Stay Strong. Stay Strong.
Written by Invictus Member Rachel Ragosa

My name is Rachel Ragosa, and you may remember me from way back in 2012. I’m thrilled to be back at CrossFit Invictus! To put it lightly, life has thrown me a couple curveballs the last few years. I was honored when I was asked to tell my story. I hope it helps others who find themselves in a seemingly impossible life situation. I guess I’ll start from the beginning…

“There is something wrong with Charlie.”

I didn’t know it at the time,

Investing in Myself and Some Perspective
Written by Invictus Member Mercedes Felix

I am typically not one to post these type of selfies (or any other kind really), but today I feel is warranted.

Earlier this year, I decided that I wanted to make what I thought was a small investment in MYSELF, and what a HUGE investment it turned out to be! I took my training to another level by doing semi-private training with who – in my opinion – is one EXTREMELY GIFTED coach.

Due to a lifetime of athletics,

Invictus Helped Me Use DEXA to See Results
Written by Invictus Member Mary Loeb

I’m an attorney in Downtown San Diego. I think I joined Invictus around 2009-2010, at the urging of my husband. We had recently moved to San Diego, and I had not had a regular fitness routine for some time. I didn’t want to join a regular gym, and I had never, and I mean never, been one to do any sort of fitness class! No aerobics, no kickboxing, no Zumba…nada. Never liked them – until CrossFit.

How I Fell in Love with Invictus
I have to be honest…I was not one of those people that was addicted right away.

How I Earned My Ranger Tab
Written by Invictus Follower Lisa Jaster and Originally Published on

(C.J. Martin’s Note – This is an incredible example of commitment, hard work and mental resilience. I am beyond proud to have Lisa in our online community, and honored that we could assist in some small way in her historic journey. Thank you Lisa for your service and for sharing your story!)

As one of the first women to attend and pass Ranger School, Maj. Lisa Jaster explains how she physically and mentally prepared.

Baylor Wilhelm: Overcome with Passion
Written By Melissa Hurley

How does weight pile on and how can you put your foot down to make a change?

For member Baylor Wilhelm, it started with a goal – the desire to be in the Navy.

Taking the traditional path right out of high school into college, Baylor thought earning a degree was the way to go. He quickly realized, however, that he didn’t like school all that much and he had no desire to sit in classes all day,