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8 Weeks Out From the 2018 CrossFit Open

We are 8 weeks out from the 2018 CrossFit Open. This is the hot time of year for Invictus, as we are fine tuning our training, making sure our athletes are prepared to take on the new season.

As a way to make sure our athletes are prepared and moving well headed into the Open, we are not only are starting our Open Cycles in our Invictus Online Programs, we are hosting our first Invictus Athlete Camp of 2018. Camp is a great way to come learn the Invictus training methodology and receive practical feedback on your form and movement.

Say “I Do.” To Your Health
Written by Invictus Athlete Josh Littauer

Marriage symbolizes a lot of things. It is a long story of commitment, devotion, hard work, teamwork, constant communication, and doing every bit of life together. There are times of great joy, laughter, fun, and other times of sadness, frustration, confusion. All in all, marriage can be seen as a beautiful tale of two people committing themselves to one another for all of life. Let’s use this framework to look at a similar scenario.

I was talking with some of my clients the other day when we discussed this idea of marriage to your fitness.

New Invictus Athlete Program Cycles Start Monday!

The New Year is always starts the countdown for the beginning of the CrossFit Open. We are 8 weeks out until 18.1 is announced…seems like 17.1 was just yesterday, right?

At this point in the year, our Invictus Online Programs all begin the Open Prep Cycles geared at helping athletes fine tune their training to make sure they have the most successful CrossFit Open to date. We invite you to check out our Comprehensive and Supplemental programs to see what may be a good fit for your training.

Own Your Fitness
Written by Invictus Athlete Josh Littauer

How many of you started your CrossFit journey and very quickly saw a lot of growth, progress, and exciting physical changes? Did it seem like you were hitting PRs constantly and getting stronger and faster every single week…until…well, suddenly you weren’t anymore? Did this lack of progression make you question why or what you might be doing wrong?

Maybe you’re facing this issue right now. You know there’s something that you’re lacking to take your fitness to the next level but you’re not sure what.