Great night at track once again – a huge group with some celebrities in the house

Attendance – Jes, Walden, Bellock, Alexis, Mello & Abdul (welcome back), Danesh, Borrelli, Ken, Thijs (all the way from Belgium), Noah Pester (CF Games Competitor), Kristine, Ryan, Jenny Labaw (CF Games Competitor), Chris & Cait, Patrice, Mine, James & Johannah, Carlos, Ayo (welcome back – love your energy at the track), Ed, Dobbs, Nairobitron

Short Intervals – 30s on, 90s off – continue doing these intervals till you complete 2 miles.  We stopped this workout at 30 minutes – ideal for keeping high intensity throughout the intervals

Long Intervals – 7 rounds of 2 minutes on, 1 minute off – cover as much distance as possible – post distance

Tempo –  8 mile (EMINEM) Tempo – 80% effort.  You can also do this by pace if you’d like – check out the FAQ on the CFE website to determine your pace according to one of your time trials


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