A gymnastics coach since 1996, Travis has coached competitive and recreational gymnastics at numerous clubs both Northern and Southern California, producing winning teams, athletes of college scholarships and has influenced thousands of happy kids, teens and young adults.

Prior to the 2015 CrossFit Games, Travis was approached by Invictus to give coaching to the Invictus Games team and athletes. He then fell in love with Invictus and the Sea of Green community and accepted the position of Gymnastics Specialist Coach in September of 2015. Travis now works with clients in-house from children to beginning-level adult athletes to CrossFit Games athletes.

Bar Muscle-Up Swing: Slack is Bad
Video by Travis Ewart

Do you struggle with keeping in rhythm on Bar Muscle-Ups because you have a choppy swing? Do you feel like you might rip your shoulders out of their sockets when going for a big enough kip to get yourself over the bar? Even if it’s not all the way to dislocation status, just a little jarring can be concerning, especially if you are spending a lot of time and doing a high number of reps to practice the movement.

For the purpose of this video,

How to Start a Kip Swing from a Dead Hang
Video by Travis Ewart

Sometimes you don’t have the advantage of the perfect height pull-up bar. You know the one – where you can hang and kip without your toes touching but you don’t have to jump too far to get there. When forced to use a bar that isn’t within easy jumping reach, some resort to shimmying over onto the bar from a box or the j-hook on the upright. But that not only takes time and could be hazardous to the clumsy athlete, but it also puts you in an awkward position for starting your kip since you are unable to use the bar mount like you’re used to. 

Comparing Kipping Pull-Ups
Written by Hunter Britt; Videos by Travis Ewart

In the world of CrossFit, there are multiple ways to skin a cat when it comes to performing a kipping pull-up. Many of us have faced the challenge of transitioning from a standard kip to the butterfly pull-up. Often, when I am watching people try to get the butterfly-like motion down, I can tell that people are overthinking the movement and they are making butterfly pull-ups much more complicated than they need to.

Pull-Up Motion

So let’s talk about the motion for both the regular kip and the butterfly pull-up.

Handstand Walking Tips for Competition
Video by Ricky Moore

Handstand walking is already hard enough for most people without having it thrown into a workout for time. Here are some tips to keep you moving forward as efficiently as possible when handstand walking comes up in competition. Practice them now so they are cues when it comes down to 3, 2, 1…Go!

Tips for Handstand Walking
Head position for Handstand Walking

Don’t crane your neck or try to look too far out in front of you. Instead, look 2-3 inches in front of your fingertips.