What People Are Saying About The Invictus Mindset
Written by Calvin Sun

On behalf of the creative team behind “The Invictus Mindset”, I want to thank the online community for the incredible response we’ve received for our latest book. We are so grateful and humbled by the extraordinary response.

When we wrote “The Invictus Mindset”, we had a feeling it would resonate with some people in our community. The goal was to create a book that shared the mindset, philosophy, perspective, and tools we’ve provided to our athletes and clients over the years to help them achieve their goals and become the strongest version of themselves. What we never anticipated was the overwhelming positive feedback we’ve received.

Here’s just a handful of the amazing reviews and feedback we’ve received from those who’ve read The Invictus Mindset:

“This has been a transformation piece for myself. Very well put together! Thank you to all that provided information within the body of work! I am a better husband, father, friend, coach, and leader because of it!” – Denny F.

“An essential read for any athlete and coach, with a serious desire to evolve, or interest in understanding why others evolve and succeed!” – Mads J.

“I cannot express my gratitude for ‘The Invictus Mindset’. My personal success today is immensely attributed to what I learned through the book. My mental game today is better than it has EVER been! Whether you’re a CrossFit athlete or you just want to better understand your purpose in life, it’s an excellent resource.” – Korey H.

“I just wanted to thank you for the book I purchased, ‘The Invictus Mindset: An Athlete’s Guide to Mental Toughness’. I could not put it down. I made so many notes and mental visualizations. These seem to be things that we all go through and no one talks about. I am excited to put these into practice not only in CrossFit but also in all aspects of my life.” – Jacob K.

“I just want to say thank you. I spent a few years in the military and I am now out and have been doing CrossFit for a few more. I have always tried to understand mental toughness, whether it is a learned skill or an inherited ability. I bought this book this morning after seeing the post and I believe 100% that every human being should read it whatever their profession or current circumstance. They say you learn something new every day. Thanks to you I have learned a lot more than just ‘something’ today. Once again thank for this book. It’s a game changer and just in time for the Open! I hope that one day I will be fortunate enough to experience your guys teachings first hand.” – Matt K.

“Finished reading The #InvictusMindset last night. This book is second to none in my opinion. A very eye opening experience, and incredible look into the mind of the amazing athletes and coaches at Invictus. Just in time for the Open!” – Taylor Y.

“Writing to let you know that I bought your new book this morning and speed read the whole thing. Wow. It is not only jam packed with priceless information for achieving my goal to become a Games competitor, but I had a sense of the positive and fulfilling impact it could have on the quality of life, in general. Over the coming days and weeks, I will go back and slowly reread and consider the practices you suggest, and prioritize the practice of cultivating my mindset as I do my strength and skills work.  Thank you for this and the many contributions you have made to my life.” – Sandy H.

“My 11 year old, an avid CrossFit Salinas member and aspiring Olympic lifter, just read your book on the Invictus Mindset. Last night after his Little League game that did not go so well, when he hopped in the car I told him I enjoyed watching him play and I was impressed by his demeanor and posture during the rough parts of the game. He said he kept the Invictus Mindset in his head and that helped him stay focused and positive. Thank you for sharing your book with us!!! I will approach 15.1 differently after reading your book!!!” – Greg B.