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The Open is Over – What’s Next?
Video by C.J. Martin and Tino Marini

Coaches C.J. Martin and Tino Marini discuss in detail the new Invictus Athlete cycle that starts Monday, April 3, 2017!

Upcoming program options include the Invictus Athlete Off-season, Regionals Prep for both Individuals and Teams, plus the Masters Qualifier cycle.

Have questions about the cycle options? Comment below during the LIVE session and the coaches will get your questions answered!

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The Open Is Over – What’s Next?
Written by Nichole DeHart

The Open has come to a close, which means that every athlete will be on a new path. Some of you will be moving on to Regionals, training either individually or with your team, and others will be taking some time to set their goals for the remainder of 2017 and the 2018 season. Regardless of whether you’re moving on or not, we have a program suited for your needs. As always, we’re inspired by athletes and motivated to help them achieve their goals,

Rethink Your Protein, Bro
Written by Dylan Cox

So you’ve been training hard for a while, watched all the big guns competing, and you’re looking to up your game. Or maybe that’s not true at all and you’re looking to supplement with a little protein. There are A LOT of protein powders out on the market (#understatement) and it can be a little confusing as to which you should go with. I mean, just in the CrossFit community alone the choices of “clean” protein are quite substantial to choose from. Now, I’m not saying that the incredibly biased opinion of this article should be treated as gold,

Thrusters = Your Best Friend
Written by Nichole DeHart
(Originally Published May 13, 2014)

Some of you may cringe at the title of this post, which is a shame! In my opinion, thrusters are one of the best movements in CrossFit. It is a full body movement that forces you to generate a lot of power, requires good mobility – and heck, the heavier, the better! The thruster is a staple in CrossFit, so if you plan on improving your CrossFit performance, you better get comfortable with lots of thrusters!

Movement Prep for CrossFit Open 17.5
Video by Michael Tancini

Please check out our friend, and newly minted Physical Therapist Michael Tancini’s Movement Prep Notes for 17.5

5-10 minutes of Rowing and/or Assault Bike @ 55-65%

and then…

One set of:
Banded Hip Distraction x 45 seconds per side
Partner Thoracic Spine Stretch

and then…

General Dynamic Range of Motion Warm-Up (your personal routine, or look at Michael’s movement prep for inspiration)

and then…