Today is a rest day for athletes following the 2017 Regionals Prep Program.

Primary Strength Session
Every 90 seconds, for 9 minutes (6 sets):
1 Snatch Balance + 2 Overhead Squats

Build over the course of the 6 sets, but understand the goal is activation and positioning, not maximal loading.

Every 2 minutes, for 20 minutes (10 sets):
Snatch x 1 rep

Suggested loading per set (by %):
55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 85+, 85+, 85+

Back Squat
*Set 1 – 5 reps @ 65-70%
*Set 2 – 3 reps @ 75-80%
*Set 3 – 1 rep @ 85-90%
Rest 2-3 minutes

Every two minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets):
Back Squat x 1 rep @ 95%

Primary Conditioning Session
Off-Season Conditioning Option
Four sets of:
20/15 Calorie Assault Bike
15 Strict Handstand Push-Ups
20/15 Calorie Ski-Erg or Row
30 Kettlebell Swings (32/24 kg)
Rest 3 minutes

One set of:
150-Foot Sandbag Carry

Goal is max load – 50% of 1-RM deadlift would be ideal. No stopping at any point.

One set of:
600-Foot Prowler Sprint
(no stopping!)

Granite Games Qualifier Prep Option
Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
50 Calorie Assault Bike
50 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
50 Wall Ball Shots (30/20 lbs)
50 Strict Handstand Push-Ups

One set of:
150-Foot Sandbag Carry

Goal is max load – 50% of 1-RM deadlift would be ideal. No stopping at any point.

One set of:
600-Foot Prowler Sprint
(no stopping!)

Optional Additional Work Sessions
*Please choose to perform only those sessions that are most focused on your weaknesses, and only perform as much of the additional work as you can recover from successfully before your next training session.

Strength Accessory Option
Three sets of:
100-Foot Single-Arm Reverse Sled Drag (left)
Rest 30 seconds
100-Foot Single-Arm Reverse Sled Drag (right)
Rest as needed

Three sets of:
Reverse Hypers x 20 reps @ 1010
Rest as needed
Banded March with Front-Loaded Carry x 3 minutes
Rest as needed

Three sets of:
GHD Hip Extension with Overhead “Y” x 8 reps @ 2113
Rest 60 seconds
Prone Chinese Plank x 60 seconds
(add weight to hips if possible)
Rest 60 seconds

Four rounds of:
15 seconds of Dumbbell Lateral Raises
15 seconds of Hercules Hold with Thumbs Facing Up

Rest 60 seconds, and then…

Four rounds of:
15 seconds of Dumbbell Lateral Raises with Thumbs Facing Up
15 seconds of Hercules Hold with Palms Facing Up

Rest 2 minutes, and then…

Two rounds of:
30 seconds of Dumbbell Presses
30 seconds of Dumbbell Overhead Hold
Rest 60 seconds and repeat

Aerobic/Gymnastics Skills Option
Five sets, performed at 80-85%:
Row 600/500 Meters @ 24 s/m
6 Strict Handstand Push-Ups to 8″/6″ Deficit
4 Strict Muscle-Ups
2 Legless Rope Climbs

  • Kevin

    How do we figure out what 80-85% of our row is again? My workout book got stolen πŸ™ had all my notes and splits in there.

    • SigurΓ°ur Hafsteinn JΓ³nsson

      if your best 500 m is for example 1:30 => 90 sec
      90 sec/ 0.8 => 112 => 1:42 pace

      • Michael P

        nah haha

      • Kevin

        This is what I was looking for ?? Thanks siggi

    • Tino Marini

      80-85% is your perceived rate of exertion for todays Aerobic/Gymnastic Piece

  • Michael P

    modified gymnastics session:
    EMOM for 15 minutes.
    1. 250 row
    2. 6 strict hspu to 8″ + 1 legless
    3. 4 strict MU + 1 legless
    that escalated quickly.

