Finding Strength In Spite of Overwhelming Obstacles
Written By Bryce Smith

I got off the phone a few hours ago with my Great Great Uncle. He is in his late eighties now and is battling Leukemia, prostate cancer and diabetes. He has some heart issues and has fractured just about every bone in his body because he is too stubborn to stop riding his bicycle and well…let’s just say that he says that ‘cars are stupid’.

He has finally succumb to a stationary bicycle which he rides every day. Anyway, I gave him a call as my dad told me that the doctors said he was not doing so well.

Get Outside for Many Amazing Benefits
Written By Bryce Smith

One of my favorite mantras is to “get outside of the box.” So many people live inside of a box and limit their potential because they are stuck in the comfort bubble and never look or go outside. This can range from staying in one area where your perception is limited, or literally staying inside instead of going outside. From years of observation, the main thing missing from most modern day training programs is people taking their training outside. Spending at least one day engaging in outdoor activities has so many amazing benefits and the change of scenery helps to refresh athletes for the following day or week.

Become a Victor Not a Victim
Written By Bryce Smith

Winners win, and losers lose. Winning needs to become a culture in your life. Losers make unnecessary excuses and love to play the blame game as to why they aren’t where they want to be in their life. Wake up and decide that you are going to grind and not allow others to control your destiny.

Control the controllable.

Do not blame others, do not blame circumstances. Instead, make a vow to yourself to learn from the situation and improve.

Become a Green Machine with Liquid Chlorophyll
Written By Bryce Smith

Here at Invictus, we are very fortunate to be a part of the Sea of Green! What better way to enhance our greenness than by adding chlorophyll in to our diet?!

Chlorophyll (More like Boraphyll…)

Chlorophyll is the green pigment or coloring found in almost all plants and algae and is a natural, fat soluble molecule which allows them to convert light into energy. It is known as the blood of plants and acts like hemoglobin does in humans.

How to Build Toughness
Written By Bryce Smith

That unique ability to compensate for a lack of strength, skill, or ability usually comes from a little thing called toughness. If you are tough, you have the ability to overcome challenges and will have gained strength through adversity.

Toughness is having to be at your best when you are not feeling your best. It is internal discipline to not give in to that little voice in your head that is telling you to cave in when you are in a hot gym,