How Logging Your Workouts Can Lead to Weight Loss
Written by Michele Vieux

Are you stagnant in your weight loss goal? Are you keeping track of all your numbers and PRs? You might be wondering what one has to do with the other and why we are always suggesting that you keep a logbook of your times, lifts, workouts and more. Well, besides having a visual record of if you are improving or not, knowing how much you can safely lift, and giving yourself a pat on the back for doing a great job,

Blending vs Juicing
Written by Kim McLaughlin

In a previous post, Vegetables Are Death Defying Super Foods, we discussed the importance of consuming a huge amount of vegetables on a daily basis. Knowing how important this is, it’s good to get a little creative with how we consume veggies. Eating salads for every meal is not practical nor is it advised.

One way to get some of those veggies in for that day is by juicing or blending. There’s a lot of hype around the health benefits of the “green juice” you get from liquefying vegetables.

Pre-Workout Carbs Aren’t for Everyone but Are They for YOU?
Written by Michele Vieux

With so many pre-workout products out there all containing different formulas of carbohydrates and proteins, it can be confusing to many athletes as to what’s best to help them reach their goals. You may have heard that you should “carb up” before events and have probably even seen some elite athletes – and others – using carb-filled, pre-workout supplements along with sipping unknown concoctions during their workout routines and events. Some folks do need these products and should make sure to get in a dose of carbs before their workouts;

Health Benefits Abound in Bone Broth
Written by Michele Vieux

The name ‘bone broth’ may sound repulsive to you but once you realize that it’s just soup broth of the highest quality, you’ll be rushing to the store to gather the ingredients to make your own to enjoy. A sip a day can really keep the doctor away by preventing and treating illness, especially those related to gut health and cold and flu viruses [1].

Have you ever made a stock (bone broth) from scratch only to have it gelatinize in the fridge once it’s cooled?

7 Tips on Ruling Your Diet!
Written by Bryce Smith

Here are my seven rules on how to keep you in the game and off the injured list – not only for the short term, but for seasons on end. Chow down while following these simple rules and be well on your way to your most healthy you!

Rule 1: Eat the way we were evolved to eat. If it can go bad, then it’s good for you. If it can’t go bad,