I’m glad for the increased focus on strength.

  • Taylor Flynn

    A. 80, 100, 115, 125, 135# (3 min at each weight)
    B. 145#
    C. 120#
    D. 10:56

    Spent all weekend at the lake wake boarding!! I felt great at the beginning of the workout and by the end I could feel the 4 days off haha.. Legs had a hard time today

  • Drew Jackson (CW)

    (6″1 210lb 23)
    A- -115,145,165,185,205
    B-255 x3
    C-275 for all 5

  • A: Based on 242#
    120, 145, 170, 190, 205# – Much easier than last week. Heavy but solid.

    B: 225, 255, 275#

    C: 255, 255, 255, 265, 280# – strict tempo, all 4’s.

    D: 9:46

    Part D was too much like my 6th workout at the games this year. I didn’t want to go there tonight but got through it. Not real heavy but can get a little mental once you clear the hump.

  • Quinn Boyer

    rough rough rough
    a. built to 175. went too heavy. way to many misses.
    b. complete at 160
    c. complete @225
    d. 21:13. absolutely smoked. rough first day back. felt weak light headed and mentally beat. look forward to bouncing back tomorrow

  • A. 135-155-175-195-215
    B. 245-255-265
    C. 255
    D. No DB so will make up tomorrow hopefully at another gym

  • Tyler Goerlitz

    I had to skip today. Helping a friend get his gym opened up. Its been fun, but taking up a bit of my time.

  • Kathryn Plummer

    A. 65, `80, 90, 105, 110

    B. All sets at 135

    C. 3×3 @145
    1×4 @ 145
    1×3 @ 150

    D. 14:09

  • Josh M

    A.) 42kg/50/60/64/70

    B.) 85kg

    C.) All done at 170lbs. Trying to focus on keeping the knees out.

    D.) 12:20 Done with Ricky Moore.

  • Jason Biggeman

    Got crushed today!

    A) up to 205, felt great

    B) all done at 255#

    C) all done at 275#

    D) 11:03, still feeling winded from the bronchitis but nice to get back at it again

  • Leah W

    A. Worked up to 95# (around 85%)
    B. All at 125#
    C. All sets @ 145# for 4 reps
    D. 13:48. w/ 40# DB.

  • Tj



    C:305 all five sets

    Last set of mu killed me. Needs work.

  • Kyle Glen

    A and B) no Snatch today.
    C) 185, 225, 245, 265×3, 245
    D) 10:15- BMU UB, PC 6,6, FS 8,8, DBs UB (65# DB, couldn’t find a 70 or 75#), then things seemed to slow a bit, FS 4,4,4,4, PC 4,2,2,2,2, BMU 4,2,2.
    Was fun, but needed to keep my pace more…

  • Brian Willbur

    A: up to 145#
    B: stayed at 145# and focused on positioning
    C: all sets at 205# x 3 reps
    D: 12:23 @ 135# and 1.5 pood KB

    3 hours of sleep does very little to help with this level of volume… That said, the upside is that I managed 8 unbroken MUs (2 rep PR). The rest of the workout was disappointing. I just didn’t have much drive and energy to push the limits…

  • Mendy

    A. 65/80/95/105/115
    B. 125/135/145
    C. 150
    D. 9:06

  • Nick Penizotto

    A) 120,145,175,195,205
    B) 235, 245, 245
    C) 275×4,275×4,275×4,275×3,275×4
    D) 7:25

  • Richard Madrid

    A) Below the knee Snatch
    95×3, 105×3, 120×3, 135×3, 145×3

    B) HSDL + SHP @ 165

    C) Front Squat

    5×4 @ 250, 5# increase from last week

    D) For time:
    8 MUs
    12 PC 155#
    16 FS 155#
    20 alternating KB Snatch 53# (no dumbell)
    16 FS 155#
    12 PC 155#
    8 MUs


    Spent all day in the heat, humidity and rain. Felt overly dehydrated and fatigued.

  • Litsa Olsson

    A. 65/75/85/95/105

    B. 105/115/125

    C. Cannot complete-knee injury Sub w/30 min Airdyne and 3 sets of 10 GHD SU

    d. *scaled MU w/ 6 transitions/12 ring dips, 30 snatches w/65 did 20 DB snatches @50, 30 snatches @65 the 6 transitions/12 ring dip.

    Never like to scale or modify but forced to until I get my knee checked.

  • Lil Ricky

    A. Worked up to 85kg
    B. 100kg
    C. 125kg
    D. 7:46. Great learning experience here!

  • Jonathan Mexico

    100, 100, 100, 120, 120, 120, 140, 140(f), 140(f), 135, 135, 135, 140, 145, 145.
    Needed to listen to my body when it was saying no to the percentages.

    185, 195, 205.

    skipped. tweaked my knee on Friday.

