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A How-To On Warming Up For Snatching
Video by Hunter Britt

Invictus Athlete Coach Hunter Britt demonstrates a barbell complex that many of our athletes use to warm-up when snatching. This warm-up is designed to be completed with a barbell and/or light weights and is used to prime movement patterns for snatching. Go ahead and try this complex out the next time you are warming up for a session with snatches.


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A Different Kind of Competition…The Most Committed on Earth
Written by Invictus Member Nathan Fletcher

We all know about the annual competition for the “Fittest on Earth” title that culminates every year in July, with both individual and team champions. However, there is another competition for both individuals and teams that culminates in just a few weeks, and it is to claim the title of the “Most Committed on Earth.” The most committed to helping our veterans.

Veterans Day is Friday, November 11th and individuals and affiliates across the country and at military bases across the world are coming together once again to perform the Three Wise Men Veterans Day Tribute.

Congratulations to the following In-House Invictus Athletes who qualified for the American Open:

  • Ricky Moore
  • Maddy Myers
  • Cynthia Lam
  • Tammy Wildgoose
  • Nairobi Romero
  • Linda Seip

We are so proud of these athletes and for them accomplishing their goals of competing at the American Open. There were lots of PR’s, high-fives and, for some, had a new experience in their first USAW sanctioned meet.

We are looking forward to cheering them on in Orlando, Florida on December 8-11, 2016. We will be posting the link for live feed once that is released.

Simplifying the Snatch Pull
Written by Gaje McDaniel

Pulling from the floor can be difficult for most but I have found three different steps to you simplify it. By slowing the movement down and pausing at certain positions, we can feel our body move, to help understand the full movement. If you’re an athlete who struggles with bar path or snatching in general, this could be for you.

Step 1
Emphasis during our first pull in the Snatch to “PUSH” up. If we think about “PULLING” then we let either our legs or chest drive first and it puts weight in the wrong part of our foot.

4 Ways To Improve Performance In Competition
Written by Nichole DeHart

We often tell our athletes to ‘stay in their own lane’ when competing. This means our athletes are to stay focused on what is happening in their own lane, which is themselves, and not be distracted by other athletes and what they may be doing. There isn’t anything you can do to control what your opponent is doing in a competition, right? The only thing you can control is yourself and how you tackle the event. Otherwise, focusing on the person(s) in the lane next to you can easily distract you from putting in your best performance.