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The Why, When & How of the Jerk Balance
Written by Nichole DeHart-Kribs

We recently discussed common faults seen when athletes jerk. One of the drills briefly touched on in the article was the jerk balance. This drill, when done correctly, can greatly improve an athlete’s relationship with the jerk. An athlete can go from viewing the jerk like they view an ex to loving it like they do a soul mate … or Ryan Gosling. Find out how to shift the view of your relationship with the jerk by incorporating this helpful drill.

Athlete 101: Trust The Process
Written by Tino Marini

If you have been part of our community then you will have undoubtedly heard the title of this article stated over and over again. The question is, do you just read it, or do you actually believe it? Trust the process!

You Have to Believe

One of the key components in an athlete’s success is that they trust the program they follow and/or the direction their coach is giving them. No matter how good the program or coach is, if an athlete doesn’t believe in what he is doing,

A How-To for the False Grip
Video by Travis Ewart

Since the 2016 Regionals and the announcement of Regional Nate, strict muscle-ups have become a movement on many athletes radar. This can be a challenging movement to train as it requires a base level of strength as well as proper positioning on the rings to make for a smooth strict muscle-up. In today’s video, our gymnastics coach Travis Ewart goes over a couple of tips for how to get into a solid false grip when doing strict muscle-ups.

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Supplements and Beyond: Why We Love Thorne Research
Written by Bryce Smith

Most U.S. manufacturers of nutritional supplements add powdered lubricants during manufacturing to help the product’s powdered ingredients flow faster through the manufacturing equipment. The most common powdered lubricant to look for, which is usually listed in the “Other Ingredients” section of the product label, is Magnesium Stearate.

The only purpose for adding Magnesium Stearate is as a processing aid to keep the product’s powdered ingredients from sticking to the manufacturing equipment during mixing and tableting. Using Magnesium Stearate allows more tablets or capsules to be manufactured per hour,

3 Reasons Your Jerk Isn’t Improving
Written by Nichole DeHart-Kribs

Are you an athlete who can clean more than you can jerk? Do you stand up from the clean only to say a Hail Mary before you jerk?

If your jerk is inconsistent and a point of frustration, this article is for you. I will review three common issues we see in CrossFit athletes’ jerk, and offer some suggestions for improving those areas. 

Lack of Consistency with Footwork

Many athletes lack consistency in their jerk footwork –