The 2014 CrossFit Open Starts This Week!
Written by Jaimie Bougie

There is a new excitement in the air at Invictus and that can only mean one thing – the 2014 CrossFit Open starts this week!

For many of our members, this is your first time experiencing this exciting event, and now is a great time to clear up any questions you may have for this week.

How do I register for the 2014 Open?

How to Register for the 2014 CrossFit Open on the Sea of Green Team

1. Navigate yourself over to http://games.crossfit.com/

2. At the top right side of the website, you’ll see a photo that says “THE OPEN” in white and “REGISTER HERE” in blue.  Go ahead and click there.

3. If you signed up for the 2012 or 2013 CrossFit Open, you already have a login. So there is no need to create one.  Just go ahead and sign in with that information.

If you did not sign up last year for either event, you will need to go ahead and create a login.

4. Once you login, either with you already established login or with your newly created one, they will ask you some location information and ask for payment; the cost for the Open is $20.

5. After payment is submitted, you will be brought to a screen that will ask you to designate two things; your affiliate and your team.

For your affiliate, select “CrossFit Invictus” from the drop down if you train at our Downtown location more than 51% of the time, or “CrossFit Invictus Point Loma” if you train at Point Loma more than 51% of the time. There are thousands of affiliates listed in this drop down, but thankfully it is in alphabetical order.  Ours is located roughly halfway down the list.

We will have a total of four teams to choose from this year to give as many of our athletes as possible a chance to compete at Regionals and maybe even the CrossFit Games! Those teams will be…

  • Invictus – This team will be comprised of our Games veterans who will be working hard to earn our team a 6th straight trip to the CrossFit Games.
  • Invictus – Unconquerable – This team will be comprised of several highly competitive CrossFit athletes who will be gunning for an opportunity to earn their first trip to the CrossFit Games.
  • Invictus – Unbowed – This team will be comprised of our other amazing athletes who train Downtown who would like to test their limits in competition…and hopefully will be represented at Regionals by the top 3 males and females within this group.
  • Invictus – Unafraid – This team will be comprised of all of our athletes who train at our Point Loma location.

Alternatively, you can leave your “Team” election blank and our team managers will add you to the appropriate team…think of it as a draft or team lottery. 🙂

Are we allowed to scale these workouts?

I know that many of you are hesitant about signing up because you are worried that you are not strong enough or fast enough to perform these workouts.  Have no fear!  You will be able to scale each workout accordingly and still submit your score in support of your respective team.

How many workouts do I have to do?

Many of you have messaged me to say that you really want to support our teams, but you are unsure about committing yourself to a bunch of workouts.  When you sign up for the Open, you are only committing yourself to the first workout – 14.1. The 14 stands for the year – 2014 – and the 1 stands for week 1.  There will be a total of 5 workouts, but it is only required that members perform the first workout in order to be registered.

For some of you, this could be your main event for the year.  Whether you scale it or do it “RX”, this first workout is a great opportunity for you test your limits and see the fruits of all your hard work over the past year.

And who knows – you may enjoy the camaraderie so much that you find yourself looking forward to 14.2 and beyond!

When am I doing the workout?  Do I have to do it on Friday Night?

Here’s the beauty of this whole thing – you’ll be doing the workouts whether you register or not!  We are planning on incorporating each weekly Open workout into our normal Friday group classes as the “Performance Workout”.  You will also have the option of doing the workout on Saturday…or you can do the alternative team workout on Saturday. That way, you can perform these workouts with your normal group of Invictus buddies and just have a blast with it.  You can attempt it RX, go for a PR or do it scaled – the option is yours.  It is not required for you to perform these workouts during our Friday Night Lights.

The first workout, 14.1, will be announced this Thursday night at 5:00 pm PDT and you will have until 5:00 pm PDT on Monday, March 3rd, to register and submit your scores.

We are also in need of members from the Sea of Green to help us judge the workouts of anyone who wants to submit an Open score. If you are interested in helping us, please take the CrossFit Judges Course before the Open starts this week.  You can find more information here in our “Calling All Judges!” blog post.

Tell me more Jaimie – why else should I sign up for the 2014 Open?

One of the cool things about signing up for the Open this year is that you’ll have an all-access pass to the new, sophisticated leaderboard.  Why is this so cool? You’ll be able to see not only how you stack up on a worldwide level (don’t let this intimidate you, but instead encourage you!) but you can now see how you stack up on a local level with custom individual leaderboards – such as, creating a leaderboard for your 7:00 am Invictus classmates!  We fully encourage in-house, friendly competitions here at Invictus and you’ll now have the ability to create competition leaderboards between or within classes.  You’ll only be able to fully utilize this cool feature if you encourage others in your group classes to sign up!

If you still have questions or any doubts about signing up for the Open, please let me know! You can submit questions to the comments below, message me privately on the Invictus Facebook page or send me an email at [email protected]

  • Sean O’Deay

    When will the open wods be planned into the competition training?

    • Cj Martin

      Tomorrow’s blog post buddy. Different for some, but generally speaking, Friday and Sunday or Monday.