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Congratulations to the Winners of the 5th Annual Invictus Athlete Online Competition
Written by C.J. Martin

That’s a wrap on the 5th Annual Invictus Athlete Online Competition. Congratulations not only to the amazing athletes who finished at the top of the leaderboard, but also the dozens (maybe hundreds) of athletes who achieved new PRs and exceeded their expectations.

For the Invictus coaches, this is an incredible opportunity to sit back and watch with pride as athletes reap the rewards of the hard work they’ve put in during the off-season. This year’s crop of more than 1400 participating athletes did not disappoint.

An Invitation to Stillness
Written by Jackie Mulligan

“Not many years ago, it was access to information and movement that seemed our greatest luxury; nowadays it’s often freedom from information, the chance to sit still, that feels like the ultimate prize”- Pico Iyer, The Art of Stillness

This time of year, it can be especially challenging to manage stress. The season can be overwhelming: finals week for students, end of Q4 for businesses, extra social gatherings, travel plans and financial strains. We receive many invitations to divert our attention throughout this season,

Kick-Off of the 5th Annual Invictus Online Competition
Written by C.J. Martin

Today kicks off our 5th annual online competition! The next three days will offer up some fun, but challenging events to help you see where you stack up with your friends and members of our online community. We are excited to have more than 1,000 athletes already registered to test the progress they’ve made this off-season – and there is still time to sign up if you haven’t done so already.

Monday, December 19 through Wednesday, December 21, the daily training on the Invictus Competition blog,

10 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas
Written by Calvin Sun

The holiday season is upon us and we thought it might be helpful to provide a few gift-giving ideas for the fitness fanatic in your life. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your training partner, or a loved one, here are a few ideas for the health-conscious, performance-minded folks in your life.

1. Headspace Subscription

Meditation has a variety of scientifically-proven benefits including improved focus, attention, ability to work under stress, and mental resilience. I personally used Headspace to get started with meditation a few years ago and I still recommend it to my clients and athletes who want an easy and accessible method of learning mindfulness-based meditation.

Bar Muscle-Up: Drill For The Swing
Video by: Travis Ewart

Breaking down complicated movements is an absolutely necessary step to improving the finer details of a skill. The bar muscle-up can be a difficult movement for even the most seasoned of athletes, leading to “chicken winging” or the feeling of tipping over the bar with your feet swinging skyward behind you. Start your muscle-up with this drill called the ‘Air Chair Swing’ and see how simple mechanics and timing can lead to a swing-assisted muscle-up that requires less guess work and effort simply by working a consistent and duplicable pattern.