A gymnastics coach since 1996, Travis has coached competitive and recreational gymnastics at numerous clubs both Northern and Southern California, producing winning teams, athletes of college scholarships and has influenced thousands of happy kids, teens and young adults.

Prior to the 2015 CrossFit Games, Travis was approached by Invictus to give coaching to the Invictus Games team and athletes. He then fell in love with Invictus and the Sea of Green community and accepted the position of Gymnastics Specialist Coach in September of 2015. Travis now works with clients in-house from children to beginning-level adult athletes to CrossFit Games athletes.


Quality Gymnastics Skills Practice
Written by Nichole DeHart

I love learning new skills. I really love seeing other people learn new skills. It is one of the highlights as a coach, to see someone have that moment when it ‘clicks’ and they figure out how to do something they’ve been working on for a long time. We probably see this the most with movements like muscle-ups, bar muscle-ups, strict handstand push-ups and other gymnastic-type movements.

However, there is something I see all too often with people when they learn a new skill.

Checklist for Building Baseline Gymnastics Strength
Written by Travis Ewart 

There are many great coaches out there giving their newest members the tools they need to succeed in all aspects of CrossFit, but oddly there seems to be a bit of a lack of focus on the fundamentals for kipping movements and inverted (handstand) movements. As the Invictus Gymnastics coach, my goal is to give some very simple directions to help slowly and safely lead your aspiring athlete toward their body weight goals and to create a standard for all coaches and athletes to take into consideration.

Reverse Snow Angels – Purveyors of Posture
Video by Travis Ewart

Sitting at a desk too much? How is your posture as you read this? The dreaded “shoulder roll” is easy to spot, not only because of the evident poor posture but also because with the introduction of technology to the world, we have become accustomed to leaning forward in our seats to take a better look at the screen or to check our phones, and it’s an epidemic!

Take a look at these Reverse Snow Angels and give them a try at home.

Gymnastics Strength, Timing & Range of Motion
Written by Travis Ewart

When learning the movement pattern for any kipping gymnastics movement, it’s best to take the approach of the greater range of motion, which just happens to be the way the skills are taught in the Invictus Gymnastics online program. The skills in the program require less base strength, so you can start kipping safely, and the larger movement pattern is much easier to learn and fix (as body positions are much easier to discern when they are larger and slower movements).

When it comes to kipping movements in CrossFit,

The Open is WHEN?? Don’t Wait for the Last Minute to Develop Your Skills!
Written by Travis Ewart

Each year it happens – the CrossFit Games Open. Each year since I joined Invictus I have seen it come, hang around for a few weeks, watch people beat themselves up trying to get just that muscle-up or a little bit more fit, and each year I am less than surprised when people approach me regarding their gymnastics skills.

Understanding Where Gymnastics Fits In

I feel that now more than ever people need to remind themselves of the pyramid that CrossFit is based on.

Coach’s Tips: Creating Your CHIMA
Written by Travis Ewart

Saying that being a “good” coach can be an understatement. The term “good” is definitely subjective, but one of the concepts I use is based around the athlete, not necessarily myself.

Of course we always need to be a better coach, day after day, but if you follow some general guidelines to creating the ideal athlete client, then it will in turn require more of you, so in a certain respect you can’t create the ideal athlete if you aren’t quite up to par as a coach.

How to Become a Wall Baller in 3 Simple Steps
Written by Kaitlyn Kassis

The keys to becoming a baller at wall balls – a Wall Baller – is 1) to be able to identify the common faults in the movement and whether you are falling victim to any of them; and then 2) know how to fix your issue(s). This might take a little help to identify and a little practice to fix, but here’s my list of the common faults when performing wall balls and what to do about them.

1) Ball Positioning
The most crucial component of wall ball efficiency is the position from which the athlete catches and throws the ball.

Learning from a Muscle-Up Attempt
Video Analysis by Travis Ewart

Recently a member of the Invictus Gymnastics Program posted a video of her muscle-up attempt in the Invictus Gymnastics Facebook Group to receive feedback from Coach Travis Ewart. One of the benefits of the program is that Travis takes a lot of time coaching people virtually who reach out and ask for help.

We wanted to share it with you all because his explanation is gold and he even took the time to screen shot her video and doodle-analysis on it to better describe what he’s talking about in his coaching notes.

CrossFit Games Open 21.3 & 21.4 – Strategy & Tips
Videos by the Invictus Athlete Team

The 2021 Open is in full effect and this is the place to get all the strategy and tips you need to perform your best this season! Each week, our team of expert coaches will provide both written and video analysis of the Open workouts and thoughts on how to attack them for each level or type of athlete below. Whether you are aspiring to make it to Quarterfinals or if you just want to have fun with your gym friends,

The Problem with Sit-Ups – A Gymnast’s Perspective
Written by Travis Ewart

I had someone in my gymnastics group asking about sit-ups, lower back health, and ab strength. I can’t say that I have the best answer, as unfortunately I think this is a fairly complicated issue and I would probably advise anybody who is experiencing lower back issues to talk to a physical therapist, physio or chiropractor instead of me (a gymnastics coach). But, I can lend you my thoughts from a gymnast’s perspective.

Since I have taught many young kids for so long,