Grilled Eggplant Salad Recipe
Recipe by Michele Vieux

If you’re anything like me, there is no way in heck you’re turning on the oven or stove in this heat. What to do about dinner then? Well, if you have a grill, time to learn how to use it as an oven. It is actually much easier than it sounds as it is already pretty much an oven as it stands. You just need to mind the heat since it will be a much more direct source than your conventional kitchen oven. For this recipe,

Quick and Easy Carnitas Lunch or Dinner
Written by Courtney Johnson

The other day I was faced with a dilemma many of us often encounter; I was hungry but didn’t want to go out and get lunch. I was left to see what the contents of my fridge had to offer. Now normally my fridge is packed with meals I have prepared ahead of time and divided into smaller glassware containers. However, this was lunch on Sunday, before I had a chance to go grocery shopping and before I had done my weekly meal prep.

Breakfast Soufflé
Written by George Economou
(Originally posted on July 11, 2011)

This is a twist off of the breakfast frittata. The ingredients can be as varied as with the frittata, it’s really only the preparation that changes. The texture on this dish is really cool, making all that extra prep worth the effort.

-8 eggs, yolks and whites separated
-5 oz bag of spinach
-1 ½ cup broccoli florets
-1 cup cherry tomatoes
-2 Tbls coconut oil
-seasonings to taste: garlic powder,

Viking Hash Rosti

Written by Stephanie McCormack

Some of the best things in life are combinations…bacon and eggs, coffee and cream, dark chocolate and Kerrygold butter (just try it). I decided to mesh Viking hash (sweet potato, onion and bacon) with rosti (a traditional Swiss nibble like a latke made of shredded white potatoes which are shaped into rounds and fried) and thus sweet potato rosti (sprosti?!) was born. This dish did take a bit of prep time, but the result was definitely worth it. This would be great for brunch served with some smoked salmon and scrambled eggs or as a post-workout carb replacement.

Recipe – Eggplant and Vegetable “Lasagna”
Written by George Economou

As the son of immigrants – one Greek and one Italian – there are certain foods that were significant in my upbringing. Most of them included plenty of ingredients that I no longer make a regular part of my nutrition plan . . . mostly pasta. But avoiding pasta doesn’t mean that I have to avoid my childhood favorites. I still love a fresh baked lasagna. Here’s a recipe that will allow you love it too:

On a piece of tin foil,