Dragon Flag Negatives
Video by Travis Ewart

In the video, Invictus Athlete Gymnastics Specialist Travis Ewart demonstrates three versions of a Dragon Flag core exercise.

The first of the three exercises (the most difficult) utilizes a straight body position on the decent.

The second demonstration utilizes a straight leg and a bent knee which is quite a bit easier. If you decide to choose this option we recommend alternating the bent leg to ensure balanced development of the body’s right and left hemispheres.

The third option is with two bent knees and is the easiest of the three options. If this option still proves too difficult you can elevate the bench side opposite your head. Be careful while applying this technique as you could roll off the bench if your feet are too high or the bench itself could tip over. In this case, you should somehow secure the elevated side to its stand and exercise extra caution when lifting your feet to make sure you don’t lift too high and flip yourself over.

Hips should be open and glutes squeezed tight.