Three sets of:
Bench Press x 6-8 reps @ 20X1
Rest 60 seconds
Strict Pull-Ups x Max Reps OR Pull-Ups x 3-5 reps @ 51X1
Rest 60 seconds

For time:
50/30 Push-Ups
400 Meter Run
30 Heavy Kettlebell Swings
400 Meter Run
50/30 Push-Ups
400 Meter Run
30 Heavy Kettlebell Swings
400 Meter Run

  • BenW

    A) done, without spotter so 90kgs
    B) 11.31 – probably gave it too much respect and took breaks at the beginning which weren’t essential

    Great workout

  • Joey Maltais

    A.1 115×8, 135×8, 155×4. Went too heavy last set and no spotter to finish with negs 🙁
    A.2 max stricts: 10-9-8
    Shoulder mobility: seated db external rotations: 3×15, 5#
    B. 20:17. Used 32kg american style. Running on treadmill that takes about 30s to get to speed.
    Push ups: 20/15/9/6. Kbs: 15/9/6

  • Slawek

    Why there weren’t Squats in this week? In last week there weren’t Squats too. I don’t like it 🙁 I was sad about it and didn’t have too much time… Sooooo I decided to do “some” Squats in strengh workout 🙂

    E2MOM, 10mis (5sets):
    Back Squats
    1) 65kg x6
    2) 75kg x4
    3) 85kg x2
    4) 90kg x2
    5) 95kg x1

    After this, without timer:
    95kg x1; 90kg x1; 85kg x2; 80kg x4; 75kg x6

    Back Squat from Rack (Barbell at medium height of motion)
    60kg x5; 60kg x3

    Front Squat
    60kg x3; 70kg x3; 80kg x3

    I did it to improve my strength in Back Squat because I still can’t repeat my 1RM from November. It was 100kg. It’s strange because I can do workout like this one and 95kg for One Rep is not too heavy, but with 100kg I can’t get up.

    • Chris M.
      • Joey Maltais

        good read, thank you

      • Slawek

        Thanks for the material. Do you think my problem is a mental issue? Maybe you’re right 😉

    • Michele Vieux

      We are deloading from squats for a couple weeks. They will be back! Haven’t you noticed all the awesome lunges instead? 🙂

      • Slawek

        Yeah, I know there are other exercises for legs/quads, but you know… Squat is Squat 😀 But if you say they will come back I’ll do this deload too 😉

  • Mani Sadegh

    Part A
    A1: (kg) 60/70/70×8 and 72.5×6
    A2: 10/7/5

    Part B – 19:20
    Scaled 40 push ups, 24kg KB and 500m rowing

    • jorge gonzalez

      Awesome job mani

  • Don Davolio

    A: complete 155# and 3 tempo pull ups
    B: if I was king fu panda, running would be my stairs. 21:15 70# rkbs

  • Nathan

    At home… Few weights available

    A. Bench: 185, 185, 205
    Max strict pulls: Only rings available: 24, 17, 16

    B. 12:57…35# DB was heaviest available

    • Chris M.

      You should add “beast” to your bio …

    • Michael Fontana

      Dude, you shredded that METCON.

      • Nathan

        ha! Thanks!…I see I even got a comment from Chris M. – you guys made my day. Take my time with a grain of salt fellas – my short torso and t-rex arms gave me a bit of an unfair “advantage”…not to mention the DB I was on the light side…

        All the same, I was happy to be able to flow through each exercise without rest

        Teddy’s time is for real!

  • Chris M.

    A1. Bench Press: 8 x 175, 185 | 6 x 195
    A2. Strict Pull-ups: 12, 9, 6
    B. As Rx w/ 2p KB (Russian): 13:03
    … have a good weekend folks.

    • jorge gonzalez

      super fast as usual chris

    • Michael Fontana

      That is an awesome time

  • Richard Gregory

    I’m new to these Invictus workouts. What do they mean by “@20×1” and “@51×1”?

    • Chris M.
      • Richard Gregory

        Got it… thanks!

    • Michele Vieux

      Hi Richard – welcome!

    • Teddy

      Welcome Richard! This is a great place to be.

    • Michael Fontana

      The programs here are perfect for growth in both strength and METCON endurance. I have seen gains since I started performing them in January.

    • Nathan

      You’re gonna love it here, Richard. Keep coming back.

  • Britt J

    A1. 115-8 reps/120-8 reps/130-5 reps assisted 6threp
    A2. 3 UB/2ub-1/3 singles

    B. Rx 13:33
    KBs @ 44# all UB

    C. Ab mat/ plank work

  • jorge gonzalez

    Not my best day today. I felt a bit sluggish this morning.

