Another great group that showed up for running 800s yesterday.   We had some first timers at the track, shout out to Adrienne for completing the entire 6 rounds of the workout.  We had a few folks that hadn’t been seen in awhile – Manfred finally coming back from his basketball hiatus, and Shelly coming back to run after she had a minor set back of dislocating her shoulder.

The 6 rounds might have sounded like the worse workout in the world, but they were not to be done all out – before the group started the workout I explained to dial back the pace/intensity to about 80% effort so they could keep consistent throughout and just about everyone did.

It was fun seeing people running in small packs too, Nairobi & Nate keeping each other pushing to the end, it was awesome to watch.  Kristine giving Manfred a run for his money and fun to see Ken & Ryan out front battling to keep their splits sub 3 for all of the 800s.

In attendance – Miné, Nate, Shelly, Rachel (she’s going to be joining the group regularly), Ken, Nairobatron, Alexis, Parice, Jes, Walden, Johannah, Mikey B, Adrienne, Borrelli, Kesha, Ed MacBean, Chris P, Kristine, Ryan, James V, Cait & Manfred

Be sure to check facebook and twitter this weekend as our group will be participating in the Ragnar Relay – here is our team:  Ian Armstrong, Miné Okano, Michael Bellock, Christopher Walden, Johannah & Jimmy Valentine, Eric Brandle, Alexis, Katherine all the way out from NY, Cait Graham, Jay who’s been our rockstar chef & Josh for stepping in at the last minute.  This is always a once in a lifetime event – you will remember the people you share a van with and the stories you tell each other over the course of 36+ hours together of running and driving – talk about a good time….

Do you have someone that would be interested in running with us?   Bring them out next week.

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