Are You 35+ and in Need of a Solid Training Program?

The Invictus Masters program is built for you! If you want to continue to improve your fitness level, get stronger and more mobile, sign up now. This program offers a well thought out training program designed specifically for masters athletes who are looking to compete at a higher level in the sport of CrossFit, or those who want to generally improve their athleticism and ability to keep up with the young kids in their CrossFit gym. The program places year round emphasis on mobility and stability exercises, and movements that we have seen directly benefit master athletes.

For more information about the current cycle, please email: [email protected]


What Type of Athlete Will Benefit From The Invictus Masters Program?

The Invictus Masters Program is designed for any master looking to compete in the sport of fitness or simply work to be a more well rounded athlete. We have built in several days in the training program that will focus on dynamic mobility and activation at the start of the session. Each week incorporates a mix of gymnastics skills and drills, strength work, mobility work, conditioning and accessory work.

When Can I Join and How Much Does It Cost?

You can join Invictus Masters any time, no matter where we are in the current cycle! The price depends on how long you commit to your program. If you're on the monthly plan, the cost is $39/month, you save 10%-20% depending on your commitment in the program.

If you need a break from training, or to cancel your account, simply email [email protected] to cancel before your billing date. You can join back up whenever you’re ready to start training again.

Will The Program Provide Nutrition Coaching?

The nutrition needs of athletes are highly variable and dependent on many factors outside of training. While we may provide some basic guidance and/or examples of how some of our athletes fuel themselves, we will not be providing nutrition coaching as part of the Invictus Masters program.

What Days Will We Be Training?

Monday - Wednesday are gym training sessions, Thursday is an optional running session and Friday - Saturday are gym training sessions.

Will There Be Interaction With The Coaches?

Yes! The coaches interact on the Blog as well as on our private FaceBook Group. It is encouraged to post your training numbers to the Blog and videos to either the Blog or FaceBook Group to receive feedback.

When Will The Invictus Masters Program Post The Workouts For The Next Day?

The training for the next day will be posted daily at 6:00 p.m. PST.


Here's what some of our Masters Athletes are saying about the Invictus Masters Program...

Cheryl Brost

1st Place, 45-49 Division in 2017

“It is an absolutely incredible program. It is all inclusive - offering everything from mobility, gymnastics, strength, olympic lifting, strongman, metabolic conditioning, accessory work, running, and during the competition season, even mental training. The Invictus coaching staff is second to none; they literally have specialists covering all disciplines of our sport. Not only do we have our daily training blog where we report to, but we also have a very fun and interactive FaceBook Invictus Masters Page.”

Allen Duarte

3 Time Masters Games Athlete

“It’s amazing to me that at 52, I’m continuing to progress. Over the last year, my Olympic lifts, back squat and deadlift have all improved by 15-20lbs, in addition to my gymnastic movements feeling stronger and more efficient. I can only attribute these gains to great coaching and great programming.”

Karen McCadem

2nd Place, 40-44 Division in 2015 and 2017

“The Invictus Masters Program has everything you need to become a better CrossFit athlete with high level skills, a solid weightlifting program, and challenging and fun workouts that are well balanced with volume and intensity and - most importantly - programmed recovery days.”