The Magic Within Maximizing Moments
Poem by Bryce Smith

We are but a collection of moments. A bundle of stories.

The mind is king and true fulfillment lies in mind mastery.

We should live without fear.

Each day is a gift. The past is now gone and the future is awaiting creation.

Enter each day with a grateful heart, to allow you light to shine, and create a safe space for others to sing their song.

Work hard to serve the world and make each moment a masterpiece through emotional vulnerability and service. 

When you fear the unknown, put one foot in front of the other. Have the courage to begin.

When put inside a box, find a way out.

When you fail, stubbornly persist in the midst of adversity.

When you hit roadblocks, go over, under, or around before asking for help.

When you are tired, never quit, learn to appropriately rest. 

Understand that the world can be a cold and dark place. 

Bad things happen, and bad people exist.

When you are unable to control situations, choose to control the mind and your response to the chain of events.

Each day, train the mind, body, and soul of yourself and others to remain calm in the midst of chaos.

Your voice, for kindness.

Your ears, for compassion.

Your mind, for truth.  

Your hands, for service.

Your heart, for love.

All great endeavors demand undeniable concentration, deep belief, and an uncommon amount of hope.

Keep the vision. It is an art to see what is invisible to others. Believe you can change the world.

If changing the world for the better was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Do the right thing when no one is watching. Help others succeed and believe that you will too. 

Be married to the process and divorced from the outcome. It’s truly special when you can do this.

Commit to your daily habits and realize that your daily behavior becomes your habits. Habits become values. Values become your life. 

Each moment in collection becomes your life. Make it worth reading and be the hero in your story. 

The collection of moments, decisions, stories, and chapters together construct your life.

In this moment,  radiate positivity.

In this moment, exercise discipline.

In this moment, serve the world and give your best effort.

In this moment, control the controllable.

In this moment, celebrate your loved ones.

In this moment, be kind-hearted, loving, and compassionate. 

Be a go-getter. Think differently than most, and choose to be a lion rather than a sheep.

Be a leader and only follow when it is needed. At all costs, be coachable. A lifelong learner and not afraid of criticism.

A victor who acknowledges the existence of negativity, but chooses to remain optimistic.

Maintain a childlike mindset. Believe all things are possible, especially magic.

Love is real. Be a romantic and tell the truth, because this moment is all we have.

Practice to optimize your health for it serves all other hats. It contributes to the mind to keep the heart and soul in alignment. 

Each day, optimistically pursue changing the world. With a pep in your step and a smile on your face, exemplify enthusiasm.

Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm. 

Each moment is a gift. Full of feelings and emotions. Don’t be so busy building that you forget to live. 

See and appreciate the little things because one day they will be big things.

And so today and every day walk with humility and appreciate the opportunities hidden in each moment.

Will you sink or will you swim? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. If you paddle hard, you will eventually reach the destination meant for you. 

The choice is always yours.

We are nothing more than a bundle of stories with the same 24 hours in front and behind each of us. How do you choose to live?

This is your moment. Get after it. 



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