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Congratulations Invictus Masters moving on to the Qualifier!
Written by Nichole DeHart

Congratulations to all the Masters who are moving onto the Masters Qualifier! This is a huge accomplishment and we are very proud of these guys who have been training hard for the past few months to move on to this next stage.

Join me in congratulating all our Invictus Masters Athletes who will be fighting for a spot at the 2016 CrossFit Games: 



Kenny Ochoa

Bastiaan Rejen

Andy Ford


Jamie Johnson

Dan Wells

Rafael Guiljarro

Corey Perry

Hayden Wood


Matt Beals

Albert Police

Scott Boyden

Vadim Otnpaeneho

Miles Dumas

Christopher Stamper

Brock Wilson

Scott Perkins

Peter Pain


Ken Idler

Carlos Villegas

Perry Siplon

Tommie TLo

Dutch Steutel

Tony Gulotta

Kelly Moore

Kurt Patterson


John Mariotti

Jay Gondek

Bruce Solomon

Tom Muhlbeier


Barry Emerson

Bob Caslin

Doug Naquin

Tom Thebeau

Gene Stokes



Karen McAdam

Aida Canovas

Bethanne Schwarz

Tiffani Trobough

Tracy O’Connell

Kim Purdy

Nancy McKeage


Cheryl Brost

Trisha Beauperthuy

Kat Ljubicic

Jessica Clevenvik

Kim Trego

Rose Wall

Laurie Hales

Stephanie Teague

Renata Molliet

Carmen McGee

Karen Wilson

Carmen Daluisio

Nadia Reynolds

Lisa Demetriou


Lisa Osborne

Adrienne Cousineau

Kim Taylor

Karen Smith

Maggie Hoehn

Shanna Bunce

Kathy Wilson

Judy Aloe


Litsa Olsson

Framboise Labat

Laura Jones

Robin Berner


Marilou Seiff

June Schecter

Paula Halstead

Post Open Goal Setting
Written by Nichole DeHart

The Open is done, phew! Now onto a new phase of training! Whether you are heading onto Regionals Prep training or are starting your Off-Season training, now is a perfect time to assess your goals. It is after the Open, which is a big milestone for most athletes, and is a great time to reflect on training to evaluate where you are and where you would like to be.

To be successful in this sport, it is crucial to keep your mindset focused and keep your eyes on the prize (whatever that prize may be).

The Story of Nuno Costa
Video produced by Torin Simpson for CrossFit Media

C.J.’s Note – Please set aside 20 minutes this week to watch this phenomenal video of an amazing athlete, and even better human being. Nuno Costa’s story of overcoming obstacles to find and fulfill his life’s purpose will inspire you to expand your own boundaries and redefine what is possible. I feel blessed to have Nuno in our Invictus family.

Congratulations Invictus Athletes on Top Finishes in the 2016 Open!
Written by C.J. Martin

Please join me in congratulating the Invictus Athletes on their phenomenal finishes in the 2016 CrossFit Games Open. Team Invictus finished first in the world and first in SoCal, Team Invictus Unconquerable finished 3rd in SoCal and Team Invictus Point Loma made a valiant run at a regionals qualifying spot, finishing 24th in SoCal.

In all, 12 athletes from our two affiliates finished in the Top 30 in the SoCal region and potentially earn the right to move forward and compete individually at Regionals.