Invictus Endurance - Online Program

The Invictus Endurance Program offers three weekly
running sessions designed specifically to help you become a
better runner (faster and more efficient) and increase your
overall endurance capacity.

The three weekly sessions will contain a VO2 max session, a
long distance run for endurance, and a lactate threshold
session (longer intervals with shorter rest periods).

Training sessions always include a Beginner, Intermediate
and Advanced option, so no matter what your current
endurance level is, there will be a training session for you.

Invictus Endurance is only $29/month with 3 and 6 month
discount options!

Contact Nuno with any questions at

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Invictus on the Track

Do you want to run your next 5k, 10k or marathon faster
without dedicating more time to running? Our running club
will help you eliminate unnecessary junk miles, decrease
your recovery time and reduce running related injuries. Our
program will help you build power, strength and endurance
so that you can train more efficiently and shatter old
personal records in your next event.

Currently Invictus on the Track meets Wednesday evenings
and Friday mornings at San Diego High School.
Contact Nuno at to confirm time
and location. This is open to the public, and your first
session is FREE!

Position, Mobility and Drills with Coach Nuno:

Coach Nuno Costa

Nuno has been a head coach for CFHQ since the beginning of 2012
coaching Level 1 and Level 2 seminars all over the world and is a
Crossfit Certified Level 3 Trainer (CF-L3)

Nuno also coached the CrossFit Endurance seminars for over 5
years, traveling the world to train other coaches proper running
and endurance training technique, nutrition, injury prevention and
program design.

Nuno was a NCAA Division 1 Track and Field athlete at Cal Poly
San Luis Obispo, competing in the 200M and 400M sprints. He
began competing in triathlons in 2006, completing a 1/2 Ironman,
numerous sprint distance races, and a few Olympic distance

Nuno is one of 2 athletes in the world to compete in the CrossFit
Games Affiliate Cup every year since they started in 2009
including being part of the winning team in 2014 (Team Invictus)

Nuno has coached CrossFit, running and triathlon programs full-
time since 2008, and founded Invictus Endurance (previously San
Diego Anaerobic Endurance). He is dedicated to sharing his
knowledge and passion for running and fitness to anyone
interested in living a healthier, happier life.

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Can I follow the Endurance Program along with my regular CrossFit training?

Absolutely! This training program was created with the intention of keeping your CF training the priority and adding the endurance portion to supplement it. We encourage you to keep doing 3-5 days a week of CrossFit, and 2-3 days of running based on your goals. When you first start our program, add 1 or 2 of the running sessions per week and after the first month or so - once your body has adjusted to the training volume then add in the 3rd weekly run if you can do so.

When can I join and how much does it cost?

The great thing about our program is that you can join it anytime. We do structure our training for a specific cycle and distance, but you can always start it when it works best for your schedule.

Here’s what I mean - our current cycle might be a 12 week - ½ marathon program.

You find out about it when we’re already halfway into it… No problem, when we post the weekly workouts - they are labeled according to each week of the cycle.

Ex: ½ Marathon Week 1 - so you can always go back and start it from the beginning. This also allows you to be flexible with your training program around the race you want to sign up for.

The program is $29/month with 3 and 6 month discount options.

How many sessions per week are provided in the Endurance Program?

We offer 3 weekly training sessions - check out this video that tells you all about them:

Be sure to also check out this video that explains the different levels of the Endurance Program? Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced…

Does the program include any rowing, biking or swimming?

We have focused primarily on running for now, but you can definitely modify the workouts for rowing, biking, ski erg and swimming to achieve the same endurance training stimulus.

Will there be interaction with the coaches?

You get unlimited access to coach Nuno Costa who creates the program and has been coaching endurance athletes for over 10 years. There is a private facebook group you will be able to join once you enroll in the Endurance Online Program. You are encouraged to post your results, questions, comments in the group.

Billing and Account Questions:

If you have any questions on your account and your subscription, please email

If you need a break from training, or to cancel your account, simply email to cancel before your billing date. You can join back up whenever you’re ready to start training again.

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