You Must First Know Yourself in Order to be Your Best Self
Written by Samie Acevedo

Be yourself. Be the best version of you. Don’t compare yourself to others.

We are constantly being told to practice this mindset. We constantly spew this philosophy to others. Like it is some new revolutionary idea. Like it’s a magic pill. Two doses a day, taken with food. That will fix it.

That will fix the burning itching sensation of comparison on your skin. It will cure the ulcer of self-loathing. It will clear our lungs from pressure, so we can finally take a deep breath of self-worthiness.

We think that if we just keep repeating it over and over again – be yourself, be the best version of you, you are enough – it will somehow melt into our brains, like the sun melts into the sea, bleeding sweet serenity.

But how do we reach this point of serenity? There is no magic pill.

There is only action. There is only self-realization. It actually takes a lot of work.

Before we can say to ourselves, “Be the best version of you,” we need to spend dubious amount of time asking ourselves, “Who am I?”

When we spend time asking ourselves, “Who am I?” we learn how to protect ourselves from social comparison. It shields us from self-inflicting and debilitating expectations.
When we know who we are, we strip the skin off expectation and cut through the flesh of pressure. We can break the bones of comparison and set flame to the body of pain. All that is left, all that survives now, is the light spirit of fun.

Pure enjoyment…with no attachments.

This metamorphosis of thought is the result of taking the time asking NOT “Who do I want to become?,” but asking “Who am I?”

Who am I today. Right here and right now.

If you take 10 minutes today, and ask yourself, “Who am I?” What would you say?

This is the enlightening question.

With every evolution and every growing pain in life, this truthful question could possibly be the key to living a full life. We can become all that we want to be if we can let go of the comparison. If only we can let go of the expectations.

Only if we take the time, to know who we are.

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Joseph Libson
Joseph Libson
February 13, 2018 8:40 pm


Thanks for writing it.

Candy Olkey
Candy Olkey
February 10, 2018 1:04 pm


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