Shoulder Strengthening Couplet for Rehab or Prehab
Video by Dylan Cox

Looking for a little more shoulder work? Well, here is a great couplet to work on for preventing injury or rehabbing from injury. These are easy to do and can be done anywhere you go. So if you’re a traveler, the equipment needed will be very “light” and won’t take up much space at all. And it can easily be done at any gym you’re either dropping-in to or a member at. Hope it helps!

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Breathing Techniques for YOUR Situation
Written by Dylan Cox

I’d like to take a short look at what breathing is and why it’s important, and then we will take a look at a couple thoughts and techniques to improve your breathing before workouts/other stressful events and during them as well.

WHY?! Proper Breathing is Important!

It is undoubtedly obvious why proper breathing is important, but one good thing to remember is that the longer your body is deprived of oxygen, the more acidic your blood becomes, and thus performance will suffer.

Keep Moving Forward
Written by Dylan Cox

As a youngster growing up with an endurance athlete for a dad, going for a run a couple times per week was a regular occurrence. During these runs, which I at that time loathed, I was learning a very important lesson for both my athletic career as well as my life and the career/s to come.

I specifically remember what he said to me, as we were running a trail around the lake in Lodi, CA, the small country town that I called home until I graduated high school.

Teddy the Surfer’s Meal Prep Method
Video by Dylan Cox

Everybody knows that meal prep can be a pain and to many, even weekly meal prep is a chore. In this video, Teddy the Surfer shows you how he minimizes his sessions in the kitchen so he can enjoy more sessions in the water by meal prepping for weeks at a time with a vacuum sealer. What’s your favorite way to meal prep?

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“Free Throw Line” Routine for Lifting
Video by Dylan Cox

Do you have a regular set-up or routine you perform before lifts? If not, confidence under pressure is just one of the reasons you should consider one. Check out this video for other ways utilizing this tool can help you in both lifting and life.


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