Low Carb Clam Chowder
Recipe by Michele Vieux

Since it is soup season in many parts of the world, here is one of my favorite classics turned low carb by eliminating the roux (flour paste) and substituting kohlrabi for potatoes. If you’re not familiar with kohlrabi, it comes from the cruciferous group (same as cabbage) but has a potato-like feel in soups.

This is a hearty meal that is perfect as a stand-alone dish or with a small salad on the side. If you are planning to have a SOUPer Bowl Party,

Become a Green Machine with Liquid Chlorophyll
Written By Bryce Smith

Here at Invictus, we are very fortunate to be a part of the Sea of Green! What better way to enhance our greenness than by adding chlorophyll in to our diet?!

Chlorophyll (More like Boraphyll…)

Chlorophyll is the green pigment or coloring found in almost all plants and algae and is a natural, fat soluble molecule which allows them to convert light into energy. It is known as the blood of plants and acts like hemoglobin does in humans.

Korean Style Kalbi Ribs
Recipe by Amy Tran

Korean style Kalbi ribs refer to a particular type of cut. Unlike American style ribs, Kalbi ribs are cut lengthwise across the rib bones. They are also referred to as “flanken” style ribs. I get mine from the local Korean market, but you can also ask your butcher to prepare this cut for you as well.

Kalbi ribs are sweet and salty, crispy and fatty. Most Korean markets sell these ribs pre marinaded for your convenience, or you have the option of buying a jar of the prepared marinade as well.

Quick and Easy Chicken Salad
Recipe by Amy Tran

Chicken salad is a quick and easy snack, appetizer, or meal. I usually make it with leftover chicken, but it is equally as good (and much faster) with a store bought rotisserie chicken.

It can be served with crackers, fresh veggies (celery sticks, sliced cucumber, and bell pepper slices to name a few), on lettuce cups, or on a salad.

Grab your favorite mayo (find my favorite mayo recipe here), shredded chicken, the rest of the ingredients,

Supplements and Beyond: Why We Love Thorne Research
Written by Bryce Smith

Most U.S. manufacturers of nutritional supplements add powdered lubricants during manufacturing to help the product’s powdered ingredients flow faster through the manufacturing equipment. The most common powdered lubricant to look for, which is usually listed in the “Other Ingredients” section of the product label, is Magnesium Stearate.

The only purpose for adding Magnesium Stearate is as a processing aid to keep the product’s powdered ingredients from sticking to the manufacturing equipment during mixing and tableting. Using Magnesium Stearate allows more tablets or capsules to be manufactured per hour,