    A) Modified to OT1.5M, easier for me to keep track of transitions. I did negative pull ups on the second part, tryin to descend as slow and controlled as possible
    A.1) 8×65, 6×70, 4×75. No spotter on the last set and the left shoulder started to bug me a bit, so I didn’t want to push the reps there.
    A.2) 3, 3, 3

    B) Scaled the volume to
    20 push ups
    350 mts run
    20 KB swings 32 kgs
    350 mts run

    Completed at 15:50.

    Today’s accessory work was 2 rounds of nose to wall and ring holds, accumulating time during a minute of each position. I tried to do shoulder taps but I’m not there yet.

  • thelonghorn

    A. Went 4 rds, liked the pump.
    A1. DB bench press @20×1: 70×8/80×8/90×6/90×6
    A2. 18/12/11/10
    B. 13:24 Rx w/36kg. Push-ups were the big slowdown. Did KBs as 15/15. Going to start adding some push-up burnouts at least once a week…

    • jorge gonzalez

      great job man, the pushups were definitely the kill switch for me too. time to tackle that demon

      • thelonghorn

        This week was full of challenges!

  • Philip Jackson

    does 50/30 mean 50 rx for men and 30 rx for women? or is it do 50, then do 30?

    • Michele Vieux

      50 for men/30 for women – scale as appropriate…

      • Philip Jackson


  • Teddy

    Part I
    A1. Bench Press: 135 x 8, 155 x 8, 175 x 6 @ 20X1
    A2. Strict Pull-ups: 20/12/12

    B. Time: 9’07” w/ 32 kg — first time running since surgery!!!

    Part II: Knee Rehab (1 hour)

    • Michele Vieux

      Yay! So exciting on the running!

    • Mani Sadegh

      Wow you crushed it buddy!

    • Nathan

      Part B: You Smoked it! I wish I could run like you, lol

    • jorge gonzalez

      awesome work teddy, great to know that the knee is recovering well

    • Ryan Bliss

      Wow! Your run must be blazing fast!

      • Teddy

        Ryan, I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t second guessing my time on this. I ran it by my wife several times: push-ups were strict and unbroken, swings were unbroken, and got confirmation from two coaches on the 400m (2+ laps around our box). Pocket WOD was running, etc.

        I mean I came out the gate like Seabiscuit, but after looking at today’s fastest times, my time should be somewhat comparable. Basically I’m going to have to do this one again to make sure I can hit a similar time!

        • Janelle Hudgin Winston

          I once did Nancy when I was in a huge hurry. I finished in like 11 minutes. and was super excited. Later in the day, I reflected.. “wait. did I actually do that 5th round?” I was like, uhmmmm… so I did it again. No, I had not done the 5th round. 🙂 Not saying you didn’t do the whole workout, just saying I know the feeling of, “wait a second….” 🙂

          • Teddy

            Great point Janelle! And if there is anytime I would have had a brain fart, it would have been on the 400 meters.

            I really appreciate the insight amiga — I’ll have a go at it next week and fill you in 🙂

        • thelonghorn

          I could see it being legit- 6min mile(moving, but in the realm of possible). 45sx2 on the push-ups for unbroken. 45sx2 on the kb swings for unbroken. Your at 9mins. I believe in you Teddy!

          PS- maybe I should blow my knee out so I can come back as a superhuman too!

          • Teddy

            Thanks brother! I always appreciate the constant encouragement coming from you.

            And just so you know, anytime I’m about to do the workout, I snapshot your times and @disqus_IoydauK31X:disqus so you can blame my performance on you today LOL.

        • Ryan Bliss

          Wasn’t doubting in the least. I have seen some of the other impressive work you have done and I know you have an engine. My apologies if I sounded anything other than complimentary. I tend to be too succinct in writing.

  • Michael Fontana

    added a 1 RM for Push Jerk and got 225
    A. 245 – 8/ 255 – 8/ 265 – 6/ 8/10/10 -shoulders felt like garbage today
    B. Subbed 500m row for run – 13:54 – largest KB we have is 50 lbs. but was able to do both push ups and KB sets unbroken.

    • Teddy

      I wish I could bench like you.

      • Michael Fontana

        Hey, I admire your METCON times, working on combining the strength with the speed. We are all here committed and getting better. Love this page and the people on it. All genuine honest people who work hard and push themselves each day.

  • Stephen Farrior

    Alright guys, I’m jumping in. Been lurking for a while, so here’s the first post.

