Why I Took the Battle Cancer Coaching Challenge
Written by Fritz Nugent

I heard about a program called Battle Cancer. They asked Invictus if we wanted to be one of their first partnered gyms in the US and we accepted. Myself and a few other coaches on staff have personally experienced the effects of cancer and decided to step up and meet this challenge. We think that we can help!

The importance of our health cannot be understated. Without health, our quality of life deteriorates. Physical training is one simple way to increase our resilience against the challenges of this world. My father was diagnosed with leukemia almost two decades ago. If we hadn’t caught it when we did, he would have died within a few weeks. He is still alive and thriving today, and I attribute this to his mindset, lifelong exercise regimen, and healthy eating. If he had eaten poorly his whole life, or decided that he didn’t have time for exercise, he might not be with us today. I firmly believe that his exercise habits are the linchpin that helped prepare him for his battle with cancer, and also provided him an outlet to find himself again after all that he (and we, his family) went through during his many month hospital stay and our cross-country relocation.

Fast forward to today. Invictus is offering an opportunity for cancer survivors to take control of their health. Battle Cancer is coming to Invictus Downtown in San Diego. What is Battle Cancer, you may ask? Battle Cancer is a British non-profit company that has partnered with gyms in the UK and now in the US to provide a support system and structure for cancer survivors to take control of their own lives through exercise. 

Battle Cancer’s mission is to help cancer survivors adapt physically and mentally to take on the world that exists for them after cancer. The partnered gyms (like Invictus) are supported by Battle Cancer with outreach to help cancer survivors locate participating gyms and help them transition into the gym environment. Battle Cancer also provides the structure of a unique class structure and curriculum specifically designed for the survivors to help them work towards a thriving body, mind, and spirit.

How to Register for The Battle Cancer Program

If you know anyone who is battling cancer or who is in remission and lives in the San Diego area (or elsewhere, too!), please send them to Battle Cancer to sign up for this free program. The program is a 12-week training block, two classes a week, from 3:30 to 4:30 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our Downtown location. At the end of the program, participants can choose whether they would like to continue on their fitness journey at Invictus or another suitable gym home!

If you are interested in joining the first Battle Cancer group at Invictus, click on this link to get started: Join the Battle Cancer Program!

And If you simply want to learn more about Battle Cancer, click here: About Battle Cancer

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