Become an Invictus Athlete

Finish or Fail
Written by Hunter Britt

“Full effort is full victory” – a famous quote by Mahatma Gandhi – is an Invictus mantra repeated frequently by coaches and athletes. This is not an ‘everyone’s a winner’ type of saying; it is also not saying that winning and being in first place is what it is all about. Rather, this quote speaks to how much effort, heart and passion you can bring to whatever task you’re performing. 

Effort is not dictated by skill level, experience, strength, size, or speed;

Post Announcement Reaction and Guidance to 16.3
Written by C.J. Martin

On Thursday night I watched the Open announcement up at Nike World Headquarters with Josh Bridges, Rasmus Wisbech Andersen, Kenny Leverich, Cole Sager, Cody Anderson, Marcus Filly and Lauren Fisher. We sat down shortly after the announcement to discuss what we thought about the workout, where athletes would find the biggest challenges, and how we would suggest approaching 16.3. Check it out if you’re looking to hear how some of the best athletes in the world will be approaching this week’s challenge.

How’s Your Gym Environment During the Open?

Our greatest hope for all of our athletes is that they will have the support and encouragement they need to perform to the best of their ability. Please tell us about your gym environment and tag us on any inspirational moments you’ve captured during the 2016 Open!

I promise your gym is not as amazing as mine!! I literally couldn’t do it with the support of everyone from @crossfitinvictus the most fun and electrifying experience! Didn’t get what I wanted but stoked about how fun it was.

Top 3 Supplements for A Better Night of Sleep
Written by Calvin Sun

Most of us can agree that getting a good night’s rest is critical for proper recovery. Quality of sleep affects growth hormone levels, muscle growth, cognitive function, mental focus, body composition, insulin sensitivity, and your ability to recover from injury.

While stimulants like caffeine can help you get through the day, just about everyone can agree that nothing replaces a good night of sleep. It’s about more than just staying awake during the day. Poor sleep can cause issues like brain fog,

4 Essential Mobility Drills for Open Workout 16.2

Open Workout 16.2 includes squat cleans, which means mobility needs to be a priority in order to maintain sound movement in this workout. We will address some mobility drills to help you with your rack position, ankle mobility and t-spine to ensure that you are prepared for 16.2!