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The 4th Annual Invictus Athlete Online Competition – December 14-16, 2015
Written by C.J. Martin

Everyone ready to have some fun for the holidays? How about a little friendly competition with your fellow members of the Invictus online community?

Monday, December 14 through Wednesday, December 16 the daily training on the Invictus Competition blog will be competitive events. Each of the events should be easily performed within the typical training time – 60-90 minutes at most. The events are designed to be challenging, but fun, and provide all of the athletes in our online community with a decent assessment of where they stack up compared to some of the other community members.

Common Handstand Problems
Video by Travis Ewart


Got handstand problems? Coach Travis and Invictus Athlete Heather Hippensteel cover some of the most prevalent problems CrossFitters exhibit in their handstand performances.

How to Size Your RPM Jump Rope
Video by Brittany Pullman

The key to double unders is not only having a rope to call your own but also making sure you have a rope that properly fits your height and experience! Here is a short video to help guide you to your perfect fit for your RPM rope. Good luck and happy double undering!

Curls for the Girls (or Guys)
Written by Melissa Hurley

Bicep curls?!

I know what you’re thinking; you’re thinking they have no place and that they don’t belong. They don’t belong in our gyms – let alone our CrossFit gyms!

Contrary to popular belief, a curl is not a four letter word. Do you or someone you know have hypermobile joints? There’s some elbow stability to be gained with curls as long as they’re done sparingly and with full range of motion.

When performing curls, make sure to keep the wrists in line with the forearms throughout the entire set.

Sweat Management
Written by Hunter Britt

Many of us have had the pleasure of enjoying Coach CJ’s 30-minute EMOMs. There are some athletes out there that seem to fare well against these workouts, but they are not just cruising through with no issues. There is a common obstacle that just about everyone runs into at some point during these workouts. You may have noticed that about halfway through, especially if you are in a gym full of people, sweat becomes a problem. The pull-up bars, rings, dumbbells, and maybe even your box is beginning to collect a small ocean of sweat and it begins to take a toll.