  • Noble Tucker

    Primary strength
    A. 95-155
    B. Up to 175
    C. 278×5/315×3/337
    D. 355×2, squats weren’t there today
    Off season Conditioning: 5:30/5:52/5:58/5:47
    -db complex w/ 5#

  • Alexandra Kolla

    Am session:
    Primary strength:
    A) up to 115
    B) up to 115, which is my 1RM, stayed more forward and snatches felt good today! however, once I tried 120 its like my brain stopped the pull mid thigh and I couldn’t go any higher. Does that happen to anyone?
    C) 140×5-160×3-180 lbsx1
    D) 195-195-195-200-200lbs, which is my 1RM (And did it twice!!!)

    Primary condo:
    Set 1) 4:02. Bike felt ok!!, HSPU unbroken, KBS 15-15
    set 2) 4:37, HSPU 10-5, KBS 20-10, they got heavy!
    set 3) 4:55, HSPU 10-5, I had some issue with the rowing resistance and had to change it mid way so it got slower, KBS 10-20
    set 4) 4:47,HSPU 10-5, KBS 17-13

    B. Sandbag carry done, 90 lb sandbag. Do heavier sandbags even exist? I couldn’t find one and it was hard to carry two together, they kept sliding

    Did the one arm sled drags from strength accessory, 100 lbs and then 80 lbs for 100 ft (3 sets).

    back tonight for the rest.

    • Anton Foss

      They do indeed!
      They go up to 300lbs. These ones without the handles are the preferred training choice by Julien and all the coaches. They aren’t a fan of handles.

      • Alexandra Kolla

        so best bet to order one for myself and then count the part where I have to move it from the door to the room as my workout? ;p

  • Ben Svendsen

    Strength done in AM

    A) s balance, 2 x ohs

    B) snatch x 1
    60,70,70,70,75,75,80,85,85,87.5,87.5 kg (up to 100%)

    C) back squat 5-3-1

    D) bs x 1

    4:24, 4:42, 4:48, 4:45

  • Jake LaNasa

    Session one
    Accessory strength
    Sled: 135/185/210
    Pull throughs instead of reverse hypers
    80 lb Dball on marches
    Used fractional plates for hip extensions and 35 lb plate for planks

    Aerobic/gymnastics work
    Luckily I can’t go any faster than 80% on these movements hahaha
    Hspu ub every round
    Strict muscle ups felt better I don’t know if that’s because my mobility is getting better or if I’m cheating haha
    Legless weren’t the limiting factor for once

    Shoulder pump finishers

    • Tino Marini

      Just need to watch that opening and closing of your hip but they looked not to bad at all.

  • Michael P

    primary strength:
    A. snatch balance + 2 OHS- 95×4-115×2
    B snatches: 155-165-185-195-205-225-235-247-260(F)-265! best these have ever felt. this positioning stuff is amazing.
    C. backsquats done.

    acc. strength done.

    • Tino Marini

      Strong day of lifting!

  • Caroline Essex

    Session 1
    A. 55-75-85-95-105-115
    B. 85-95-105-115-120-125-135-140-150-160f

  • Christopher Camp

    Off Season Cond:

    Fell off pretty hard. Body is feeling worn down today. Not sure if I’m getting sick or just off today. This was harder than it seemed it should be.

    • Tino Marini

      Look after yourself dude. Maybe best to call it a day if you feel off.

  • Josh Chard

    Every 90 seconds, for 9 minutes (6 sets):
    1 Snatch Balance + 2 Overhead Squats


    Every 2 minutes, for 20 minutes (10 sets):
    Snatch x 1 rep

    45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85, 90kg PB!

    Back Squat
    *Set 1 – 5 reps @ 100kg
    *Set 2 – 3 reps @ 112kg
    *Set 3 – 1 rep @ 125kg
    Rest 2-3 minutes

    Every two minutes, for 10 minutes (5 sets):
    Back Squat x 1 rep @ 130kg

    Four sets of:
    20 Calorie Row
    15 Handstand Push-Ups (8/7)
    20 Calorie Row
    30 Kettlebell Swings 24 kg (Russian)
    Rest 3 minutes

    28:53 – AB screen is broken and ski erg was in use so just used the erg for this.

    • Tino Marini

      Congrats on the new snatch Pr!!

