How To Stay Motivated During The Competition Season
Written by Calvin Sun

Competing in the sport of CrossFit is not recommended for the mentally uncommitted. At the competitive level, the sport is just as demanding mentally as it is physically. It can be hard to stay motivated through the hours and hours of exhausting and arduous training. Your life begins to revolve around training, recovering, eating, sleeping, and training some more. Things can get a little repetitive and motivation can begin to wane for some athletes. You might begin to question why you are putting yourself through such an experience.

Written by Bryan Miller

How important is effort in training?

Many top level CrossFitters claim that all you need is a good form, a few training partners and to “hit the workout as hard as possible” in order to make progress. I completely agree with this philosophy; yes, of course, if you want to optimize your time in the gym, you should be doing the right program for YOU, but that is another article entirely.

During my years of coaching, I have seen the success of many people who “get after”

What People Are Saying About The Invictus Mindset
Written by Calvin Sun

On behalf of the creative team behind “The Invictus Mindset”, I want to thank the online community for the incredible response we’ve received for our latest book. We are so grateful and humbled by the extraordinary response.

When we wrote “The Invictus Mindset”, we had a feeling it would resonate with some people in our community. The goal was to create a book that shared the mindset, philosophy, perspective, and tools we’ve provided to our athletes and clients over the years to help them achieve their goals and become the strongest version of themselves.

Visualize Your Success
Written by Invictus Member Nairobi Romero

We all know people who are driven; those individuals who will do anything and everything to reach their goals. But we also know others who struggle to stay motivated. Perhaps you are the one of these struggling individuals. What is it that the others are doing that is different from you? What can you do to get to the next level?

I have grown to understand the laws that exist in this universe. I have grown to observe more and to learn from not only my mistakes,

Invictus Is More Than a Gym Name… It’s a Mindset
Written by Calvin Sun

Most athletes invest a great deal of their time, effort, and resources in developing their physical body. Precise nutrition plans, customized training programs, specialty skill coaches, training camps, and continuous bodywork are just some of the common areas where athletes will spend a large portion of their resources. However, how much time do you put towards developing your mindset? Your mind is arguably the most powerful tool in your arsenal as an athlete yet so many leave this area untouched in their training and arrive on game day psychologically unprepared.