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The Mounting Ring Muscle-Up
Video by Travis Ewart

The struggle can be very real when it comes to Kipping Ring Muscle-Ups. Learning to bring your body from below the rings to the top of the rings is not small feat, yet it can be even more difficult without direction. Finding the easiest way to elevate your body is always our goal as athlete, but as coaches it’s even more important so we don’t watch our athletes struggle time and time again, putting in 100% effort and getting less than exciting rewards.

The Mounting Ring Muscle-Up technique may not be for everyone and mainly focuses on the Rising Muscle-Up (as opposed to the Rowing Muscle-Up),

Brute Strength Podcast: The Invictus Mindset ft. CJ Martin
Originally Posted on the Brute Strength Podcast Page

This week on the Brute Strength Podcast I’ll be interviewing CJ Martin, the mastermind behind CrossFit Invictus. As a coach CJ believes that the psychology of sport and fitness play a vital role in any program. This year we’ll see 3 teams and 6+ individuals at Regionals all coming out of CrossFit Invictus. In this episode we’ll be getting into a few of the things that have lead CJ and his brand to new heights as well as a few takeaways for athletes and gym owners including developing a competitor mindset,

Strong & Beautiful: How Weightlifting is Improving the Self-Image of Women
Written by Invictus Member Rachel Ragosa

It is well established that the media portrays the ideal woman as much more slender than is achievable for most. Depending on a woman’s body type, a model-like weight isn’t just a difficult goal; it can be downright unhealthy. In the last several years, there has been a shift in the way women are viewing their bodies. Increasing popularity in sports like CrossFit has put a spotlight on strong women. More and more women are discovering that lifting heavy not only improves their health but also their self-confidence and the way they perceive their body.

Three Easy Ways to Strengthen the Posterior Chain 
Written by Nichole DeHart-Kribs

Most athletes are familiar with the posterior chain and the need for it to be strong. The glutes and hamstrings are prime movers and create much of the explosive power needed in athletics. Not only does having a strong posterior chain help with power output but a weak posterior chain is a precursor to injury. It is vital to have a strong posterior chain if you want to continue to progress as an athlete.

We have seen a huge increase in elite level CrossFitters who have spent considerable time strengthening their posterior chain.

Running and the Importance of Stretching
Written by Nuno Costa

It seems as if most runners/endurance athletes have no problem going out and running for long distances yet if you ask them if they stretch regularly, the common answer is no. Generally, most people don’t stretch for a few different reasons: they may not see the benefit of it, they may not know how to do it or they think that if they were to do it, they would probably be doing it wrong.

You may not realize this, but runners have some of the highest injury rates among sports.