***Looking to take advantage of the gorgeous weather? Join us for our Invictus Boot Camp tonight at 6pm in Balboa Park (East of 6th Ave, between Quince and Palm).***

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Are your shoulders tight?
Written by Dave Lipson

Shoulder mobility is an essential component of good human movement and effective training programs. If we are training the upper body to pull and push in multiple … Read More

Written by Calvin Sun

The Work Ethic
CrossFit isn’t easy. It promotes hard work that you will rarely find outside of competitive athletics. Compared to conventional fitness programs, the work ethic, discipline, and commitment of … Read More

REMINDER – Tuesdays in May we will be holding outdoor boot camp sessions in Balboa Park at 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. Put it on your calendar, and bring a friend!

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1-Rep Max Deadlift

What’s My 1-Rep Max?

Written by Calvin Sun

Knowing your 1-Rep Max is an important part of making the most of the programming provided by your coaches at Invictus. Our coaches frequently use percentage references … Read More