Trucker Dukes Memorial Workout
Written by Michele Vieux

After receiving an email from a friend who owns Upcountry CrossFit in Maui about two of their members who lost their three-year-old son, Trucker Dukes to cancer last month, we are honored to host the Dukes family for the Trucker Dukes Memorial Workout this weekend so that we may help celebrate their son’s life while raising awareness about childhood cancer.

Trucker, the youngest of four children, would’ve turned four on April 10th but sadly, he succumbed to neuroblastoma before his birthday. Trucker endured multiple rounds of chemotherapy,

It’s not About Winning. It’s About the Battle Itself.
Written by Holden Rethwill

How many of you are familiar with the story of Sisyphus? If not, here’s a brief synopsis:

In Greek mythology, King Sisyphus was a master of deceit and trickery. Upon his death, he was punished by Zeus and forced to roll a boulder up a mountain. However, before reaching the top of the mountain, the boulder would always roll back down. Thus Sisyphus was left to an eternity of unending frustration and useless effort, as no matter how hard he tried,

Working Out For Reward vs Punishment
Written by Arielle Bloom

When you think of burpees, one of two thoughts can pop into your head- “Yay Burpees!” or “Oh no! Burpees.” My guess is that for most of us, the latter is a much more popular response. Why is that? Are burpees really that bad, or is it just that we associate burpees with pain, torture, and misery? As CrossFitters, we are accustomed to burpees popping up in some form several times throughout the week in workouts. However in many sports, burpees are used as a form of punishment,

Why I Love Burpees
Written by Holden Rethwill
(Originally Published on May 24, 2016)

I know what you’re thinking.

Blasphemy! Crazy talk!

How could anyone in their right mind enjoy a movement 99.9% of the world despises? Well you heard it here first – I love burpees, and I’ll give you three reasons why!

You Will Never Fail.

The fear of failing keeps even the greatest of athletes from reaching full potential. So what is better than performing a movement that you will never,

Breaking It Down: How to Get Through a Long Grueling Workout
(Originally Published June 26, 2016)
Written by Holden Rethwill

“CrossFit Open Workout 16.1…I’m 7 minutes in and on a good pace. My splits are exactly where I want them to be and my body is up to the task of finishing the remaining 13 minutes. Ok 10 minutes just went by I’ve got to be close to done…I look at the clock which reads 11:00. Only 4 more minutes went by?! Oh man, ok 9 more minutes to go,