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3 Reasons Your Jerk Isn’t Improving
Written by Nichole DeHart-Kribs

Are you an athlete who can clean more than you can jerk? Do you stand up from the clean only to say a Hail Mary before you jerk?

If your jerk is inconsistent and a point of frustration, this article is for you. I will review three common issues we see in CrossFit athletes’ jerk, and offer some suggestions for improving those areas. 

Lack of Consistency with Footwork

Many athletes lack consistency in their jerk footwork –

Rowing for Calories – How To Do It
Written by Shane Farmer of Dark Horse Rowing

One of the most popular questions about rowing for the sake of CrossFit is how to row for calories. Calories show up frequently in workouts as a unit of measurement and seems to be one of the more challenging parts of rowing to understand. Check out our article about the frequency of rowing in CrossFit programming history to see how much it shows up.

It isn’t an overly complicated explanation, but one that warrants a read.

Trade Your Expectation for Appreciation
Written By Bryce Smith

Tony Robbins has famously brought to light a wonderful concept when he says, “Exchange your expectation for appreciation and your world changes instantly.” I want to share with you all an eye-opening story.

Just the other day I was getting off of a plane and there was a gentleman a few rows ahead who seemed trapped in his row as people hurriedly rushed by him. Mind you, this was a red eye flight with a ton of turbulence and so many of the people on the flight were a bit agitated after having not slept all night.

Attacking those Longer EMOMs
Written by Cat Blatner

If you follow the Invictus’ Competitor or Athlete program then you know exactly what I am referring to. The dreaded 30-minute EMOMs (every minute on the minute) that crush souls and make grown men flop on the floor at the 30-minute mark like they are dead, twitchy creatures that just completed an extended battle for their life. Sound dramatic? Well, you should see the aftermath.

You might ask..How does one push to that point? How can they look that miserable, be in so much physical pain and exhaustion but still push through?

Calculating Pace Zones
Written by Nuno Costa

As CrossFit continues to evolve as a sport, we are starting to see athletes become better and better in every area they are tested. One thing that’s certain is that we will continue to see running being tested in the sport of fitness. One of the key components to becoming a better runner is pacing.

I used to teach the Endurance seminars for CrossFit and something we always talked about was how CrossFit athletes need to learn how to pace and how endurance athletes need to learn about intensity.