From Invictus Endurance member Ryan Stitt –

I hope you are enjoying the weekend and staying dry. I ran the 15K this morning and got a really significant PR. I don’t run much, and the only other 15K that I ran was pre-crossfit and before your running clinic. I can’t thank you as well as the other coaches at the gym enough. I am sure that without crossfit I would not have achieved such a significant improvement.



It was an eventful weekend as some of the Ragnar team got together for the Hot Chocolate 15k – from the picture above looks like they were having a blast.

Suggested CFE Run workouts for the week – don’t forget we recommend 4-6 Crossfit workouts

Short Intervals – 8 x 100m, rest 2:00 between, hold all 100m splits within 2-3 seconds

Long Intervals – 3 x 1M, rest 3:00, hold splits within 5-10 seconds

Time Trial – 10K

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