  • Andrew Malek-Zadeh

    Aerobic session

    I did it with a 3″ deficit. All unbroken and felt strong. Extra work has been paying off. Now strict muscle ups needs some more love lol. Those were terrible.


    Just couldn’t finish my lift all the way through today. Kept going early. Frustrating day as the lighter loads felt good. Was hoping for 275+

    Back Squats
    355 x 5
    405 x 3
    445 x 1

    445 on the 2 minutes

    Off Season

    Hspu were all 6/5/4 but I think the breaks got a little longer each round but the Kb swings buried me. Unbroken on the 1st. All 2 sets after that.

    • Tino Marini

      Great to see your Handstand push up work is paying off!

      • Andrew Malek-Zadeh

        Pretty pumped to see some progress. Re test is coming up soon.

    • Michael P

      remember what really matters!!! you already lift more than 99.9% of all the crossfit people out there. if you dont hit those heavy ones, brush it off and remember we got hspu to murder!

  • Charlie Wells

    Todays Training
    Cross over symmetry x 2 sets all the way through (15 reps each thing)
    5 x 3 twisties in Turkish get up positions (internal/external rotation)
    2 x 20 reverse snow angels (0.5kg plates)
    Glute activation exercises
    5 x 7 Bulgarian split squats each leg (17.5kg dumbels)
    Primary conditioning
    Amended to fit me- HSPU swapped for vested push ups (10kg x 15) & Russian Kettlebell 16kg
    3.55/ 3.44/ 3.48/ 4.10 (had issues getting the vest on during the last round!)
    Dumbell work from today 2.5kg/5kg for the oh press one
    PM session
    600ft sled sprint (15kg) forgot to time it but it hurt so bad, I ran all the way but wondered half way through if I went too heavy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1 arm rev sled drags done (40kg)
    reverse hypers 3 x 20 with band & banded march (this hurts my hip flexors so much and a tiny bit glutes- I am sure that is the wrong way round!!!)
    GHD hip extensions with Y 8 x 3 & Chinese plank with small weight done

    • Tino Marini


  • Jon Moreno

    A.) reverse Sled drag accessory w/Sled + 180# for all 3 sets
    B.) banded good mornings x 20 reps
    C.) hip extensions and Chinese plank done
    Afternoon: primary session!
    A.) up to 225#
    B.) 135-215# no misses, failed 225#
    C.) 270/305/345#
    D.) 365# across
    A.) GG AMRAP- 1rd + 40 cals (240 reps) so slow on hspu

  • Jeffrey Perez

    Off season conditioning:

    1. 3:45
    2. 3:49
    3. 4:00
    4. 4:19

    Idk wtf is going on today. Must be something in the water today but I felt like a horse today. LETS GOOOOO.

  • Jordan Vance

    Primary Strength
    A) Built to 185
    B) built to 210(5#pr). really clicked today on shifting weight through the foot.
    D) Completed at 380
    Primary Conditioning
    A) 1-5:10, 2-5:35, 3-6:05 4-9:09
    B & C DNF
    Did delt accesory work.

  • Alexandra Kolla

    second session:
    strength Accessory
    – reverse hypers 50-80-80lbs
    – GHD with Y 5 lbs, prone plank with 35 lb plate
    – dumbbell complex with 5 lbs, then overhead stuff with 30 lbs. I just realized that I might have been reading the oh press complex wrong. Is it supposed to be 30 sec press, 30 sec hold, 60 sec rest twice? or is it two rounds 30 sec press-30 sec hold, then rest 60 sec and then do two more rounds? (I have been doing the former)
    -Two rounds of the gymnastics accessory completed, around 5 mins or so each. MU unbroken, ropes felt hard after the MU, HSPU with 3” deficit.
    Amazing what 60 gr of extra carbs pre and post workouts can do to my energy level! I am no longer feeling wiped out!!!

    • Tino Marini

      Great to hear the extra carbs helped! Now you can train harder and recover better!!

  • Leilani Lopes

    Session 1
    B. 55/55/65/65/65/75/75/85/85/90
    C. 85/115/135
    D. 145×5 sets

    Session 2
    A. 4:07/4:10/4:10/4:21 Rx; off-season
    B. 90# stone

  • Jake Carlile

    Snatch Balance + OHS up to 155, worked on form.
    Snatch E2MOM:
    2 misses at 205.

