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Athleticism is the X Factor…

Building Your Speed, Power, Strength

If you’ve spent years training with too much intensity,
pushing through minor injuries and hitting plateaus instead
of making gains, or your current training leaves you feeling
tired and uninterested -- you may be burned out on your
current program.

You want a program that will help you continuously improve
your strength and mobility, gets you back to looking and
feeling like an athlete and gets you excited to workout.

Invictus Athlete X was created to focus on developing
overall athleticism for those athletic minds who have
stopped competing or are in the off-season -- no matter
your age or level of competition.

This 16-week program is for athletes looking to return to the
top of their fitness and health game to get you moving and
feeling good.


This program takes you back to the basics of strength and
conditioning, and will help you become more athletic.

You will still squat, deadlift, bench press, sprint and jump. We
also added in functional hypertrophy training, plyometrics,
bounding progressions, and coordination through rotational
transverse plane movements.

Invictus Athlete X is designed for athletes looking to improve
your overall health and fitness to live an active, rewarding
lifestyle through rotational and dynamic movements.

Athlete X Training
focuses on:

  • Movements designed to keep you
    training forever.
  • Varied levels of intensity to keep you
    from feeling overtrained.
  • Unique core stability and rotational
    exercises for overall athleticism.
  • Building your confidence
    in proper movement.

Here’s what the Athlete X Program Includes:

  • 16-Week Cycle
  • 5 days a week of 75-minute
    programming sessions done by
    Invictus Athlete coach, Blaine
  • Access programming, track and
    post your results.
  • Weekly video reviews and feedback
    by Coach Blaine through Fitbot.

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June 11th - September 30th

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"I dropped my 40 yard dash time from a 4.75 to 4.59!"

I started training with Coach Blaine as a high school football player and
immediately noticed a difference in my training. He knew what my goals
were and trained me in the manner to help me maximize my full genetic
potential, focusing on speed and acceleration. Blaine is extremely gifted in
using every resource available keeping it fun for all athletes!

By training with Blaine I dropped my 40 yard dash time from a 4.75 to
. We also focused on my vertical power using various techniques such
as cleans, snatches, box jumping, bounding, and other variants. I also
increased my vertical jump height by almost 6 inches!

Aside from all of the numbers and goals that I had; Blaine also taught me
one of his athletes, he will take your training to the next level, like he
did for me when I landed a full athletic scholarship to play football at the
collegiate level!

Antonio Turner

Antonio T Turner

SCCC, CSCS, Football Assistant Strength & Conditioning, University of Maryland

Coach Blaine McConnell

Meet Coach Blaine McConnell

Blaine McConnell is a former D-1 collegiate athlete, having
played football at the University of Idaho, while earning his
degree in Exercise Science.

At his NFL Pro Day, Blaine ran a 4.30 40-yard dash, posted a 45”
vertical jump, and an 11’9” broad jump. Blaine’s strength and
power earned him MVP of the 2016 GRID league and a 6th
place finish at the CrossFit Games as a team athlete.

Blaine accredits a lot of his success in the sport of fitness to his
knowledge and experience in sport-specific strength and


  • Former athletes in any sport who want to train for health and longevity, and love to train like an athlete.
  • Current athletes in high-school or college who are looking for an off-season training program to help build speed, power, strength and overall athleticism.
  • The program will be 5 days a week and approximately 75 minute sessions
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and resistance bands (if possible). Basic equipment substitutions may be provided.
  • Yes!
  • We are excited to use the FitBot platform, which allows you to send videos and questions directly to Blaine. He will do his best to respond in a timely manner.
  • Invictus Athlete X is designed for previous or current athletes who want to improve their overall athleticism. Invictus Athlete and Masters is made for those who want to compete in the sport of fitness.
  • Your full week of workouts will be posted every Sunday so you can see the week ahead and plan your training times and equipment accordingly.
  • We do not provide nutrition coaching, however we can answer specific questions you may have. We have a lot of resources that we can refer athletes to for formal coaching.
  • Full access for the duration of the 16-week program, and daily emails that you can archive for future reference.

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