Myosin Heavy Chains and Muscle Fiber Type
Written by Invictus member Dr. Irene Tobias

In Part 1 of this post, we learned how myosin drives the molecular processes of muscle contraction. Now to expand on that knowledge to understand the differences between fast and slow twitch muscle fibers at the molecular level!

What are myosin heavy chains?

The myosin protein complex which forms the molecular motor that drives muscle contraction is composed of four component proteins: two heavy chains and two light chains, twisted around each other.

Muscle Contraction and a Really Cool Protein Called Myosin
Written by Invictus Member Dr. Irene Tobias

Have you ever wondered what powers your muscles at the molecular level and is the source of all voluntary movement and force production in your body? A really cool protein known as myosin ultimately drives all of our power – here is a basic description on how it is thought to work!

What is myosin?

Myosin is one of the most fascinating molecules in our bodies. It’s the protein complex that’s principally responsible for muscle contraction.