The Problem with the Donkey Kick in Olympic Weightlifting
Written by Bryce Smith

The famous Olympic lifting coach, Bob Takano, wrote a Crossfit Journal article in October of 2011 where he described the importance of technique in Olympic Weightlifting. He emphasized that, “Many CrossFit WODs are calculated by the number of reps performed or the amount of time taken to perform them, efficient technique is going to save energy on each rep, enabling one or two more reps to be performed during the course of the session. Each rep will also be performed with greater speed,


Treatment Alternatives to Medications for Chronic Issues (Part 3 of 4)
Written by Michele Vieux

What started as a seemingly simple topic for a blog post – causes of tendonitis – has turned into a monstrous project and most likely, at least five or six blog posts. In previous posts, I have already discussed the Top Three (or Four) Causes of Tendonitis and Why Drugs Are Not the Answer to Address Pain and Other Chronic Issues, so in today’s post we will begin to delve into the world of alternative medicine and treatments for common issues.

Performing on Paleo
Written by Tino Marini

“Awesome, my waistline is shrinking but I feel so lethargic in workouts and it takes me forever to recover from a heavy squat session.”

Many of you have made the switch to an urban paleo diet – eradicating grains, legumes, dairy products, refined salt, refined sugar, processed oils and also post-workout supplements.  The question, is how has it affected your performance in workouts and recovery after?

Fact is, if you are already pretty lean and just looking to put on some muscle mass or lose that final bit of softness,

Join Michele and Tony in their Fight!
Written by Michele Vieux

I remember seeing a poster on the Underground I was riding in London, claiming a sneeze can travel the length of the car I was in and just then, a man in front of me sneezed without covering his mouth and nose, spraying the entire car in front (and possibly behind) him. In his defense, we were tearing through the tunnels beneath the city and he was holding onto the ceiling strap for dear life with one hand and his briefcase in the other which brings me to another point.

Workout of the Day:
For time:
100 Kettlebell Swings (24/16 kg)
80 Wall Ball Shots (20/12 lbs.)
60 Knees to Elbows

Are You Over-Training, or Under-Recovering?
Written by Calvin Sun
(Originally published on June 2, 2009.)

Are you really overtraining? Sure, you might be experiencing some of the symptoms of overtraining but are you really training that hard? Michele’s post on overtraining suggests that working out without rest leads to the condition. I agree with Michele that people who do two workouts everyday under the assumption that more is better will quickly hit a point of diminishing returns.