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What is Blood Flow Restriction Training & How Will it Aid Recovery?
Written by Dr. Michael Tancini

With the increasing presence of blood flow restriction training in conversations surrounding physiotherapists and strength coaches, individuals are beginning to seek out applications for the method of training which may help them reach new levels of athletic performance.  In many competitive arenas; an athlete’s training volume is often limited by their ability to recover from their training sessions, not their desire to continue training. With elite athletes there are a handful of factors that influence recovery;

Getting Butterflies Thinking About Butterfly Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups
Written by Travis Ewart
(Originally published on 1/26/2017)

I love checking the Invictus blog every night to see what the workout is for the next day. I don’t know what it is, but when I see that the workout has pull-ups or chest-to-bar pull-ups, I get very excited. I know it’s not the same reaction for everybody, but I feel like that’s usually because they aren’t familiar with the feeling of swinging continuously, smoothly and rhythmically in their pull-ups. Many struggle with the movement of the butterfly technique even though they are strong enough for strict chest-to-bar pull-ups or regular pull-ups and that can be frustrating.

Movement Prep for CrossFit Open 17.3
Video by Michael Tancini

Please check out our friend, and newly minted Physical Therapist Michael Tancini’s Movement Prep Notes for 17.3

Assault Bike or Row x 8-10 minutes at a light, conversational pace

and then …

Spend the next 10 minutes focusing on specific mobility restrictions suggested in the video

and then …

Dynamic Range of Motion
(to include some of the following)
30 Seconds Hollow Crawl – Forward
30 Seconds Hollow Crawl –

Should You Be Taking Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs)?
Written by Calvin Sun
(Originally Published February 19, 2012)

I have received a good number of questions lately from both athletes and coaches in our community on branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) supplementation. For several years now, BCAAs have been a hot topic amongst athletes, strength coaches, and fitness professionals. There are a variety of benefits associated with BCAAs including increased lean muscle mass, improved recovery time, and increased strength. Many of you have asked about the function and efficacy of BCAAs as well as recommend dosages for optimal results.

Bar Muscle-Up: Drill For The Swing
Video by Travis Ewart

Breaking down complicated movements is an absolutely necessary step to improving the finer details of a skill. The bar muscle-up can be a difficult movement for even the most seasoned of athletes, leading to “chicken winging” or the feeling of tipping over the bar with your feet swinging skyward behind you. Start your muscle-up with this drill called the ‘Air Chair Swing’ and see how simple mechanics and timing can lead to a swing-assisted muscle-up that requires less guess work and effort simply by working a consistent and duplicable pattern.