Measuring Progress with a Nutrition Vacation
Written by Invictus Member Syd Naumer

I have to admit, I’ve always been one to be insanely critical of my body and where my weight was. I would freak out if I couldn’t workout every day and would never eat enough if I didn’t workout hard enough or if I ate poorly the day(s) prior. But ever since I started working with a nutritionist a year ago, I have learned to understand that even if I don’t workout, or if I take a much needed “nutrition vacation” that my body will still function and stay where I like/want it to because of the hard work and effort I have been putting in leading up.

Liquid Death
Written by Calvin Sun

With the increasing popularity of the Paleo Diet, many people are turning to agave nectar as a sweetener in many of their favorite recipes. It’s understandable to see why people would think of using agave nectar as it doesn’t add any other flavors like many sweeteners and it tastes sweeter than sugar. Unfortunately, it’s not Paleo and it’s definitely not good for you. So imagine my surprise when I was walking through the aisles of my local Costco only to be confronted by a gigantic pallet of agave nectar.

How To Eat A Plant-Based Diet And Not Die Of Malnutrition
Written by Calvin Sun

Coach Nick and I had a discussion recently about a client he’s counseling who doesn’t eat meat. I understand people have different reasons for avoiding meat. Some people avoid it for moral and philosophical reasons, such as religious beliefs, animal rights, and even environmental reasons. There are others who believe avoiding meat is healthier. Sometimes, this belief is fueled by the myth that saturated fat is bad for you. While science has refuted this myth in recent years [1,2,3],

Veggie Napoleons – Your New Favorite Side Dish or Stand Alone Meal
Recipe by Michele Vieux

I was out to dinner with a friend the other day and it happened to be #MeatlessMonday so I was scanning the menu to see what options were available to me when the Veggie Naopleon caught my eye. Even though it was sans meat, it was delicious and I didn’t feel cheated at all. I was quite surprised at how hearty the meal was proud of joining the Clean Plate Club that night! It was so good,

Mo’ Soup for You! No-Blanch Gazpacho
Recipe by Michele Vieux

Summer is here and to me, that means not turning on the oven or stove since I don’t want my house to turn into an oven itself. I also love me some soup, which doesn’t normally scream “summer” unless it is a deliciously fresh and chilled gazpacho – a chilled, tomato soup that comes from the region in Southern Spain called Andalusia. They also enjoy it frequently in Portugal, but it’s spelled a little different there – gaspacho. Either way, it is simple to make,