Athlete Spotlight: Matt Beals
Written by Nichole DeHart-Kribs

Many of you know Matt Beals. He is a stud Masters athlete who is heading back to Games for his 3rd appearance. He has been a longtime Invictus Athlete but has built upon a lifetime of fitness. I was recently exposed to a phenomenal feat that Matt and his buddy, John Maclean, attempted in April 2010, and I felt inspired to share it with our community. And if you haven’t heard of John Maclean then…well…shame on you. He is a phenomenal athlete and motivational speaker. He became paralyzed in 1988,

Great Gains Made by Air Force Cadets at Invictus
Video by Melissa Hurley

The Air Force Cadets Competition Team recently visited Invictus to make Great Gains with Invictus Master Coach, Melissa Hurley. Our Great Gains program gives the opportunity to athletes all over the world to work with an Invictus coach in person for a few days to address personal needs, goals and training strategy. This highlights their experience.

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Great Gains Program With Coach Melissa Hurley

Happy 80th Birthday Larry the Legend!
Written by Michele Vieux

This weekend, our oldest, oldest member, Larry the Legend, turns 80 years young. The reason he is the oldest, oldest is because he is ten years older than any of our other members AND he was the very first member of Invictus when we officially opened our doors in 2009, which is when I inherited him as my client. Prior to that, he had been working out with CJ at another gym and also in the park while we worked to get our first location open.

Carla Tavares: National Track Star to Student of CrossFit
Interview by Nuno Costa

Carla Tavares, who competed at the national level for Portugal, recently visited us here at Invictus for a couple months and left quite an impression on our community with her love for learning about CrossFit, her hard work and her willingness to put herself out there to take on (and conquer) new tasks. Now you have the chance to get to know her too!

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We Are All Somewhere
Written by Invictus Member Adam Towle

After weeks of procrastinating to write this, I had an experience that confirmed it was time. It was just about 9 miles into an 11 mile race when I approached a much older participant walking up the steep incline. I was feeling unusually strong in my new body when I quickly trotted past him. He exclaimed, “go get’em! I started an hour earlier–great job!” I reflexively shouted back to thank him and then surprised myself with my own attempt at encouragement, yelling, “we are all somewhere!”