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Why the Journey to Hot Isn’t Always Healthy
Written by Jackie Mulligan

Healthy. Hot. Fit. Strong. Sexy. Somewhere between endless selfies, “fitspo” hashtags, and Instagram stories, these words have lost their meanings and have instead devolved into an image obsessed, narcissistic culture. Health has become the new sex symbol, and it’s crucial to challenge this misconception. The health of our communities is at stake.

This is a touchy subject, but here it is: Looking “fit” does not necessarily mean you are healthy. Understanding how we arrive at achieving health and feeling beautiful matters.

Internal vs External Motivation
Written by Invictus Athlete Josh Littauer

You get up in the morning, and start getting ready for your day. For some, the first order of business is going to the gym, for some it’s taking an hour of time to themselves, for others it’s heading straight to work. Regardless, we all have motivators that get us up and at it every morning.

What is your reason? Your reason for picking the first thing you do? For deciding whether to go right to work or to hit the snooze button?

12 Banned Substances Every Athlete Needs To Know About Before Competing
Written by C.J. Martin

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” – Warren Buffett

Since 2009 I have had the opportunity to work with some of the finest and most accomplished CrossFit athletes in the world. I have coached an individual champion, two other individual podium finishers, and our team has won the CrossFit Games. My coaches and I have helped more than 40 individuals achieve their goal of competing as individuals at the CrossFit Games,

Finger Press to Strengthen Your Handstand Holds
Video by Travis Ewart
(Originally Published on June 16, 2016)

Forearm strength may be one of the most overlooked necessities in holding a handstand. Fear of tipping over in a handstand may be the most frightening thought for many people, and it may be happening more often then necessary. Imagine knowing that even when your handstand is leaning slightly too far and tipping over toward your backside that there is hope to pulling yourself back to vertical and saving your handstand! Toe and lower leg strength allows us to stand and lean forward without falling,

How To Stop A Cold Dead In Its Tracks
Written by Calvin Sun
(Originally Published February 28, 2017)

You know the usual symptoms: that tickle in the back of your throat, that first sniffle of the nose, or maybe your joints start to feel a little achy and you suddenly feel tired for no reason. You feel a cold coming on and you have no idea how to stop it. Most of my clients are either busy professionals or competitive athletes, and both groups are composed of high-performers who can’t afford to get sick.