5 Key Ideas from Dr. Andy Galpin’s Presentation on “Genetics vs. Performance”
Written by Calvin Sun

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Andy Galpin, professor of kinesiology and researcher at Cal State Fullerton, at our downtown Invictus location for his presentation titled “Genetics vs Training: What Determines Your Performance?”. Galpin’s team at CSU Fullerton is probably best known for their research in advanced methods of muscle fiber typing. You might recall that we featured a guest post by Invictus member and fellow research scientist,

Snatch Start Position & Common Faults
Video by Jared Enderton

The most technical movement in the sport of Olympic Lifting is the snatch. Taking the barbell from the floor, to the overhead position in one swift, graceful movement takes patience and practice. When training the fast-pace, high rep snatches, it is easy to teach yourself improper technique, which then needs to be un-learned when trying to improve the lift itself.

Getting set up well in the snatch is as important as tying your shoes in the morning. Setting your feet in the right place,

Workout Strategy: Plan First, then Execute
Written by Invictus Athlete Josh Littauer

How many of you show up to the gym with no preconceived notion of what the workout is or what all you may be asked to do? I’d probably see a good show of hands for that question. Now there are also plenty of you who would say the opposite, and you’re also likely the ones who refresh your Wodify app every minute after 8pm to see what the next day holds for you. Neither is necessarily right or wrong, but I’d like to provide a slightly different perspective on approaching your daily workout.

Meet Jared Enderton – Invictus Athlete’s Newest Weightlifting Specialist

We are proud to announce that Jared Enderton will be heading up our newest online offering – Invictus Weightlifting! Jared is a 2x CrossFit Regionals athlete, a former full-time Weightlifter at the Olympic Training Center, a USA Nationals Silver Medalist in the Clean & Jerk, and a Strongman Competitor.

Jared is also the head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the USA Sprint Cycling Team, co-owner of CrossFit Pandora’s Box and Enderton Barbell Club.

Jared will be heading up the Invictus Weightlifting online program, launching mid-July!

The 3 Most Important Hand Positions for Successful Handstand Work
Video by Travis Ewart

Static handstands, handstand push-ups and handstand walking may all have a handstand in common, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are supposed to be performed the same way. Hand positions during handstands can make or break the movement as the job of the hands differ for each application. Please take a look at the video we have put together for you, and hopefully, it will shed some light on the most typically overlooked piece of the handstand. This video is brought to you by Invictus Gymnastics,