The 8-Week Strength Program

The current cycle is now in progress!

If you're looking to build strength for
competition, this program is for you!

We’re starting the next cycle very soon.

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The 8-Week Strength Program Includes...

  • 8 weeks of a 5-day/week strength program.
  • Weekly video reviews and feedback from Hunter.
  • Primary focus on the squat, deadlift, overhead
    press and bench press.
  • $199 for all 8 weeks
  • Secondary focus on Olympics Lifts and accessory
  • Access to programming and ability to post results, receive feedback and track results through TrueCoach (formerly Fitbot)
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Coach Hunter Britt

Hunter joined the Invictus Coaching staff in 2015,
and brings with him a solid background of
competitive coaching and programming experience.
He holds a number of CrossFit Certifications and has
worked with several world renowned coaches,
affiliates and Games Athletes in the the sport of both
Powerlifting and CrossFit. Hunter uses effective
methods to build strength, while perfecting

Hunter competed in the CrossFit Games in 2016 &
2017 with Team Invictus and with Conjugate Black in
2014. He loves coaching, and competing at the
highest level; pushing and challenging himself.

I owe my success and new appreciation to strength
training to Coach Hunter of Invictus

"I didn't know what to expect from completely cutting out my
conditioning workouts and switching over to only strength
training. Week by week, I started to feel the difference as
certain things started to feel lighter and lighter when I
would pick them up. Finishing up week 7, I knew when the
following week arrived I was going to PR on my deadlift.

Finally Monday came and it called for a 1RM deadlift. Lift
after lift, 225-275-315-365-405-455-475(my previous PR)
felt smooth and not very heavy. I added some serious weight
to my barbell knowing damn well that once I lift this I will
have overcome a 4 year curse. I got set, took a big breath,
arched my back as straight as I could, leaned back to my
heels, kept the bar pressed against me and stood up while
squeezing my ass as hard as I could.

It happened, after 4 years of struggling, sweating, crying, I
overcame a platuea that lasted over 4 years... I stood up a
significant PR of 25 pounds - achieving a new 1RM of 500
pounds. I owe my success and new appreciation to strength
training to this amazing man called Coach Hunter of
Invictus. Thank you for helping me overcome something I
doubted for years would ever happen again. Here's to the
start of a new me, Jesse, Invictus ATHLETE."

- Jesse M.

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