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Invictus – Overcoming Obstacles In and Out of the Gym
Written by C.J. Martin, and Video by One Potato Productions

Meet Invictus member Brandon Lillard. Brandon is an incredible person who has lived more in his years on the earth than most twice his age. Brandon embodies the Invictus mindset. He is unconquerable because he chooses to be the master of his fate. Brandon is not defined by the circumstances that have landed him in the hospital repeatedly, but rather by his indomitable spirit that has allowed him to bounce back every time better than he was before.

White Rice: One of the Best Carbs for Athletes
Written by Bryce Smith

Are you a competitive CrossFit athlete looking for the extra edge? Are you striving to add pounds to your squats and Olympic lifts?

The answer may be as simple as adding more carbohydrates into your diet.

There are many carbohydrates that can be beneficial to hard charging warriors to help fuel workouts and facilitate recovery, but the one I will be talking about here today is white rice. As a disclaimer, if you have major body composition goals,

Is Your Pain Face Hindering Performance?
Written by Bryce Smith

If you have ever done interval training, chances are you know the feeling of discomfort. You can tell how hard many CrossFitters are working by simply looking at their face. The greater the effort, or at least their perception of effort, the more excruciating the “pain face” becomes. In the last part of many workouts, competitive CrossFitters exhibit what some people call the “stubbed-toe face” [1].

But is this “stubbed-toe face” helpful or detrimental to your performance?

Last year, as the Invictus team was training for regionals,

Everything You Need to Know About the New Invictus Athlete Program
Written by C.J. Martin

Q:      What is the Invictus Athlete program?
A:      Invictus Athlete is a comprehensive training program designed for dedicated athletes looking to compete in the sport of fitness. It incorporates all facets of strength, skill and energy system development needed to compete, and is written with an understanding of structural balance and periodization to keep athletes healthy and progressing year after year.

The methodologies used have been tested for more than 7 years within the walls of our gym in San Diego,

Invictus Athlete Program Questions Answered
By C.J. Martin, Tino Marini and Bryan Miller

We’ve received a lot of great questions about the Invictus Athlete program, so we decided to tackle some of them in a quick video.

We know many of you have requested to see a sample day, and we plan to show that tomorrow…if I can ever figure out how to do a screencast. I will conquer this and we’ll take you through how the program will look and how you will navigate it.

Click here for more information about the Invictus Athlete program,