Invictus Point Loma opened in November 2013 just outside of downtown San Diego. While the Point Loma location is just 3 miles away from our downtown location, it allows us to extend our services to a whole new community.

Invictus Fitness
2803 Midway Drive
San Diego, California 92110

PHONE: 619-222-2033


CrossFit Invictus is a family-friendly gym in the Point Loma neighborhood of San Diego that meets all of your fitness needs. Whether you are a busy parent, student or professional our coaches and support staff pride themselves in pushing you to your limits in a safe and fun environment. Because of the smaller size of this facility compared to our other two, the community here is very close-knit, so you will always have people behind you.

So besides improving your fitness, you will also make lasting connections and find moral support within this special community of people.

All are welcome here and you will often find parents and kids working out together and community events to participate in and make new friends with others with a similar health mission as you. Our facility is conveniently located in the Loma Portal shopping center and the gym contains full service locker rooms, which makes this the perfect place for busy families as well as busy business professionals to get healthy and fit together.

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