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Invictus Athlete Program Questions Answered
By C.J. Martin, Tino Marini and Bryan Miller

We’ve received a lot of great questions about the Invictus Athlete program, so we decided to tackle some of them in a quick video.

We know many of you have requested to see a sample day, and we plan to show that tomorrow…if I can ever figure out how to do a screencast. I will conquer this and we’ll take you through how the program will look and how you will navigate it.

Click here for more information about the Invictus Athlete program,

Invictus Athlete launches on Monday, January 4!

Since announcing that we will be expanding our program offerings to the members of the Invictus community, we’ve received a lot of great questions about what Invictus Athlete will entail. This new program for dedicated athletes will come with a lot of new options that we have previously reserved for our personal online clients. Over the next several days we will be talking about what we are committed to providing members of the Invictus Athlete program, and how it differs from any other program we’ve offered previously.

Today we took a couple of minutes to explain the difference between the free Competition blog,

Evolving with the Sport…Introducing Invictus Athlete
Written by C.J. Martin

The evolution of the sport of fitness since 2007 is staggering. At the 2007 CrossFit Games, there were a handful of fitness coaches, several police officers and firefighters, and at least one bald lawyer. Nearly all of us who participated there had to request time off of work and explain what we were going to be doing to colleagues who stared at us like we were describing a medieval cult ceremony. When we gathered into the Castro family barn in Aromas we learned that we would be taking on three events over the course of two days – a row/pull-up/push jerk workout,

Recap of the 4th Annual Invictus Athlete Online Competition
Written by C.J. Martin

For the last four years we’ve encouraged our community to participate in a fun, but challenging informal competition before we all enjoy some relaxation with friends and family for the holidays. The Invictus Athlete Online Competition rounds out our year of training, and begins the transition into the next phase of training – preparing for the 2016 CrossFit Open.

This year’s event followed the same general design as past years, with Day One events that were challenging, but accessible to athletes of varying levels.