Why the Bamboo Press?
Written by Holden Rethwill

Now that you know how to set up your PVC pipe, or for those of you who are fortunate enough to have a bamboo bar, it’s time to talk about why this tool should be in your arsenal!

Two main reasons why we all should utilize the bamboo press are:

  1. Increased strength – How does it help increase strength? All the shaking caused by the kettlebell movement forces you to target smaller stabilizing muscles that often aren’t otherwise triggered in your major lifts. This activates those muscles and works them while other big lifts may overlook them. When your stabilizing muscles increase in strength, your overall strength increases. An added benefit of this is that it helps reduce the risk of injury. A win-win.
  2. Improvement in bar path control – The second major benefit you’ll find when using a bamboo bar is improvement in your bar path. Set up the bamboo press and you’ll instantly find how hard it is to control the weight if your bar path isn’t spot on! By forcing you to control your bar path it reinforces technique, which makes moving a traditional bar that much easier!

If you don’t have a bamboo bar then grab some thick PVC and make one of your own! Don’t have thick enough PVC? Take some duct tape and strap a few together! Whatever you do, get your hands on one and start implementing this in your training. It’s time for some gains!

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