L-Sit Progression on Floor for Intermediate Athletes and Festivus Feats of Strength
Video by Michele Vieux

This progression toward a L-Sit is great to use for those of you who aren’t quite strong enough to hold yourself up on parallettes and even for those who don’t have parallettes handy. It can be incorporated into your gymnastics-based warm-up, workout in place of L-Sits or hollow holds, TV watching and travel workouts to help you strengthen your lower abs and hip flexors while fine-tuning your body control.

To perform this movement:

1) Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you and your hands placed next to your pockets.

Don’t Have Strict Pull-Ups? Try Mixing These 2 Variations into Your Routine
Written by Michele Vieux

The pull-up battle is real and for many athletes, getting that first strict pull-up is a goal. But what is the best way to get there? The familiar standbys – jumping pull-ups, pull-up negatives, banded pull-ups and partner assisted pull-ups – are all options and each has it’s place depending on what the workout calls for. Now let’s add a couple other options to your repertoire.

Band Pull-Down Modification

If you are working toward strict pull-ups,

Getting Your First Ring Dip
Written by Nichole DeHart-Kribs

Ever look at the workout of the day, see that ring dips are scheduled in the program, and think to yourself ‘well, today I am skipping class’? If that is the case, don’t give into that thought! Instead, read on to learn about different progressions to get you to your first ring dip.

Stationary Dips

It is advised to start with a more stable movement, like the stationary dip. You can still work through the same range of motion required in the ring dip,

How to Kick to a Handstand Against the Wall
Video by Travis Ewart

Gymnastics skills may be some of the most daunting movements in CrossFit. Learning how to scale movements to create a comforting learning environment instead of “either do it or don’t” is why we created Invictus Gymnastics, an online supplementary program to carry you from the bottom to the top!

Kicking to a handstand against the wall can be extremely challenging if you have never done it before! Handstands against the wall lead to so many benefits, from general strengthening for handstands or overhead work,

The Mounting Ring Muscle-Up
Video by Travis Ewart

The struggle can be very real when it comes to Kipping Ring Muscle-Ups. Learning to bring your body from below the rings to the top of the rings is not small feat, yet it can be even more difficult without direction. Finding the easiest way to elevate your body is always our goal as athlete, but as coaches it’s even more important so we don’t watch our athletes struggle time and time again, putting in 100% effort and getting less than exciting rewards.

The Mounting Ring Muscle-Up technique may not be for everyone and mainly focuses on the Rising Muscle-Up (as opposed to the Rowing Muscle-Up),