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Seven Drills to Improve Dorsiflexion in the Ankle
Written by Kim McLaughlin

Last week, I talked about the importance of dorsiflexion for squatting, sprinting, building strength and avoiding injury.

So how do you know if this is an area where you are lacking and, if you are lacking or need improvement, what can you do about it?

There are a few simple tests you can do to see if your ankle mobility is where it needs to be.

1. Try air squatting a few times. If you have issues hanging out in the bottom of a squat because it is difficult to balance there with your heels planted on the floor,

Preparation for the 2017 Season Begins Now!
Written by C.J. Martin

Unless you’re one of the 80 individuals and 40 teams moving on to the CrossFit Games, preparation for the 2017 season begins now! Join the Invictus Athlete program to realize your potential and competitive goals.

The Invictus Athlete program has helped more than three dozen athletes achieve their goal of competing as individuals at the CrossFit Games, and has been the program behind the success of Team Invictus and their 8 consecutive appearances at Games – including a world championship in 2014.

Introducing the Invictus Endurance Program
Written by Nuno Costa

We’ve offered our Invictus Endurance program in San Diego for over six years with major success, and now we are excited to offer our online community the same opportunity to join our Endurance program and take advantage of our coaching expertise. This running program will help improve endurance capacity and increase our athletes’ chances of competing at a higher level in the sport of fitness.

Most CrossFit athletes don’t have an endurance background and can benefit from building their aerobic capacity – their “engine.”

Common Position Faults in Running
Written by Nuno Costa

In a previous blog post, I covered the Essential Concepts of Efficient Running and now we’re circling back to the ideal position and cover some of the common mistakes when we violate these mechanics.

As mentioned, when your posture/position is compromised you are running sub-optimally, and what does that look like?

One of two major faults usually shows up:

Fault #1: Heel striking occurs when your foot is landing out in front of your general center of mass.

Games Bound – Regionals Week 3 Wrap-Up
Written by C.J. Martin

I am not sure week 3 of the CrossFit Regionals could have gone any better. Huge congratulations to Invictus Athletes Kristin Holte, Thuri Helgadottir, Alex Anderson and Sam Dancer on punching their ticket to the CrossFit Games.

This will be Kristin’s third consecutive appearance at the CrossFit Games. This year she overcame a partially torn achilles and some upper extremity injuries, but was never deterred or discouraged. The result is that she turned her obstacles into opportunities and is stronger and fitter than ever before.