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Essential Concepts of Efficient Running

Written by Nuno Costa

(Originally Published January 1, 2012)

Here are some key principles that emphasize correct body mechanics that are going to help you run faster and stay injury free.

Establish an Ideal Position
When establishing your ideal running position, I want you to think about the Figure 4 or a flamingo (check out the picture above). You want to have your head, neck and shoulders relaxed, shoulders over the hips, hips over the ankle.  If you took a PVC pipe you could draw a line over these points – shoulders,

How I Earned My Ranger Tab
Written by Invictus Follower Lisa Jaster and Originally Published on

(C.J. Martin’s Note – This is an incredible example of commitment, hard work and mental resilience. I am beyond proud to have Lisa in our online community, and honored that we could assist in some small way in her historic journey. Thank you Lisa for your service and for sharing your story!)

As one of the first women to attend and pass Ranger School, Maj. Lisa Jaster explains how she physically and mentally prepared.

Get Some Rest – Part 2
Written by Calvin Sun

(Originally Published March 17, 2010)

Yesterday’s post discussed the importance of getting good quality sleep as well as an adequate quantity of sleep.  Today we’ll explore some of the damaging consequences that can result from sleep deprivation.  Let’s start with metabolic derangement and move on from there:

Type 2 Diabetes
A study conducted at the University of Chicago found that suppression of slow-wave sleep, despite no change in total sleep time, resulted in marked decreases in insulin sensitivity.


Get Some Rest
Written by Calvin Sun

(Originally Published March 15, 2010)

It seems to me that sleep has become an inconvenience in our lives. We are all so busy with endless lists of obligations to work, school, friends, family, and so much more. We have become a society of overworked, caffeine-addicted zombies. As a result, most of us don’t sleep enough. And it’s not just an issue of quantity, quality is affected in that many of us are also stressed to the point where we aren’t able to achieve adequate amounts of deep sleep.

Catching Up with 2016 CrossFit Games Masters Podium Winners!
Interview by Nichole DeHart

Three Masters Athletes who stood on the podium at the 2016 CrossFit Games were kind enough to chat with me about their experience at Games. We are also very fortunate to have these guys be part of the Invictus family!

Without further ado, I introduce to you three exceptional athletes!

Bob Caslin (60+ Male, 3rd place at the 2016 CrossFit Games)

What was your favorite moment at this year’s Games?

I would probably have to say finishing 1st in the last event.