    Doing CF alone in my garage for about 5 years, so I’d like the feedback and some dudes to run with, so to speak. Love the online community you’ve created here.

    @michelevieux:disqus I can’t seem to find an explanation for where you guys are at in the current cycle, and what the goals are, but I jumped in last week. Is that posted anywhere?


    • Dustin Coughenour

      Welcome Stephen!

    • Michele Vieux

      Hi Stephen!

      We actually just started this cycle last week and the focus is on Olympic lifting and single-leg movements (lunges). We just finished a squat/deadlift/pressing cycle. You will still see those things incorporated however there will be less of them and more Oly for a couple months. With that being said, if you feel like you need to add in more strength work, let’s formulate a plan to help you achieve your goals!

      What are your goals?

      • Stephen Farrior

        My goals are to get back some fitness (less suck in the metcon). Been mostly lifting for the last year, and am carrying some fat. Diet is pretty clean: started tracking intake last week.

        I’m committed to doing the program as written: but if I’m only able to do 4 (maybe 5 if lucky) days/week, are there 4 days I should prioritize?

      • Slawek

        Strong Squat (Back and Front) and big quads 🙂

    • Stephen Farrior

      A1) 155 across
      A2) 8/6/6

      B) 16:26 (53#kb)

    • thelonghorn

      Welcome, I was in your shoes about a year ago and have loved the results from doing the Invictus workouts. Every week brings new challenges and It is by far the most well-rounded program I have ever followed.

  • Candy Olkey

    I didn’t want to listen to the doctor, but decided it was probably in my best interest…and today is my last day of NO GYM…But this workout looks awesome…so I think I’m going to give it a go tomorrow…the run will be more like a trot…but man I need to get back at it. My body misses it…and my mind is just going crazy without it!!
    Thank you everyone for your kind words for a quick recovery.

    • Michele Vieux

      Yikes! I just saw the photo! Listen to your doctor! 🙂

  • Michal

    A. 80×8 + 17 / 90×8 + 9 / 100×6 + 8.
    B. 10:30 Subbed 1000m Assault bike for running. 32kg KB.

  • anders folger

    A1. 8×135/145/155
    A2. 51X1 pu’s-5/5/4.
    B. Been sick so scaled to 40 push-ups/24kg kbs. 12:00. Felt good to get back in the gym.

  • Derek McLaughlin

    A1) 185×8 across
    A2) 7,7,6

    B) 19:36 – used 70# kb (american swings) and subbed 500m Row for run. Literally 3rd workout back after tearing my achilles last fall…still rehabbing and can’t run/squat/jump.

  • Steve Bielmeier

    A1. 165/175/185…finished @ 6 reps
    A2. Tempo Pull-Ups x 5 reps
    B. 14:30 rx with 24 kg kbell

  • David Franco

    A. 165lb x 8. 175lb x 6. 175lb x 6. 175lb x 6.
    Strict Pull ups: 9,8,7,5.

    B. 15:33. 45 lb heaviest kettlebell I have.

  • Trion Horgan

    A1. 135/145/155×8
    A2. [email protected]

    B. Rx’d with 70lb kb. 11:49.

  • Byron Patton

    B) 12:41 75# KB

  • Justin Harley

    A. 135/8; 145/8; 155/8

    B. 13:18 x 45lb KB (heaviest I have).

  • Dustin Coughenour

    A. Up to 225 missed the pull ups
    B. 32kg kb 12:44

  • Kyle Gentry

    A1. 8×165/175/180
    A2. 22/20/18

    B. 14:40 with 70lb kettle bell

  • Janelle Hudgin Winston

    A. I haven’t done much bench pressing, so wasn’t sure what weight to start with.
    65, 85, 95
    6, 5, 5 strict pullups

    B. 12:56
    55 lb KB
    Ran outside because it’s FINALLY spring in Alaska!

  • Matteo Kravczyk

    A: Bench Press 3 rounds × 6 reps 75 kgs
    3 rounds x 6 Pull Ups

    B: 12:05 KB 18 kgs

  • Chad Evans

    Did yesterday’s today

    A1. Floor Press
    185,205,225 x 8
    Did floor press because no spotter. First time benching in over a year. Felt really good. Hand grip aid worked great.
    A2. Max Pull-ups
    Grip in right hand started to fail. Grip aid not quite tight enough

    B. Rx. 24kg single arm KBS
    Was working for in the 11’s but runs felt HARD. I’ll take it though. Fun work out.

  • juampa

    Strict Press (no bench press bank available) 40kg, 45kg, 50kg x 8
    Pull-Ups x 5 reps using prescribed tempo
    B. 17:00, 24kg kbs