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Partner T-Spine Stretch
Video by Nichole Kribs

We see very tight thoracic spines in almost everyone who walks through our door. This is due to a combination of lifestyle, lack of awareness and even weakness through the upper back. Ideally, we want rotation through the thoracic spine and stability in the lumbar spine but we often see the opposite with people, which can lead to back pain.

The drill above is a great way to open up the thoracic spine in preparation for the workout ahead or to just feel more ‘open’.

Try this:
While you are being stretched,

Invictus Athlete Spotlight: Regan Huckaby
Video by Taylor Conlon

Three-times Games athlete, Regan Huckaby, is headed back to Regionals to try to punch her ticket to Madison for a fourth time. Regan is a mother and gym owner who finds time to balance her busy life with her training. You can watch her at the West Regional at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, May 25-27th. Get your tickets here and join the Sea of Green in cheering for Regan and all of our Invictus athletes who are competing!

Tips & Tricks for More Efficient Thrusters
Written by Sage Burgener

I like to make it a habit of making everything about me and/or Olympic weightlifting, so let us just pretend for a second that the thruster is a clean and jerk and talk about some points of performance for it.

When doing a ton of thrusters in a workout, efficiency of movement will be imperative if we hope to maintain a steady tempo. In my opinion, efficiency of our movement will come down to these three things: stability through our feet, proper rack positioning and bar path.

Master the Basics of Rope Climbs with These 4 Drills
Videos by Travis Ewart

Whether you’ve spent many-a-workout on the ropes or are a beginning rope climber, mastering the basics is essential to keeping you efficient and avoiding unnecessary fatigue during workouts. Try out these four drills to make sure you are making rope climbs as smooth and easy as possible. The great thing about these is that you don’t even have to go all the way up the rope to practice climbing so anyone can do them to get better at climbing ropes, even if they aren’t quite ready for the full ascent.

Hip Internal Rotation Drills to Prepare You for Squatting and More
Video by Nick Hawkes

You need a good amount of hip internal rotation (IR) – around 35 degrees – to safely get into a deep squat and lack of IR can lead to lower back pain, knee pain and even shoulder pain. Check out these two versions – one for beginners and one that is more advanced – to work on your hip IR on squat days, to address pain or anytime you need to go into deep hip flexion.

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