Welcome to the Team, WHOOP!

Invictus is beyond excited to team up with WHOOP, who has built a name for themselves as a leader in our space and as a tool to inspire thousands of people to change their lives for the better through health and fitness.

Over the past few years, WHOOP has strived to unlock human performance – having worked with some amazing athletes, teams, and organizations. With this insight, they’ve designed a platform around optimal performance and built relationships with some of the brightest minds in fitness, sports performance, and health.

Why We Love Whoop

Number one reason: We support their mission to grow a community centered around self-improvement, hard work, and positive impact.

Whoop technology has been tried and tested by the highest levels of professional athletes, but it is accessible for individuals at any level of activity.

The fabric wristband provides users with a less restrictive and noticeable wear, leaving our business professionals without the bulky band underneath their button-down, and our athletes focused on their form, not their equipment.

Whoop is a simple and effective data-collecting machine, providing you with easy to understand information regarding your: activity level (strain), sleep quality, amount of rest and recovery needed, and more.

Besides giving you information that can help you make smart decisions about your training, WHOOP is committed to sharing information and knowledge with the world.

Sharing Knowledge With Each Other & You

We will be working with WHOOP to educate on the topics of sleep and recovery, collaborate on exclusive content pieces, and continue bolstering our communities through the lens of better performance.

We are very excited to make this announcement as the first of many pieces in this partnership, keep and eye out for what is to come over the next few weeks.

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Neil Mcmullin
Neil Mcmullin

I am currently both a invictus masters subscriber and a whoop subscriber. Is there a Whoop invictus team?

Demetrios Kekempanos
Demetrios Kekempanos

I’m currently using “Myzone” it tracks base workout info heart rate during training, intensity & calories burned. What can you share about the added feed back from Whoop. Thanks