Become a Victor Not a Victim
Written By Bryce Smith

Winners win, and losers lose. Winning needs to become a culture in your life. Losers make unnecessary excuses and love to play the blame game as to why they aren’t where they want to be in their life. Wake up and decide that you are going to grind and not allow others to control your destiny.

Control the controllable.

Do not blame others, do not blame circumstances. Instead, make a vow to yourself to learn from the situation and improve.

It’s How You Play Your Hand
Written by Invictus Member Rachel Ragosa

You may recognize Tasha as the woman walking around the gym, always smiling. In the last five months, Tasha has made a big impact on the Invictus community. Despite facing significant challenges throughout her life, she continues to retain an admirable positive attitude. No matter what difficulty you are facing, Tasha’s advice and unrelenting drive will no doubt inspire you.

Sometimes life has a way of completely turning your world upside down. A single moment in time changes your life forever.

5 Ways To Mentally Prepare Before a Competition
(Originally published May 18, 2016)
Written by Calvin Sun

As a competitive athlete, your preparation for game day goes far beyond what you do in the gym. While physical training is certainly critical, mental preparation is equally essential to your success. U.S. Marine Corps General James Mattis said, “The most important six inches on the battlefield is between your ears”. Most coaches at Invictus will tell you that this statement holds equally true for athletes who wish to step onto the arena floor. In this post,

Stay Strong. Stay Strong.
Written by Invictus Member Rachel Ragosa

My name is Rachel Ragosa, and you may remember me from way back in 2012. I’m thrilled to be back at CrossFit Invictus! To put it lightly, life has thrown me a couple curveballs the last few years. I was honored when I was asked to tell my story. I hope it helps others who find themselves in a seemingly impossible life situation. I guess I’ll start from the beginning…

“There is something wrong with Charlie.”

I didn’t know it at the time,

John Wooden’s 9 Promises That Can Bring Happiness
Written by Holden Rethwill

I could write blog post after blog post on the ideals and life lessons I’ve learned from reading and studying books on John Wooden. The level of excellence he achieved as a coach is something anyone in a coaching profession should aspire and strive for. But, not because of his win record, or the National Championships he won, Hall of Fame players he coached; instead for the high level of integrity to which he held himself, his athletes and his peers.