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The Fault of Overextension
Written by Hunter Britt

When lifting, our main goal is to be strong and tight, right?

Well, what if I told some of you that your “good lifting position” is actually hindering your ability to be as efficient and strong as possible?

The position that I am talking about is overextension and the idea that an arched back is the best way to lift. There are a couple of things wrong with overextension, the first being that you cannot use your glutes. Also, when in this position,

Invictus Masters Athletes Moving on to the 2016 Granite Games!
Written by Nichole DeHart

Congratulations to all the athletes that participated in the Granite Games Qualifier! The workouts released this year were challenging physically and mentally. It was great to see so many athletes push through the Qualifier workouts, building their own confidence in competing as well as building the tight-knit community of the Invictus online athletes! 

The Granite Games is always a well-run event where high caliber athletes get to display their amazing feats of athleticism! We are proud to announce that the following Invictus Master athletes have qualified to compete on the big stage at Granite Games: 


  • 35-39: Jen Ryan, 

Strict Muscle-Up Progression
Written by Cat Blatner

The ability to execute a strict muscle-up is by no means a simple task. It requires flexibility as well as a great amount of strength in both your ability to pull and your ability to press out of a very deep ring dip. If you aren’t quite to your goal of achieving a strict muscle-up, this is the blog for you!

First Things First…

First let’s talk about our pulling and pressing ability. If you are still struggling with strict movements such as pull-ups and ring dips,

Tucked Bar Front Lever
Video by Travis Ewart

In this video, Invictus Athlete Gymnastics Coach Travis Ewart demonstrates a Tucked Bar Front Lever. By using a slow and controlled movement, your abs and lats will be engaged similarly as they would during a Bar Muscle-up. Lat engagement is a necessity for Bar Muscle-ups as they are the link between the kip and the dip. Abdominal activation is also necessary as your abs are responsible for keeping your feet from flailing behind you and pulling you off the bar at full support. Give this drill a try!