Viking Sloth Press for T-Spine Mobility & Shoulder Activation
Video by Hunter Britt

Looking for ways to improve your t-spine mobility while also incorporating proper activation? Then add in the Viking Sloth Press to your training routine to get those shoulders prepped and ready for the work ahead.

Pretty much everyone who walks through the doors of Invictus has tight thoracic spines. This is due to a combination of lifestyle, lack of awareness and even weakness through the upper back. Ideally, you want rotation through the thoracic spine and stability in the lumbar spine but oftentimes, the opposite is true, which can lead to poor positions as well as back, shoulder, and hip pain.

The Viking Sloth Press

The Viking Sloth Press was introduced to us by our good friend Julien Pineau. We started using it in-house with our athletes a couple of years ago with great success. Our suggestion would be to add these in at the beginning of your session for 5-7 reps for two sets. The above video shows you how you can set up for the Viking Sloth Press with just a few pieces of equipment.

Although this is a more-advanced thoracic mobility and activation drill, the mobility benefits gained from this exercise are outstanding so don’t be a stranger to the Viking Sloth Press! Just like any exercise, it can be modified to your needs and ability as you work toward the prescribed and ideal positions.

Thoracic Mobility Protocol

Something else to look into…Coach Nick’s Spinal Series! Doesn’t that sound fascinating? If you followed along with our spinal mobility series, you have already watched the videos on Spinal SegmentationSpinal Flexion/Extension, Thoracic Rotation: PAILs & RAILs, and the Full Spinal Warm-Up. If you have not, check those out first because they give you the base knowledge as well as show you how to pre-test and find your problem areas – you will use the drills in the following videos (and the Viking Sloth Press) to address and progress in those areas.

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