Make Ahead Weeknight Dinner: Spiced Chicken Stuffed Peppers
Written by Invictus Member Kat Humphus from Kat’s Kitchen Collective

I know that sometimes making a healthy, elaborate dinner can seem like a time consuming process; but with this recipe, there are secret shortcuts for each step of the way that will make your time in the kitchen a minimum and your taste buds happier than ever!

These spiced chicken stuffed peppers are a great dinner option when you’ve had your share of “meat-n-taters”. They are spicy, deeply seasoned, can be topped with your favorite guacamole or salsa,

How To Get More Gains At Chipotle
Written by Bryan Miller

Are you interested in getting more food for your money at Chipotle? Then keep reading, as this post is for you.

In “Are You Sabotaging Your Gains?”, I discussed the pitfall of not eating enough calories as a competitive athlete. I try to meal prep whenever I can (see General Miller’s Chicken), but sometimes life tries to sabotage my gains. In these moments, one of my favorite restaurants to acquire extra calories is Chipotle.

How To Make Bone Broth
Written by Amy Tran

Bone broth. So simple, so delicious, and so easy to make.

Not only is it beneficial for good gut health, digestion, inflammation, and healthy joints, this nice warm elixir can also really assist you to relax and wind down from your long day.

There’s nothing complicated about making your own bone broth. All it requires is a pot (stock pot, crock pot, or pressure cooker), a few ingredients, and a healthy dose of patience (which never hurt anyone).

Here’s how I made mine using a pressure cooker.

Cook Smarter, Not Harder: 3 Basic Staples to Help You Roll Food Forward
Presented by Steph Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo

Join the multi-talented Steph Gaudreau as she shares some of her best tips to help you cook smarter and not harder. Steph is the creator of the Stupid Easy Paleo food blog, author of “The Performance Paleo Cookbook“, and host of the Harder To Kill podcast.

Click here for Steph’s blog post with links to all of the recipes mentioned in the video!

Meal Preparation Ideas
Presented by Executive Chef Kat Humphus

Join professional chef Kat Humphus as she shares some of her best tips and tricks for meal preparation. Kat is an award-winning chef and owner of “Kat’s Kitchen Collective”. She also recently appeared on Guy’s Grocery Games as well as Beat Bobby Flay on The Food Network. In this video, Kat goes over some of her tips for making meal preparation a little easier and some ideas on how to add more variety to your cooking.

Kat’s Tips For Meal Preparation:

Set up your prep station.