    8:58 modified, skipped all the front squats. Didn’t want to push the knee.

  • HB



    All at 220#

    9:56 Used 70# kb

  • Matthew Brainard

    A. 110×3, 130×3, 150×3, 160×2, 170×2, 185×2
    B. 185-215-225
    C. 225×4 all 5 sets
    D. 13:41 Rx, muscle ups getting stronger and faster

  • Summer Brant

    A) 65/75/85/90/95
    B) done @120
    C) 140lbs
    D) 16 c2b instead of MU/ 45lb Dumbell/ 105 barbell
    There was a time cap(not sure what it was) but i was on 6 c2b. Felt a little slow coming back after saturday’s Comp, but feeling pretty good overall!

  • Kevin Cherrick

    Every minute, on the minute, for 15 minutes:
    Snatch from Below the Knee x 1 rep
    (Perform from at least 2β€³ below the knee cap, plates hovering slightly off the floor, pause, then snatch.)

    *Sets 1-3 – 50% of 1-RM Snatch 115
    *Sets 4-6 – 60% 145
    *Sets 7-9 – 70% 165 missed first
    *Sets 10-12 – 75-80% 195 missed first
    *Sets 13-15 – 80-85% 205

    Three sets of:
    Halting Snatch Deadlift + Snatch Pull
    Rest 2 minutes


    Perform one halting snatch deadlift, return the weight to the floor, and then perform a snatch pull. On the halting snatch deadlift, focus on weight distribution through the mid-foot (not fore foot), engagement of hamstrings, and strong lats pulling/stabilizing the barbell into the mid-thigh. Hold in position until you acknowledge all of those points.

    Five sets of:
    Front Squat x 3-4 reps @ 4111
    (You MUST move up in weight from last week by 4-6%)
    Rest 3 minutes

    280 x 4,4,4,3,3

    For time:
    8/6 Muscle-Ups
    12 Power Cleans (155/105 lb.)
    16 Front Squats (155/105 lb.)
    20 Alternating Dumbell Snatches (70/50 lb.)
    16 Front Squats (155/105 lb.)
    12 Power Cleans (155/105 lb.)
    8/6 Muscle-Ups

    12.28 used 70# kb for snatches, 8 on each arm.
    first MU unbroken, last set 4/4

  • Kyle Boyer

    A. Complete off 250. Last lift was 215

    Kinda tweaked my back on 3 to last rep so shut it down after that. It’s been pretty tight rest of day so mught take a few days off.

  • Curt Manning CanWest

    A- [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    B- [email protected] [email protected]

    C- All @255

    D- split up the MU’s 4 ring/4 bar
    9:04 felt slow but fairly happy.

  • Tyler Tocco

    I love how you can be on such a high nailing PR’s and then completely shit down your leg and suck miserably at a WOD and feel lower than dirt lol #LoveThisShit

    A) 115-135-155-180-190
    B) 255
    C) 225
    D) 12:45 !!!!

  • Nate Alexander

    Coming off a big weekend of competition with great results and ramping back up to full training mode, which feels good.

    A. Set 1-3: 95/ Set 4-6: 105/ Set 7-9: 115/ Set 10-12: 135/ Set 13-15: 155
    B. 165-175-175
    C. Set 1 @235×4 went to parallel / Sets 2-5 @235×3, sunk butt to heals as, as deep as possible
    D. 11:29 RX – went unbroken on the way up, and split my cleans into triples and doubles on the way down. Managed to get 38 sec on my first set of MU and slowed down quite a bit to 3min on the second set. I was being a baby.

  • Nick Martindale (NW)

    Been off and on lately with posting. Just busy. Been trying to hot as much as possible but get what I can in.
    A. Did Other CrossFit total
    Power clean-285#
    Bench- 280#
    830# total

    D. 7:29 RX

  • Paulo

    A. 110×3/135×3/155×3/165×2/175×2/185×2… no misses.

    B. 240# across

    C. 235#, 4×4, 1×1. Had to stop.

    D. Later.

  • Eric Gleason

    A. 80, 95, 115, 130, 135×2, 140×1
    B. Done with 185#
    C. 205×3
    D. 15:19 (MU took up the majority of time. Realize this changes intended stimulus but need to work on MU in conditioning pieces.)

  • Misi Tupe

    A. 135/160/185/210/225
    B. skipped
    C. 285(4),300(4),300(4),300(3),300(3)
    D. 13:00
    Working on my cardio. Snatch felt strong and fast

  • Nicke Holmberg

    A.) 30kg/40/45/50/55

    B.) 90kg

    C.) All done at 67,5kg

    D.) 16:19 Done with Ricky Moore.

