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Top 3 Supplements for A Better Night of Sleep
Written by Calvin Sun

Most of us can agree that getting a good night’s rest is critical for proper recovery. Quality of sleep affects growth hormone levels, muscle growth, cognitive function, mental focus, body composition, insulin sensitivity, and your ability to recover from injury.

While stimulants like caffeine can help you get through the day, just about everyone can agree that nothing replaces a good night of sleep. It’s about more than just staying awake during the day. Poor sleep can cause issues like brain fog,

4 Essential Mobility Drills for Open Workout 16.2

Open Workout 16.2 includes squat cleans, which means mobility needs to be a priority in order to maintain sound movement in this workout. We will address some mobility drills to help you with your rack position, ankle mobility and t-spine to ensure that you are prepared for 16.2!

Maddy Myers’ Clean & Jerks at 2016 Junior Nationals
Written by C.J. Martin

Many thanks to Nat Arem and his team at Hookgrip for the world-class video and photographs he’s taken over the years of Invictus athletes on the platform. A couple of weekends ago in Pennsylvania they captured Maddy Myers’ clean and jerks, which helped her set new American Records in both the Clean & Jerk (118 kg) and the Total (206 kg).

The videos that Hookgrip produces are essential to coaches and athletes because it allows us to go back and analyze what the athlete did well,

Guided Visualizations for the 2016 CrossFit Open
Written by C.J. Martin

Are you looking for the final edge in athletic performance? Visualizations and meditation have always been components of every elite athlete’s performance toolbox, but it can be intimidating and difficult to create your own. For the last several years, Invictus athletes have been aided by guided visualizations to prepare them for competition.

What Exactly Is Guided Visualization? 

Similar to guided meditations, our guided visualizations are audio-based training sessions that guide you through a practice run of each week’s event utilizing your own mental imagery. 

What Is Your Main Event?
Written by C.J. Martin
(Originally published February 17, 2013, and updated for the upcoming 2016 season)

Should you be performing each of the Open workouts multiple times during each week of the Open?

Well . . . it depends.

In my perfect world, the answer would be “no.” But I have come to accept that it’s not quite that black and white. CrossFit is an extremely competitive sport, and if I want to give my athletes the best chance at winning,