Tips for Mastering a Handstand
Written by Nichole DeHart
Here are some key points to remember as you are perfecting your handstand hold.

1. Weight Over Knuckles
The weight of the athlete should be distributed over their knuckles. If they find themselves losing balance or need to adjust then have them rock back to their palm, then back to their knuckles to readjust their body. Their fingers should be spread apart so that they can get a good grip on the floor.

2. Head Looking At Hands
The athlete should have their head looking slightly at their hands.

3. Body Aligned
Their body is ideally stacked over their shoulders in a straight line, with the hips aligned over the shoulders.

4. Feet Pointing Up
The athlete’s feet should be pressed together and pointing straight up. By pressing the feet together and up, the athlete ends up engaging their lower body and will create a tighter midline.

Ready for something more challenging? Move onto the handstand push-up next.

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Zane O 'Hara
Zane O 'Hara

Mastering the handstand is not an easy task but is not impossible with just a little effort of the same time. When you will arrive at a level or resumetarget you can see the effect for yourself and you will become skilled

aakash mishra
aakash mishra

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