Become an Invictus Athlete

Recap of the 4th Annual Invictus Athlete Online Competition
Written by C.J. Martin

For the last four years we’ve encouraged our community to participate in a fun, but challenging informal competition before we all enjoy some relaxation with friends and family for the holidays. The Invictus Athlete Online Competition rounds out our year of training, and begins the transition into the next phase of training – preparing for the 2016 CrossFit Open.

This year’s event followed the same general design as past years, with Day One events that were challenging, but accessible to athletes of varying levels.

The Problem with Brown Rice
Written by Bryce Smith and Kim McLaughlin

When it comes to diet and food choices, most athletes are looking for the best blend of foods for nutrient density. They are looking for food with essential micronutrients for optimal health, growth, and maintenance of structural tissues. The food should enhance lean body mass and overall body composition. It should help provide the body with adequate fuel to support both intense and long training sessions but not so much so that it leads to excessive fat storage. These are major goals of nutrition but all of it has to be done while limiting exposure to food sensitivities and anti-nutrients leading to inflammation,

Highlights from Days One and Two of the 2015 Invictus Athlete Online Competition
Written by C.J. Martin

There are a lot of beasts out there putting up some top scores! I have been really impressed by the comments…and not too surprised that everyone found events 7 and 8 more difficult than expected.

Speaking of beasts, Sigurður Hafsteinn Jónsson bench pressed 385 lbs for 2 reps yesterday…and then followed it up with solid performances on events 6-8. Sigurður is one of our online athletes from Iceland and is coached by Tino Marini. We’ve been extremely pleased with his progress and expect him to continue to improve and make some waves in Europe this 2016 CrossFit season.

Muscle-Up Fault: Losing Wrist Control
Written by Hunter Britt

Establishing control over the bar or the rings is important during the muscle-up. You can establish that control on the initial grip on the swinging/pulling phase of the muscle-up or the catch, as both matter when it comes to mastering an efficient muscle-up.  

A lot of people talk about how to grip both the bar and the rings when learning the movements. The three options are to just grab onto the rings, establish a pseudo false grip (over the top grip), or to get into a full false grip.

Belated Congratulations to Maddy Myers on her USAW American Open Win
Written by C.J. Martin

A week ago 18-year-old Invictus Athlete Maddy Myers competed at the USA Weightlifting American Open. It was Maddy’s first senior national competition, and first competition since suffering from heat stroke at the 2015 CrossFit Games. To say that she is recovered and lifting well would be an understatement. Maddy went 4/6 on the evening, finishing with an 86 kg snatch and 114 kg clean & jerk for a 200 kg total to win the women’s 63 kg class.

Maddy’s third clean &