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Above the Commotion: Preparing Mentally for the Open
Written by Invictus Athlete Josh Littauer

The beginning of the year is always an exciting and busy time in the fitness industry. Dozens of new athletes learning the ropes, getting excited about every new movement they learn, and being highly motivated to achieve their goals. This is certainly one of the most exciting times of the year for coaches, gym owners, and all members of the community. This excitement is certainly true in the CrossFit community, and to added icing to the cake the CrossFit Open is upon us.

How to Overcome the Mental Aspect of Weightlifting
Video by Invictus Weightlifting Coach Jared Enderton

Do you get psyched out when attempting a new PR?

What if the PR weight “feels” heavy & slow?

How we think determines how we behave. Invictus Weightlifting Coach Jared Enderton takes a look at how we can improve our mental game when going after a big lift!

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3 Shoulder Stability Exercises to Supplement Your Training
Written by Invictus Athlete Josh Littauer

You’ve had the goal of getting your first pull-up for months, or maybe of overhead squatting your bodyweight. Well now it’s time to take the practical steps to attaining those goals with some accessory shoulder work. We recently posted an article on the importance of doing accessory work in addition to your normal CrossFit program. This post will cover a few practical things you can add to your warm-up or cool down that will provide a quick and simple way to improve your shoulder strength and stability,

What Is Your Main Event?
Written by C.J. Martin
(Originally published February 17, 2013, and updated for the 2018 season)

Should you be performing each of the Open workouts multiple times during each week of the Open?

Well . . . it depends.

In my perfect world, the answer would be “no.” But I have come to accept that it’s not quite that black and white. CrossFit is an extremely competitive sport, and if I want to give my athletes the best chance at winning, there has to be some flexibility in answering this question.

Toes-to-Bar Strategies & Points of Performance for 18.1
Written by Brittany Weiss & Travis Ewart

TOES-TO-BAR STRATEGIES (by Brittany Weiss)
You don’t have to be a gymnast to be good at toes-to-bar. It’s about playing your own game and knowing what you as an athlete are capable of. In Open workouts, you want to have a plan on how to keep yourself moving continuously throughout the workout in order to achieve the highest possible score.

Here are a few different strategies you can use for toes-to-bar. Test them out to see which ones help you move the fastest and most efficiently throughout the workout.