Meet our Member of the Month: Jon Schlesinger
Video by Michele Vieux

Jon has been at Invictus for over four years and visits all three locations regularly. He does a particularly good job of boosting up other people, especially newer members, once he has already finished his workout. Since he’s been a member for awhile and is quite competent, he goes above and beyond to always sticks around to help other people out once he’s finished. Jon also has been kicking butt in Holden’s strength classes, and has been very dedicated to his nutrition and man bun status.

Adversity, Alignment, and Accountability w/ Nuno Costa
Podcast by Misbah Haque, The Airborne Mind

My favorite aspect of this conversation was reflecting on the phenomenal documentary Torin Simpson produced called “The Story Of Nuno Costa”. We discussed Nuno’s journey from Portugal to the United States, overcoming alcohol and cocaine addiction, and coming out as a gay athlete when he wasn’t sure he would always be accepted.

How do you react when the carpet is pulled out from under you over and over? What does the internal self talk sound like?

Teddy and his workout partners, wife Tiphanie and baby girl, Lynlee, follow Invictus programming from their home in NorCal.

Meet the Motivator: Teddy Jestakom
Written by Michele Vieux

Communities come in all shapes and sizes – even virtually – and it’s amazing how one can form with the help of a few, key members. Well, we have a pretty awesome community going on in our Performance Blog comments section of this site and a major reason for this is because of the ongoing motivation provided by one of those key members, Teddy Jestakom.

Athlete Spotlight: Matt Beals
Written by Nichole DeHart-Kribs

Many of you know Matt Beals. He is a stud Masters athlete who is heading back to Games for his 3rd appearance. He has been a longtime Invictus Athlete but has built upon a lifetime of fitness. I was recently exposed to a phenomenal feat that Matt and his buddy, John Maclean, attempted in April 2010, and I felt inspired to share it with our community. And if you haven’t heard of John Maclean then…well…shame on you. He is a phenomenal athlete and motivational speaker. He became paralyzed in 1988,

Great Gains Made by Air Force Cadets at Invictus
Video by Melissa Hurley

The Air Force Cadets Competition Team recently visited Invictus to make Great Gains with Invictus Master Coach, Melissa Hurley. Our Great Gains program gives the opportunity to athletes all over the world to work with an Invictus coach in person for a few days to address personal needs, goals and training strategy. This highlights their experience.

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