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Deadlift Box Drill to Ensure Posterior Chain Recruitment
Video by Hunter Britt

Invictus Coach, Hunter Britt, walks us through a drill that will help all athletes become aware of where their weight is as they deadlift. This drill will help athletes learn to keep their weight back and use more of their posterior chain throughout the lift – from the initial pull off the floor all the way through the finish position.

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Life as a C-Puller
Written by Sage Burgener

Many moons ago, when I was still a moderately average lifter, I was a chronic “C-pull-er”.

Webster dictionary defines a “C-pull-er” as: “someone who spends hours a day working on getting their legs stronger only to discover that he/she does not know how to actually use said legs as his/her source of power thus relying on hip drive more than leg drive”.

…or something like that.

Hip drive in Olympic weightlifting is extremely important. BUT the hips can only come into play AFTER the legs have completely exerted their efforts.

Handstand Work – From the Ground Up!
Video by Travis Ewart

Learning a handstand can be a long process, though well worth all the effort! On the surface it seems like all you need to do is get upside-down just right, and “voila!” you now know how to do all things inverted. Unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are many parts of a handstand that can be altered to create different handstand postures, but one of the most predominantly overlooked piece of the puzzle comes from hand position. As much as we may refer to hands acting as feet would while in a handstand,

Set Boundaries With Your Smartphones to Improve Overall Health
Written by Bryce Smith

Fifteen years ago, the Internet was an escape from the real world. You could unwind while emailing an old friend, chatting on AOL instant messenger, or play some mean games of solitaire or Minesweeper. Now the real world is an escape from the Internet. We have become so dependent on the Internet for work and validation that we often times become addicted, forget to unplug, spend minimal time outside, and are constantly checking our phones. Smartphone addiction has become a real thing and we see it in the fitness world every day with the typical forward head tilt,

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