Workout of the Day:
Front Squat
and then,
For time:
10 Thrusters (Heavy – challenge yourself)
50 Double-Unders
8 Thrusters
40 Double-Unders
6 Thrusters
30 Double-Unders
4 Thrusters
20 Double-Unders
2 Thrusters
10 Double-Unders

Supplements: Fish Oil and other Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Written by Mark Riebel 

When it comes to cardiovascular health, the latest nutritional buzz word is definitely “omega-3 fatty acids,” and significant amounts of studies show that this is rightfully earned. An early study of Eskimos in Greenland noted that their diet which was high in omega-3 (ω-3) containing fatty fish resulted in a much lower incidence of cardiovascular disease than did Danes or Americans.

Workout of the Day:
Front Squat
and then,
Five rounds for time of:
5 Hang Squat Cleans (135/95)
10 Burpee/Pull-Ups

Supplements: Glucosamine
Written by Mark Riebel 

One of the most popular joint health supplements on the market these days is glucosamine. This supplement is purported to improve joint pain and reduce excess mobility, and seems to accomplish this through slowing down the catabolic activity (processes that break things down) occurring in cartilage. Evidence beyond just word of mouth has been a bit mixed. A 6-month study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health found no significant reduction of pain in patients suffering from mild osteoarthritis of the knee,