    Back Squat, warmup sets done, 4 makes and 1 miss @340

    Conditioning Piece: 28:06, including rest. Subbed strict DB press @35 for strict HSPU Bc I can only get one strict HSPU at a time. 53 lb KB.

    Felt better in the evening session than the morning session.

    All accessory work done!

    Very excited to start this program. After missing out on the games for the teenagers this year after qualifying last year was a hard thing to take. Looking forward to put in the wor to get back next year!

    • Tino Marini

      Awesome to have you a part of the community and excited to watch your progress!

  • Rainger Haslam

    Snatch 195
    Squat: 245, 275, 295,
    305, 315, 295, 295, 295 legs got tired positions were really off and really mentally challenging I’ve been slacking off with sleep and eating to be honest

    Scaled HSPU and KB
    Set 1: 6:40 accidentally thought it was 500 meter row for some reason
    Set 2: 5:15
    Set 3: 5:34
    Set 4: 5:36

  • Ryan Boyle

    A. Up to 235
    B. Up to 225, worked on form. Some reason I didn’t have an interest to go for a PR today
    C. 275/315/355
    D. 375 for the sets. Felt pretty good

    Off-season conditions
    1. 4:14, 5:03, 5:18, 5:38. Those darn KB swings were getting absolutely miserable. Couldn’t do one set UB.
    2. Used a 75 pound bag and did a 400 meter walk with it. There’s no heavy bags in my gym, it’s annoying lol.
    3. Used 135. Big mistake. The terrain is extremely tough and this 135 felt so heavy and hard to push to for 600 ft.. I stopped twice πŸ™

    Extra work

    single arm drags done at 155 on sled

    Banded March and reverse hypers done

    Longgggg day. Can’t wait to feast and sleep, and go at it again tomorrow!

    • Tino Marini

      Sounds like a tired session. Hope you rest up eat well and get ready to hit tomorrow hard

  • Luke G

    AM Session
    Primary Strength
    A. Sn balance + 2ohs upto 75kg
    B. Snatch upto 112.5kg
    C. Back squats 125/145/165kg
    D. BS emom @172.5kg
    A. 3:20/3:29/3:42/4:03
    Shspu 15/15/15/11-4
    Kb swings UB russian
    B. Done, not sure of weight but was heavy af
    C. Done

  • Lea Carolina

    Primary Strength Session
    A.βœ… 1 Snatch Balance + 2 Overhead Squats

    B. Snatch x 1 rep
    Suggested loading per set (by %):
    55βœ… 60βœ… 65βœ…70βœ…75βœ…80βœ… 85βœ…88❌88βœ… 90βœ…

    C. Back Squat
    *Set 1 – 5 reps @ 70%βœ…
    *Set 2 – 3 reps @ 80%βœ…
    *Set 3 – 1 rep @ 90%βœ…

    D.Every two minutes, for 10 minutes
    Back Squat x 1 rep (i did it at 90%)

    Primary Conditioning Session
    Off-Season Conditioning Option
    A. 5:31/ 5:30/ 5:51/ 5:50

    • Tino Marini

      Solid day Lea!

  • Griffin Elbert

    First day back after getting my appendix removed 3 weeks ago.

    A. 95-115-135-155-165-165
    B. 95-115-135-145-155-165-175-185-195-205
    C. 225-265-305-315(x5)

    Off-Season Conditioning
    A. Got through 24 SHSPU. Finished wall balls at 10:08. Shoulders were tight and weak today.
    B. 240#
    C. Done

    • Tino Marini

      Awesome to see you back! How are you feeling?

      • Griffin Elbert

        A little tight and out of shape, but nothing too bad. Excited to get back to work, even if it means working my way back up to normal weight.

