Couch Stretch x 90 seconds per side
Ankle Dorsiflexion x 90 seconds per side
Hip CARs x 5 circles in each direction per side
Squat Therapy x 5 @ 3311

Followed by
Two sets of:
30 seconds of Banded Palloff Hold (Left)
30 seconds of Banded Palloff Hold (Right)
30 seconds of Banded Lateral Monster Walk (Left)
30 seconds of Banded Lateral Monster Walk (Right)
30 seconds of Donkey Kicks
30 seconds of Jumping Lunges or Mountain Climbers

Three sets of:
Back Squat x 8-10 reps @ 30X1
Rest 60 seconds
Supine Ring Rows x 10-12 reps @ 2111
Rest 60 seconds
Nose-to-Wall Handstand Hold x 30-45 seconds
Rest 60 seconds

Five rounds for time of:
10 Kettlebell Deadlifts
10 Kettlebell Goblet Squats
10 Alternating Reverse Lunges with Goblet Hold

Use the heaviest kettlebell you can handle and note both the weight of the kettlebell and your time in comments.

Heads Up – Systems Upgrade Coming!
We are upgrading our commenting system starting Monday, April 22nd from Disqus to Thrive. This is in effort to speed up the page loading and give you more capabilities in the commenting process and community building. The comments that were on previous days training for the past 12 months (April 22, 2018) will be moved to WordPress comments – so you will still be able to see them – BUT they will not be linked to your account in Disqus. If there’s any training information you put in a comment that you didn’t record somewhere else, please make sure you do that this week!

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