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Decline Dumbbell Press
Video by Julien Pineau

Do you struggle with strict handstand push-ups? Try out the decline dumbbell press to help you build strength and stamina for movements like strict handstand push-ups.

The Power of the Mind
Written by Nichole DeHart

One definition of the word ‘consistency‘, as offered by Webster’s Dictionary, is an agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole; the harmony of conduct or practice with profession.

And man, can I tell you that consistency is what I saw by the winners of the two Regionals I attended. I was at the California Regional and West Regional and the winners of those Regions – Josh Bridges & Lauren Fisher for California and Carleen Mathews &

Invictus Masters Spotlight: Bastiaan Rejen
Interview by Tino Marini

Bastiaan has been a part of the Invictus online family since 2015. I first met him when he attended an Athlete Camp in Sweden. Not long after the Camp he decided to become a private client and has flourished over the last year, finishing 40th Worldwide and 3rd in Europe in the Masters 40-44 division in the Open. The Open has only spurred him on to make a run for a place at the 2017 Games and has already shown he is capable of competing with some of the best by winning the French Throwdown Masters Division.

Dragon Flag Negatives
Video by Travis Ewart

In the video, Invictus Athlete Gymnastics Specialist Travis Ewart demonstrates three versions of a Dragon Flag core exercise.

The first of the three exercises (the most difficult) utilizes a straight body position on the decent.

The second demonstration utilizes a straight leg and a bent knee which is quite a bit easier. If you decide to choose this option we recommend alternating the bent leg to ensure balanced development of the body’s right and left hemispheres.

The third option is with two bent knees and is the easiest of the three options.

Creating Torque Through Internal Rotation
Video by CJ Martin and Julien Pineau

Over the years the CrossFit community has given a lot of attention to the concept of creating torque through external rotation, but little has been mentioned regarding the benefits of creating torque through internal rotation. C.J. Martin and Julien Pineau discuss the topic and when athletes should be creating tension through internal rotation to lift heavier loads more efficiently and safely.