  • Karl

    A. 40-50-55-60-65

    B. 85kg

    C. 90kg

    D. 12:59
    Mu ub
    Pc ub
    Fs 6/6/4
    Kb snatch : 6/6/6/2 (dont have dumbells)
    Fs 4/6/6
    Pc singles etc
    MU : Ub

  • Blake Bastian

    A. 135, 160, 185, 215(1miss), 235(1 miss)
    B. 295, 295, 305
    C. Regular front squats 315×4, 335×4, 345×3, 355
    D. 6:59

  • Leif Erik

    Workout of the Day
    Done @ 90kg

    Three sets of:
    [email protected]

    Five sets of:
    3x4x110 and 3x1x120kg.


    To much In the Comfort zone! The Cleans where singles.

  • Roque Corona

    1-3 @ 60 lbs
    4-6 @ 72.5
    7-9 @ 85
    10-12 @ 90, 90, 95
    13-15 @ 95, 100, 100

    B. 115, 125, 135

    C. All @ 185 lbs. All 4 reps.

    Had to go to an open house. Didn’t have time to complete D.

  • Tess Moore

    A. 1-3 @ 55#, 4-6 @ 65#, 7-9 @ 75#, 10-12 @ 85#, 13-15 @ 95#. Missed the first one at 95#
    B. 100# for three. 105# for three. 110# for three.
    C. 145-155-165-175-185
    D. Changed the muscle-ups to Chest to bar. Also used a 35# DB. Time – 10:27

  • Peter Vishion

    A. 120, 140, 150, 160, 170
    B. @200
    C. @240
    D. MU 8 unbroken
    Clean 12-unbroken
    Front squat 8,8
    Kb snatch 10, 10
    Front squat 8,8
    Clean 6, 3,3
    MU 3,2,2

  • Alan Eberstein

    A. up to 185. felt pretty solid
    B. 225×3
    C. 275 (5×4)
    D. 9:25 too much resting this am

  • Lindsay Vaughan

    A. 85×3/95×3/115×3/125×3/135×3

    B. 3 sets at 165#

    C. 5 sets of 3 @ 143# failed last rep on sets 4 and 5 πŸ™

    D. 10:15 Holy moly these squats were tough!

  • Lauren Jones

    A. 65, 80, 90, 100, 110
    B. No
    C. 115, 125, 135(f), 130, 135, 135
    D. 15:04

  • Mike Brownfield

    A) 115×3; 135×3; 160×3; 170; 180; 185; 190; 190; 190
    B) 225-235-240
    C) 200×5; 200×5; 200×4; 200×4; 200×3 (misread the instructions on reps)
    D) 10:36 (PR’d on consecutive MU’s with 8)

    Latest Snatch PR

    Latest C&J PR

  • Zach (Socal)

    A) 95-125-140-160-170

    B) 200

    C) 5x4x275

    Felt better than Friday

    D) 7:43

    Need to work on my monkey grip mu. Got back to the last 8 at 6. Had to do false grip and I pull way too much so my biceps get fried and I can’t string them together

  • Dustin Stohler

    I love the way you sick freaks keep coming up with new ways to leave me lying in a pool of my own sweat wondering if I’ve finally managed to asphyxiate myself through exercise alone. I imagine you spend your spare time coming up with alternatives to water boarding when you aren’t programming WODs. I can’t tell you how much time I spent staring at a 155# bar wanting to scale this workout, but didn’t because it meant I’d have to get on here and tell a bunch of people I’ve never met that I scaled a workout. My point is . . . you guys are awesome. Thanks for the help. Keep up the good work!

    A. Up to 145 (I can power snatch more, but I’m still trying to get good at dropping into the squat. my form felt good up to about 135#, but at 145 I was either power snatching it or struggling in the squat. Not sure what to do about this)

    B. 205#

    C. Skipped

    D. 15:55. Scaled to jumping muscle ups.

  • bassem

    A) 95-135-155-170 – 185

    B) 215

    C) 225 – 225 – 235 – 235

    used the belt on my last set

    D) 12:00 cap – finished 1 MU on the last set – bar MU substituted.

  • George Sanchez

    Been following the program for a few months… Probably time to start tracking my progress. Don’t be mad CJ!
    A- Complete based off of 205#
    B- 225, 245, 255,
    C-Started a few weeks back at 225.. worked 235 last week, 245 this week
    D-9:04…felt weak after 3 days of camping

  • Veronica Bocanegra

    A/B- worked up to #115
    C- 155
    D-10:33 rx

  • Brian Maier

    A) worked up to 185
    B) 225
    C) 205,215,225,235,245
    D) 10:29 – UB going out…after DB snatch, things went south…broken and too much bar starring coming back in.

    Took a lot of time off to heal my lower back and it shows…I’m finally healthy but my lifts and conditioning are waaaaaaay down. Back to work.

