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Cheryl Brost (1st Place, Women’s 45-49) and Brent Maier (2nd Place, Men’s 45-49) with Coach Nichole DeHart.

The New Invictus Masters Off-Season Starts This Week!
Written by Nichole DeHart

Are you looking for programming designed specifically for Masters Athletes? Then come join our amazing Masters community for our next off-season cycle!

At Invictus, we’re pretty excited to get a jump start on the off-season after a hugely successful 2016 Competition season, where we saw 16 Invictus Masters compete at the 2016 CrossFit Games and the week ending with three of those 16 on the podium!

The Benefits of Strongman Training for CrossFit Athletes
Video with C.J. Martin and Julien Pineau

Strongman training is not just for the elite CrossFit Games Athletes; every level of athlete can benefit from incorporating strongman principles in their training program. C.J. and Julien discuss how they’ve incorporated strongman training in the Invictus Athlete program and with all of the Invictus in-house athletes to address asymmetries and keep them injury free throughout their annual training cycle.

For more information about the Invictus Athlete program and how we utilize strongman principles in our programs, please email [email protected] and/or tune in to the Invictus Facebook page for our live event on Friday,

Invictus Masters Competitors…What a Week!
Written by Nichole DeHart

I don’t even know where to begin when I reflect on how amazing every single Invictus Master Athlete did this past week at the CrossFit Games. From the electric energy in the warm up area, to the incredible workouts that tested all aspects of fitness, to getting some of our athletes on the podium…needless to say this past week was incredible.

First, and foremost, I want to thank our amazing COMMUNITY of Master Athletes. The amount of support that was felt from our community for the competitors was overwhelming.

That’s A Wrap on the 2016 CrossFit Games
Written by C.J. Martin

The 2016 CrossFit Games have come to an end, and with it nearly a year of hard work, sacrifice and fun for our athletes. Over the next couple of days coaches and athletes alike will reflect on the year and will share some of our thoughts and experiences. For now, let me say this…I am beyond proud of the six members of Team Invictus, and of each of our individual athletes. There were a ton of lessons learned, highlights that will motivate us throughout the next 12 months,