Become an Invictus Athlete

When you see running in a workout, how does that make you feel? Are you one of those who ‘cherry pick’ those workouts or are you someone who loves to run?

No matter what your preference is on running, continuously working on your form and making sure you are maintaining or improving your mobility is key to improvement.

Invictus Endurance is preparing to enter into the next 11-Week Cycle focusing on the 15k distance, with Coach Nuno Costa. To get it started off right, here are some mobility and technique drills to get working on.

Due to popular demand, we are excited to add a Comprehensive 5-Day Invictus Athlete Weightlifting program to the mix with Jared Enderton. This is a full training program for Olympic Weightlifters and CrossFitters who want to spend some time getting stronger, and improving their lifts.

The first cycle will be an 11-week cycle, and gear athletes up for the American Open in December. Whether you are competing in this meet or not, the end of the year is a great time to peak, starting the new year out right.

This program includes the following:

Scaling Options for Handstand Push-Ups in Metcon Workouts
Video by Michele Vieux

Don’t know what to do when handstand push-ups come up in the conditioning portion of your workout? Here are three, simple scaling options to mix into your routine, one of which doesn’t require you to go upside-down. Try one or all of these next time they appear to keep you moving in your workout while still building your overhead pressing strength.

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Don’t Have Strict Pull-Ups Yet?

The Most Revealing Test in CrossFit
Written by Kirsten Ahrendt

There are plenty of “tests” in CrossFit. There are lifts to test our overall strength, WODs to test our aerobic capacity, skills to test our gymnastics. But as a CrossFit coach and athlete, there is one test in particular that I hold in the highest regard. This test is given nearly every day we walk in the gym – it reveals mindset and character. The test is simple…

What does an member/athlete do when their WOD is over?

I’ve coached for nearly 4 years,

How to Eliminate the Notorious Chicken Wing on Your Bar Muscle-Up
Video by Travis Ewart

The bar muscle-up can look and feel amazing, or it can look like a chicken trying to climb over an electric fence. Invictus Gymnastics coach Travis Ewart discusses the importance of elevating the knees during the kipping phase of the bar muscle-up in order to provide enough height to transition the bar without the notorious chicken wing. Comments are welcome, so post below!

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