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Are You Over-Training, or Under-Recovering?
Written by Calvin Sun

(Originally published on June 8, 2009)

Are you really overtraining? Sure, you might be experiencing some of the symptoms of overtraining but are you really training that hard? Michele’s post on overtraining suggests that working out without rest leads to the condition. I agree with Michele that people who do two workouts everyday under the assumption that more is better will quickly hit a point of diminishing returns. However, in my experience, I think the larger problem for the majority of our athletes is not training enough.

Barbell Cycling Strategies: Ground to Overhead
Written by Nichole DeHart, Tino Marini & Hunter Britt

Thus far in our Barbell Cycling series, we’ve covered the techniques you should use when a workout calls for high reps of Snatch (Muscle, Power and Squat) or Shoulder to Overhead (Push Press and Push Jerk) movements.

To conclude this series, we are going to discuss strategies for cycling when a workout calls for Ground to Overhead.

Ground to Overhead permits either a snatch or clean + shoulder to overhead variation.

Welcome Our Newest Baby – Invictus Sorrento Valley
Written by C.J. Martin

Just slightly more than 9 months of waiting, but Invictus Sorrento Valley has finally arrived! We’re very excited to open up our doors before dawn on Monday morning to welcome our members and show off what we’ve been working hard to bring to life for many months.

When we found out nearly two years ago that we would be losing our flagship location in Little Italy, we made it a priority to find a facility that would propel us into the next 10 years of helping our members improve their health and happiness.

Do You ONLY Lift Bro?!
Written by Tino Marini

Before you start reading this article, pull up your social media feed, scroll down and count how many times you see someone celebrating a PR lift or hitting a monstrous number on a complex they performed in training or competition. Do you see many? The answer is most likely yes.

Here’s a few that came across my feed today. . .

“Big day today, lifting was good in the morning and I hit a PB Jerk in the evening at 150kg”

“A 10# PR in the Split Jerk today,

Aging Gracefully – CrossFit After 60
Video by Invictus Member Janice Hurley

Janice Hurley, a member of CrossFit Invictus in San Diego, California, shares her experience with staying physically fit into her sixties. Her commitment to health allows her to live life to it’s fullest, with the energy of women half her age. She is a thriving exemplar of how to age gracefully.