Become an Invictus Athlete

The Open is Over – What’s Next?
Written by Nichole DeHart

The Open is coming to a close today, which means that every athlete will be on a new path. Some of you will be moving on to Regionals, training either individually or with your team, and others will be taking some time to set their goals for the remainder of 2016 and the 2017 season. Regardless of whether you’re moving on or not, we have a program suited for your needs. As always, we’re inspired by athletes and motivated to help them achieve their goals,

Invictus Athlete Spotlight: Josh Littauer
Written by Tino Marini

I’ve been lucky to coach some great athletes over the years, and Josh Littauer is definitely one of them. His hard work and dedication has led him to excel in not only the sport of CrossFit, but in life as well. He is a great example of what it means to be part of Invictus Athlete and our worldwide community.

Making Weight – Eating for Your Goals
Written by Bryan Miller

In 2013, I won the NorthWest Regional and while I was competing in the 2013 CrossFit Games, I discovered that I had some major holes in my fitness. I needed and wanted to change in order to become a better athlete. Standing next to my competition that summer, I realized I needed to be stronger, and definitely had to add muscle to my frame if I wanted to improve on my Games placing.

In 2013, I weighed 190lbs. My lack of muscle mass and strength was apparent during the Clean and Jerk ladder event where,

Coaching Uncommon Movements and Special Situations
Written by Tino Marini

“Do as I say not as I do.”

That’s me above. In that photo I am deadlifting 250 kgs, and yet my elbow still won’t reach full extension. If you have ever seen me move in a workout, you will understand why I tell our athletes to do as I say, not as I do.

Most of you have completed the CrossFit Games Online judges course and will have came across the uncommon movement section. Thats pretty much how it would look if you were to judge me.