Cavemen Don’t Live in Suits
Written by Kim McLaughlin

For many people, the idea of eating healthy, clean, real food for every meal is a perfectly attainable goal – in an ideal world. The reality of the situation however, is that, for many of us, our lives involve long days of travel and business meetings and happy hours and work gatherings and all of these things make it difficult to live off of bagged lunches and reheatable dinners. No one wants to be “that guy” in the corner of the room drinking out of their reuseable water bottle eating chicken breast and broccoli while everyone else is enjoying a round of cocktails and some delicious appetizers on the company’s dime.

New Cycle of the Invictus Nutrition Coaching Program – Redefining Nutrition
Written by Nuno Costa

We’ve now done three cycles of our habit-based Nutrition Coaching Program and are ready to launch the fourth. This one will be slightly different from the previous cycles, since it will only be focused on those looking to gain an edge in performance. In the past, we’ve run the same program for folks with both body composition goals AND performance goals – but now we decided it is time to hone in on one of those goals.

Digestion Begins in the Mouth
Written by Heather Hippensteel

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows me that I inhale my food. People are always telling me to slow down and my mother will usually force me to put my fork down between bites. I attribute this ravenous behavior to always being hungry, wanting to eat as much food as possible, and also to rushing or multitasking and needing to get on to my next activity. I’m not the only one who falls victim to a busy lifestyle, so let’s talk about one that doesn’t deprive your body from proper digestion!

How Logging Your Workouts Can Lead to Weight Loss
Written by Michele Vieux

Are you stagnant in your weight loss goal? Are you keeping track of all your numbers and PRs? You might be wondering what one has to do with the other and why we are always suggesting that you keep a logbook of your times, lifts, workouts and more. Well, besides having a visual record of if you are improving or not, knowing how much you can safely lift, and giving yourself a pat on the back for doing a great job,

Blending vs Juicing
Written by Kim McLaughlin

In a previous post, Vegetables Are Death Defying Super Foods, we discussed the importance of consuming a huge amount of vegetables on a daily basis. Knowing how important this is, it’s good to get a little creative with how we consume veggies. Eating salads for every meal is not practical nor is it advised.

One way to get some of those veggies in for that day is by juicing or blending. There’s a lot of hype around the health benefits of the “green juice” you get from liquefying vegetables.