Become an Invictus Athlete

Focus on Mechanics: The Single-Arm Deadlift
Video by Hunter Britt

Use this version of the deadlift to focus on mechanics rather than weight. Focus on making sure you are not rotating during the movement by pulling back on the bar with the obliques to stay nice and straight. Use a strap if needed, we are not training grip here, rather we are focusing on avoiding mechanical failure. If you feel yourself rotating to make the lift, you have gone a little too heavy. Drop the weight back down and maintain perfect mechanics and posture throughout.

Begin with the End in Mind
Written by Invictus Athlete Josh Littauer

The CrossFit community is always an interesting mix of people with individual goals, perspectives, and ways of approaching health and fitness. It can be easy to categorize each other and ourselves into boxes that identify each of us within the community. There is the mom of four, running back and forth between commitments trying to be as healthy as possible. The guy (or girl) who has always been an athlete looking for a competitive outlet. You could have jumped into the gym to shed a few pounds and start a healthy lifestyle.

How to Become Snatchtastic
Written by Michele Vieux

Pretty much everyone I know asks about how they can become more snatchtastic i.e. better at snatching. Since the snatch is so complex and each person’s needs are different, the prescription is rarely the same across the board. Hopefully this article and it’s list of progressions will help you decide where you could focus some effort to improve your snatching. You might need a combination of these drills so try them out to see which you think might be most useful for your needs.

Mobility is the Key to Life and the Snatch

Tight ankles,

Invictus Nike Metcon 3
Written by CJ Martin

We are super excited to release our Invictus Nike Metcon 3’s! This is the newest and sleekest design yet! 

Our partnership with Nike has given us the ability to design a shoe that embodies the Invictus brand. This year’s shoe is one that I am very proud of, and thankful to our friends at Nike for creating such a great product!

The latest Nike shoe has the following features, and is a great training shoe!

CUSHIONED FOR TRAINING — An updated drop-in midsole is softer and more flexible in the forefoot.

The Kettlebell Swing Isn’t a Low Back Exercise
Written by Sarah Loogman

The kettlebell swing is one of the fundamental movements known to CrossFit. The kettlebell, along with the dumbbell, jump ropes, and bumper plates, are the grassroots cornerstone of CrossFit garage gyms before the Mecca of the CrossFit Games ever began or rose to global popularity. At some point, however, the vast majority of the community has come to the “acceptance” of kettlebell swings as a low-back exercise and burner. But this doesn’t have to, and should not, be the case. By understanding the proper bodily rotation and forces of performing a kettlebell swing,