  • Bryan St. Andrews

    A. from 100-175… 2 misses where I dropped elbows a bit and bar got away. redid both reps and made them.
    B. 185#

    C. FS 5 sets x 3 @ 210#
    D. 13:03 rx

    training 1 day behind (did this tuesday) because of team competition on Sunday that had 4 WOD’s. Legs not fully recovered so barbell work in metcon was very tiring and had to break up a bunch. muscle ups unbroken because that is all that felt fresh

  • Chris Tresp

    D: 11:20Rx

  • Jason Hatch

    D. No excuse, simply quit during this workout. Probably one of my lowest days since starting Crossfit. On the second set of front squats I gave up, I don’t know how else to put it.

  • Carlos Quiros

    A. (*Subbed Cleans Instead; Winged Scapula*)


    B. Skipped

    C. 225-235-245-245

    D. 13:32
    *8 Unbroken MU on first set*

  • Payton Guza

    Every minute, on the minute, for 15 minutes:
    Snatch from Below the Knee x 1 rep
    (Perform from at least 2β€³ below the knee cap, plates hovering slightly off the floor, pause, then snatch.)
    *Sets 1-3 – 50% 95lbs
    *Sets 4-6 – 60% 115
    *Sets 7-9 – 70% 125
    *Sets 10-12 – 75-80% 135
    *Sets 13-15 – 80-85% 145 & 155
    Three sets of:
    Halting Snatch Deadlift + Snatch Pull
    Rest 2 minutes
    Perform one halting snatch deadlift, return the weight to the floor, and then perform a snatch pull. On the halting snatch deadlift, focus on weight distribution through the mid-foot (not fore foot), engagement of hamstrings, and strong lats pulling/stabilizing the barbell into the mid-thigh. Hold in position until you acknowledge all of those points.
    155, 155, 155
    Five sets of:
    Front Squat x 3-4 reps @ 4111
    (You MUST move up in weight from last week by 4-6%)
    Rest 3 minutes
    185lbs X 5 Rounds
    For time:
    8/6 Muscle-Ups
    12 Power Cleans (155/105 lb.)
    16 Front Squats (155/105 lb.)
    20 Alternating Dumbell Snatches (70/50 lb.)
    16 Front Squats (155/105 lb.)
    12 Power Cleans (155/105 lb.)
    8/6 Muscle-Ups

  • Krista Pell

    A. As prescribed, up to 115lbs. I do not Snatch well at 5am:(
    B. Done, at 100% of snatch weight.
    C. Done yesterday. Up 5lbs from last week.
    D. 8:21. 8C2B instead of 8 muscle ups.

  • Tim Pell (CrossFit AI Calgary)

    A. 105, 125, 145, 165, 175
    B. 195
    C. Skipped this today, did squats yesterday
    D. 8:45 mu unbroken each set

  • Justin Herzog

    Day 1 doing Comp Program, stoked!!

    A. 1-3: 95; 4-6: 115; 7-9: 125; 10-12: 135; 13-15: 145
    B. Done @ 165
    C. 135×4, 155×4, 175×4, 185×4, 185×4
    D. Subbed CTB pull-ups for MU
    9 pull-ups shy of finishing under 12min time cap

  • Pat

    A. 115, 135, 160, 171, 180
    B. 205, 2×216
    C. 5×4 @ 255
    D. 15:09 I was really scared of this one. I used a KB for the snatches.

  • Mitch O’Reilly

    A. 42.5/42.5/42.5/51/51/51/60/60/60/65/67/68/68/70/73

    B. 80

    C. 80

    D. 16:16 @24kg kb

  • Phil Trojanowski

    A. Done @rxd %. These felt good today!

    B. done @ 185/195

    C. All sets @190. Still REALLY fatigued from local comp this weekend.

    D. This sucked my will to live. Scaled to135. 12:06

  • Ehren Vaughan

    A. 65/75/85/95/105/115
    B. Done at 185
    C. 225*4*3 sets 225*3*2 sets
    D. 11.57rx

  • Sairs

    A. 30, 35, 40,43,46
    B. 55,60,60
    C. 56kg 4 reps
    D. 12.29 jumping mu’s 20kg DB snatch

  • Dave Rempel

    A: 90Lb-110-125-140-145,150,155
    B: 185-195-205
    C: 245-250-250-250-250
    D: 13:40 1st set MU unbroken, back half was a mental grind but overall pleased

  • Sean Lamb

    A. 85-95-105-125-145
    B. 175-185-205
    C. 195
    D. 16:45 (55lb KB)

  • Leya Moore

    A. 32.5, 37.5, 42.5, 45kg
    B. 55kg
    C. 108, 128, 138, 153, 158lbs
    D. 16:58 with 45lb db (no 50’s avail)

  • Vince D’Orazi

    A: 95, 105, 125,140, 155 (f last 2) these felt terrible today
    B: all at 185
    C: all at 205
    D: 13:20. Used 70# kb…pretty disappointed with this, i had a super hard time pushing myself today.