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Tips To Recover Well From A Split Jerk
Written by Gaje McDaniel

Split jerks in weightlifting can often be the make or break portion of the clean and jerk. If there is any slight mistake when performing a jerk then often the barbell will be dropping back to the floor for a missed lift. This can be due to a few things, one being poor recovery.

Now it seems very simple that once the barbell is overhead in a split position that the lift is over. You’d almost be right in stating this.

Getting Butterflies Thinking About Butterfly Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Written by Travis Ewart

I love checking the Invictus blog every night to see what the workout is for the next day. I don’t know what it is, but when I see that the workout has pull-ups or chest-to-bar pull-ups, I get very excited. I know it’s not the same reaction for everybody, but I feel like that’s usually because they aren’t familiar with the feeling of swinging continuously, smoothly and rhythmically in their pull-ups. Many struggle with the movement of the butterfly technique even though they are strong enough for strict chest-to-bar pull-ups or regular pull-ups and that can be frustrating.

Should You Consider Taking Glutamine?
Written by Calvin Sun

Along with creatine and BCAAs, L-glutamine is one of the most popular yet misunderstood supplements in the fitness industry. I often get questions from clients and readers about the function of glutamine, the benefits it can provide, and its proper usage. The purpose of today’s article is to answer some of these common questions and provide you with enough information to decide whether or not glutamine should be a part of your supplement regimen.

What Is Glutamine?

Good Training Partners Make for Great Training
Written by C.J. Martin

Training should be fun. Of course it should be safe and effective in helping your reach your goal as well, but the importance of having fun shouldn’t be lost on anyone. Keeping training fun improves consistency and makes exercise something you look forward to, rather than view as an obligation. That said, one of my greatest pet peeves is walking into a gym and seeing individuals alone on the squat rack.

In 2009 I wrote “Don’t Workout with Strangers,” highlighting how awkward it feels to walk into a GloboGym where everyone actively avoids social interaction.

Avoid Shin Splints By Following This Warm-Up
Video by Nuno Costa

If you struggle with shin splints, then make sure to read Coach Nuno’s blog post about the causes and cures for shin splints as well as following this warm-up before you run. Enjoy stronger shins and less pain when running by just incorporating these drills before your running session.

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