  • Kenny Provost

    Primary sesh:
    A. Up to 175
    B. Up to 235 (one miss at 215)
    C. 285/335/355
    D. 355/365/370/375/375
    (Very excited for how this is feeling)

    A. Reverse drags done
    B. Subbed Dimmels for reverse hypers x 20
    Banded march done (those are grrr)
    C. Hip extensions with Y – 8# DBs

    Second sesh:

    For assault bike, I counted for 80 revolutions of the pedals of my ancient airdyne to keep consistent lol.
    Deficit Strict Handstand push ups are paying off huge. Regulars felt great! 3 of the sets were 10+5
    All KBs done pseudo finish.
    Intervals – 4:00/4:10/4:41/4:50

    Sandbag done at 200#. Biggest I have. Walked a little longer. But not much longer!

    DB Shoulder Massage Done.

    Awesome day. Thanks everybody!

    • Tino Marini

      Need to crack that piggy bank for an assault bike πŸ™‚

      • Kenny Provost

        Haha no doubt!

  • Tyler Weber

    Not bad for only 4.5 hours of sleep.
    A. 155,165,175,185,195,205
    B. 140,155,165,185,195,205,220,230,240,F250
    C. 320,365,395
    D. Stayed at 90% 410
    Granite Games prep
    A. 1+77. Supplemented t2b for c2b. Slight deficit in shspu.
    B,C. Skipped had to go to work.

  • Rich Glenn

    Primary strength

    B)up to 210
    D)done @370 (spent all weekend working on my hammie, didn’t feel strong but didn’t feel weak. But definitely felt it. I’ll b excited to pr when it’s ?)

    Db holds accessory

    Primary conditioning

    GG – 1 round + 27 cal (learned half way through hspu what I can hit with a ten second rest. Told myself not getting back the bike was unacceptable even if they aren’t my jam)

    3 rounds
    150′ sand bag carry rest 1min
    150′ prowler rest 2 min

    • Tino Marini

      Nice work on those HSPU!

  • Barry Dockery

    AM session
    A) Bar/Bar/95/115/135/135
    B) 115/135/145/155/165/175/180/185/195 miss 2x (got me upset)
    C) 280/320/360
    D) 375

    PM session
    Mobility work before I started
    Worked on Snatch for 20 min. b/c the morning wrecked me & I couldn’t let that be my snatch work for the day. Worked up to 185 x 1 for 3 sets. Felt good so I went 195 missed 2x.
    D) 5 lb
    Didn’t do, spent to long on the above

    Thoughts: I love the grind, but I continuously struggle with snatch. 5 weeks in & everything has gone up except snatch. It’s frustrating putting in all the work, but I know it’ll come.

    • Tino Marini

      It usually happens when your clean decides to stop working πŸ™‚

      • Chris Mortimer

        My cleans have gone to shit

        • Barry Dockery

          Lol, I’m just now seeing this. Based on Tino’s logic, get ready for some Snatchtastic PRs!!!!!!!

  • Alec Adkins

    Primary Strength Session :
    A. Up to 155#
    B. Up to 205#
    Off-Season Conditioning :
    A. 4:00/4:40/5:04/4:53 Done Rx (Assault Bike is improving! Was able to finish the 20 cals in about 23 seconds every round. A month ago I was barely able to do a set of 3 sHSPU in a metcon and today I was able to go 10/5)
    B. Only have an 80# so I did 400m
    Strength Accessory Session :
    B. Done
    C. Done
    D. Done @8#

    • Tino Marini

      Loving the progress Alec. Keep it up!

  • Tsampson

    Snatch balance and ohs
    Only 95 literally used it just for activation
    Snatch up to 96% then 3 pr attempts but still can’t quite get shoulders to stabilise the weight and the times I do can’t stand it up… but good news is I’m getting really good at 90%
    Back squats only up to 90% then singles at 90%
    Was feeling off today. No power. Long weekend with step kids confirmation so not as much time to recover as I normally get.

    Granite prep wod got through wallballs at 10min then lost it. Shoulders just had no gas today. 1 round plus 35 cals

    Skipped extra stuff and practiced some movement combos and went over strategy for some wods for a comp I’m doing in June. Feeling ready to show case my hard work

    • Tino Marini

      It will be great to see where your training has taken you when you compete.

