Uppercut, Don’t Jab Your Snatch for a Strong Finish Position
Video by Jared Enderton

Do you find yourself chasing the barbell forward on your snatch? Or maybe you feel that based on your strength and explosive power in other movements that you should be snatching more weight than you are?

Most people who have done any amount of Olympic lifting know that there are numerous things that could go wrong in a snatch. There are many points of technique and timing to focus on and even more cues to fix them. Here’s another way to think about the finish – or triple extension – of your snatch.

Invictus X Takes 2nd Place at the 2018 CrossFit Games!

There are so many highlights from this past weekend’s CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, but one of the biggest accomplishments of the weekend for Invictus Athletes was Team Invictus X making the podium after a grueling week of events. They started strong and finished even stronger – placing 2nd then 1st in the final two events of the weekend!

We will be publishing more of the results and highlights throughout the next couple of weeks and there are many people to thank, but for now,


How to Watch the 2018 CrossFit Games

The 2018 Reebok CrossFit Games will take place Aug. 1-5 and Invictus has THREE teams, EIGHT individuals and a handful of Masters athletes competing. Since we know that many of you can’t make the trip to Madison, Wisconsin to watch, here’s how you can keep up on the happenings from home (or secretly from work).

Invictus X – Sam Dancer,

Characteristics of Invictus Athletes & Masters Competitors
Written by Nichole Kribs

What makes someone a competitive athlete? Do competitive athletes have similar characteristics? These are great questions to ask if you’re either coaching competitive athletes or are trying to aspire to be a more competitive athlete.

Invictus is a really unique place in that we are fortunate to work with many competitive athletes who either use the Invictus methodology in their home gym or physically train at Invictus. That means that we have had many opportunities to not only help athletes become more competitive but also help maintain that competitive edge with athletes.

Why Strength Is So Important to a CrossFit Athlete
Written by Hunter Britt

The stronger you are, the better. That’s a simple fact in CrossFit.

The stronger you are at whatever you are doing, the easier it will be to perform that task. Whether it is deadlifting 315lbs, performing 10 minutes for max calories on an Assault Bike or performing a muscle-up.

What is Strength in CrossFit?

Strength is how much force your muscles can create. Strength shouldn’t be confused with size. Size is definitely associated with strength,