Farmers Market Cauliflower Mash
Written by Michele Vieux

Whether you’re looking for produce, fresh meat and seafood, eggs, specialty foods, health and beauty products, crafts, flowers or food trucks – there’s no better place to shop than the farmers market! Besides getting the freshest and best deals around, you’re supporting local farmers and craftsmen. Basically, you’re a sustainable-eating ninja!

Sustainable eating is good for you, and pretty much everyone involved in the process, as well as the environment and economy. The practices used in the farming process are safe for workers and consumers –

Gluten Free or Sugar Full?
Written by Cat Blatner

We make a big mistake these days when it comes to food: we try to find short cuts by substituting real food and quality nutrition for tasty treats that claim to be “beneficial” for your health. It’s really sad, actually, and it’s too bad that industries will take trending terms such as  “gluten free”, stamp it to their product, and suddenly its a “healthy choice”,  knowing full well that just because its free of gluten doesn’t mean it is good for you!


What’s the Deal with ‘Natural Flavors’?
Written by Lindsey Johnson

I’ve been asked these questions a few times: “What’s up with the “natural flavors” in sparkling water and are they ok? Additionally are they okay if I’m participating in a challenge like ‘Look Good, Feel Good’ or trying to lose a few pounds. Is this an acceptable substitute to soda or some sugary drink?”

The issue with most of these “health drinks” or flavored waters is they add sneaky additions like sodium and sugar. Not all clear drinks are healthy;

Crockpot Pulled Pork Chili
Written by Lindsey Johnson

It may be no secret that I miss the seasons – Fall especially! I pray for rain and a little chill in the air. In a few months I’ll be over it and back to my beach-going-ways; but for now, I’m really enjoying the fall months, even if they’re in the high seventies here in Southern California. It may also be no secret that I love being prepared but I do not love food prep. I thoroughly enjoy the outcome of having prepared meals for the week but the process of getting it done is not entertaining to me at all.

Cavemen Don’t Live in Suits
Written by Kim McLaughlin

For many people, the idea of eating healthy, clean, real food for every meal is a perfectly attainable goal – in an ideal world. The reality of the situation however, is that, for many of us, our lives involve long days of travel and business meetings and happy hours and work gatherings and all of these things make it difficult to live off of bagged lunches and reheatable dinners. No one wants to be “that guy” in the corner of the room drinking out of their reuseable water bottle eating chicken breast and broccoli while everyone else is enjoying a round of cocktails and some delicious appetizers on the company’s dime.