  • Parker Gloden

    morning session:
    A) worked to 145 trying to keep good positions
    B) worked to 125, slowly adding weight with the snatch trying to get it right every time and although I went super light it felt pretty good today so I am happy that I am making progress in the right direction, will continue to slowly add weight
    C) 240/275/295
    D) 3 done at 320 then I failed the fourth one and dropped the weight down to 295, it felt heavy today

    GG: 45 shspu i subbed the bike for an 800m run cause the bike is still broken but the chest to bars and wall balls felt great, the hspus.. not so much but at least they are getting better

    Strength accessory work plus the sandbag carry and prowler push

    • Tino Marini

      Good to see you taking the time to dial in positions on your lifts. the weight will definitely follow!

  • Torey

    A.Back squats 270×5,310×3,350×1
    370, 375, 380, 380, 380
    B.4 sets of 20 calories of AB and 20 calories of rowing
    C. Hip ext w/OH Y 5lbs
    Prone Chinese planks 25, 30, 35lbs
    D.Reverse hypers 60lbs each set
    Banded march with 30lb ball and green band

    Everything not posted here from primary strength, primary conditioning, and strength accessory was skipped because of shoulder/elbow

    • Tino Marini

      but its getting better right?

      • Torey


        • Tino Marini

          Need to get checked out dude.

  • Ashlee Finch

    Primary strength:
    A. Snatch balance + 2ohs
    B. Snatch 65/70/75/80/85/90/100/105/105/105
    C. Backsquat 115/135/150
    D. Ended up going for a new 1RM bc 155 felt stupid light. Got 175 so 10lbs up πŸ™‚ I haven’t been able to pr that lift(and deadlift) for almost two years so I’m thinking the accessory work is helping out a ton

    Off season conditioning:
    A. 5:01/4:27/5:20/5:28
    23 cals on airdyne, 8 reps per round on the hspu w/ one abmat, 26lb kb
    B. Done, used two 45lb sandbags tied together with bands
    C. Done

    • Tino Marini

      Congrats on the PR!!!!!

  • Taylor Shramo

    A: 154/198/220/220/220/231
    B: 132/145/158/172/183/198 209/220/231/242 (99%)
    Tried for 250 PR, no go, but very happy to hit 242, been over a year since I’ve hit a number like that
    C: 275/319/360
    D: all at 374

    Off Season:
    Was hoping for a little more consistency here but sHSPU were a bit of a struggle today and the ski erg is a totally new experience. Hooray new toys.

    This was quite a long day for me, looking forward to sleep and recovery for manana.

    • Tino Marini

      Lifting number are super consistent. Aways great to see you hit your top end %. Keep it up!

  • Kalynne Mitchell

    Primary Strength:
    A. 65/75/80/85/90/95
    B. 70/75/80/90/95/100/105/110/115/120
    C. 150×5/170×3/190×1
    D. E2MOM @ 200#

    Off-Season Conditioning:
    A. 4:28/4:44/5:32/5:43
    **used StairMaster AirFit bike (finished all 4 sets in 50-60secs)
    **scaled SHSPU for L-seated DB press w/ 25# DB’s — 8+7/8+4+3/5+5+5/5+4+3+3
    **used rower (no ski erg) — finished all sets in 45-55 secs
    **russian KB swings w 24kg — 30ub/20+10/15+15/15+8+7 glutes and forearms were toast!
    B. Skip
    C. 600ft prowler sprint with empty rogue dog sled 1.2, roughly 120# — this was brutal, wasn’t really much of a sprint for me.

    Strength Accessory:
    B. Reverse hyper done with 90/90/110
    Banded March done with 20# wall ball
    C. GHD hip ext., OH Y w/ 2.5# plates
    Prone Chinese plank done unweighted
    D. Lat raises/Hercules holds w/ 2.5# plates and DB shoulder press/OH holds w/ 10# DB’s

    • Tino Marini

      Lots of adjustments but you still got some great work in. Nice job!

  • Ashton Frierson

    Primary Strength
    A. SB + OS Bar/65/95/105/115/115
    B. Snatch 100/115/120/130f/130/140/150/160/170/185f
    C. Back Squat 230×5/260×3/295×1
    D. Back Squat EMOM @ 310

    Gymnastics Work