How I Earned My Ranger Tab
Written by Invictus Follower Lisa Jaster and Originally Published on

(C.J. Martin’s Note – This is an incredible example of commitment, hard work and mental resilience. I am beyond proud to have Lisa in our online community, and honored that we could assist in some small way in her historic journey. Thank you Lisa for your service and for sharing your story!)

As one of the first women to attend and pass Ranger School, Maj. Lisa Jaster explains how she physically and mentally prepared.

Baylor Wilhelm: Overcome with Passion
Written By Melissa Hurley

How does weight pile on and how can you put your foot down to make a change?

For member Baylor Wilhelm, it started with a goal – the desire to be in the Navy.

Taking the traditional path right out of high school into college, Baylor thought earning a degree was the way to go. He quickly realized, however, that he didn’t like school all that much and he had no desire to sit in classes all day,

A Year From Now You’ll Wish You Started Today
Written by Invictus Member Teena Travis

I struggled for some time on whether or not to share these photos, (and not just because so much of my butt is hanging out in the before pictures!) but rather, because I was truly ashamed. When I look at these pictures I really can’t remember when or how it all went wrong. I had no idea how truly unhealthy both physically and emotionally I had really become.

When my husband and I joined Invictus in January of 2014 all I knew was that I was sick and tired of being overweight and feeling like garbage.

Gordon Jamieson: Shooting for the Stars 
Written by Jaimie Bougie

How do you picture yourself celebrating your 60th birthday? For Sea of Green member Gordon Jamieson, turning 60 meant it was time to create some new goals in life. These were not your typical “watch television less” or “eat more vegetables with each meal” types of goals. Gordon wanted life-changing, shoot for the stars goals.

This year Gordon is planning on dominating 60+ Masters division at the 2015 CrossFit Games.

“My goal for the 2015 season is to place in the top 5 in both the Open and the Masters Qualifier for my age division,” says Gordon.

On a Quest for Nutrition Knowledge: Curt Lewis
Interview by Invictus Intern Trine Petersen

Invictus member Curt Lewis was a first time participant in our 2014 Fall “Look Good, Feel Good” Challenge. He was having motivational issues getting to the gym and needed accountability and goals to work towards – which, in his case, were to focus on clean eating, to gain lean muscle mass and to finish in the top 15 in the challenge. To reach these goals, Curt decided that in addition to participating in the LGFG Challenge he would also enroll in the Invictus 12-Week Habit Based Nutrition program.