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How to Shop for Running Shoes
Written by Nuno Costa

As an Endurance coach, I’m often asked, “What are the best shoes for running?”

That’s actually a great question that all runners – rookie and veteran – should ask. And unfortunately, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer. Some runners are short distance sprinters while others run longer distances at a slow, steady pace. Finding the right running shoe is going to be something that’s very personal to each and every runner.

There are a few things that you ought to keep in mind as you select the best pair of running shoes for yourself.

Spotlight on Invictus Youth: Nairobi Romero
Interview by Nichole DeHart

Nairobi Romero has been training at CrossFit Invictus since she was 11 years old … she is now 18 years old! I have had the privilege of working with Nairobi and have seen her incredible dedication to whatever she puts her mind to. She has an energy that is infectious and her love of training is evident. Here, she answers a few of my questions about training, competing, travel and life.

Tell me about your CrossFit journey. When did you start and what made you decide to stick with CrossFit over all these years?

The 85% Rule
Written by Michele Vieux

(Originally published September 28, 2015)

I find myself giving frequent pep talks to athletes who think they weren’t able to lift as heavy as they thought they were capable of in a training session. Sometimes the numbers can be deceiving – my advice? Check your percentages before you get bummed about lifting forty pounds less than your personal record (PR). If you are consistently hitting 85% or higher on 1-rep attempts, then you are right where you should be.

Nobody can hit a PR every time they train,

Tips for Hand Maintenance
Video by Travis Ewart and Tino Marini

Invictus Athlete coaches Tino Marini and Travis Ewart show you one method of taking care of your working hands.

Hand health is important to all of us, not only for functional fitness, but it affects the rest of our lives as well. If we rip in the gym, we have to deal with that during all of our daily tasks as well and the pain can be excruciating! Coach Travis explains how he takes care of his own hands with two simple products.

Change of Support (Posture) Drill: Back Against the Wall 
Video by Nuno Costa

As we continue to focus on your ideal position, we are now going to use the wall to assist us in finding and maintaining the Figure 4 position. We want you to do this drill with your heels about 1-2 inches away from the wall, with your back to the wall. Establish your ideal position from here and now we want you to change support from one foot to the other. Having our backs to the wall prevents us from kicking the leg back (think butt kick) and this will be pertinent for when we are running.