Health and performance coaching is a blend of science and art.

Every coach that steps onto the floor aims to be effective and impactful in order to guide clients to their goals. In order to do so, the best coaches cultivate a sound understanding of both the technical and the tactical; the science - physiology and strength & conditioning principles. The art - a developed skill set in communication, emotional intelligence, group management, negotiation, and culture.

Invictus University will teach you the principles and methods that we have used for over a decade to develop top-tier professional coaches that are committed to their craft.

When coaches understand and implement these tools and philosophies, they curate more enriching experiences for members and classes on the floor, have greater impact on client's goal achievement, foster a greater sense of community within the gym, and ultimately influence higher membership retention.

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What is Invictus University?

Invictus University is a 4-6 week (self-paced) curriculum covering topics, methods, and principles used by Invictus Master coaches to create effective and high-impact training experiences in our GPP group and semi-private training environments.

Content will cover:

  • The purpose and intention of Invictus-specific programming
  • Effectively coaching dual-track classes
  • Techniques and tactics for spotting
  • Preventing, and improving poor movement in group and private training sessions
  • Tactics to cultivate relationships and community
  • Communication
  • Group management
  • And much more

How is the Invictus University curriculum delivered?

The curriculum will be delivered in its entirety in a PDF format, as well as an online digital learning environment. You will have lifetime access to the curriculum.

What do I receive upon completion of the Invictus University curriculum?

Upon completion of Invictus University, participants will be eligible to participate in Invictus Coach's Week and virtual mentoring sessions.

Who is Invictus University for?

A) A coach who wants to develop more than just "Xs & Os" coaching knowledge. They have a solid understanding of the biomechanics, but want to develop the strategy, soft skills, and logistical skills that will compound their impact and effectiveness in both on-the-floor and off-the-floor settings with their clients.

B) A gym owner/head coach who is looking to transition their gym programming and culture to a style similar to that of Invictus - dual-track coaching, diversity of class and programming offering, fostering a community that welcomes "customization" and "intention" and has moved "beyond the whiteboard."

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