“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.”

Dear Invictus Community,

Today the County of San Diego mandated that all gyms and fitness centers temporarily suspend operations through March 31, 2020 in an effort to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus outbreak. While this was not the news we hoped to hear, we are excited that we’ve been provided an opportunity to show our members just how much we care, how committed we are to their success and how effective we can be even with limited resources. 

Since we opened our doors in January 2009, we’ve offered members the opportunity to face adversity head on, embrace the discomfort of challenging tasks and learn that they’re capable of so much more than they tend to believe. We believe that adversity is opportunity for growth, and we’re well-prepared to continue fulfilling our mission of serving the members of our community beyond the four walls of our gym facilities. 

All Invictus members have a designated coach that serves as a resource to them at all times. That coach has undoubtedly been in contact with you throughout the week and will be communicating with you frequently to discuss many factors of your health and ensure that you have appropriate workout options every day. Our remote programming will have options for those with no equipment, and also options for those who have access to dumbbells, kettlebells, jump ropes and some “cardio” equipment like treadmills, rowers or bikes. Your coach will happily customize your workouts based on your needs and equipment available to you. 

In order to help facilitate your at-home workouts, we are also allowing members to check out equipment from the gym that they can use in their homes until we are cleared to open our doors again. We will be opening both the Downtown and Sorrento Valley facilities on Friday, March 20th from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. for active members to check out equipment. Please come down during that time window and we will help you select the most appropriate 1-2 pieces of equipment for your needs. 

Invictus coaches will also be hosting Live Online Training Sessions! We will be using Zoom conferencing to provide live fitness sessions where members of our community can see us, and we can see them! Our first live training session will be Thursday, March 19 at 10:00 a.m. Please join the session by clicking this link.

In addition to physical movement, which is good for both your mind and your immune system, our coaching team will also be placing a strong emphasis on nutrition habits and stress management education. This is a great time to dig into topics that some of our members may have placed on the back burner, and we’re excited to lean into sharing our experiences and knowledge on these topics. 

These are challenging times, but we are prepared for this challenge. We are a global community committed to our collective success; individually and together. During these difficult times, we know we can count on each other in order to persevere. Invictus is committed to serving all of you; providing a pathway towards your success online. Here you may experience new ways of working alone and using your digital community as support. Dig deep, breathe, exercise your mind, body and soul. Consider committing to one other Invictus member to support their success. We all need each other. As we close our physical doors, our community doors remain open. We ask that you add a new goal, the goal of returning stronger and wiser to our re-opening of the gym after this crisis.

Post your successes, your learnings, your ways in which you are supporting yourself and others. We must bind together as a community. We are the Sea of Green, masters of our fate, and captains of our souls.

Thank you,

C.J. Martin and your Invictus Coaching Team


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Nicholas Adema
Nicholas Adema

Invictus, Thank you for doing what you are doing with the online/at home workouts. Although I have not been an in-gym member for a few years, I have been following your programming at home ever since. I have setup my own home so at the moment given current events, I am lucky. Speaking from experience, I was on Active Duty (reservist) overseas and have been on mandatory home isolation for almost 12 days now. Your online programming and the limited equipment workouts have been pivotal to not go stir crazy and to keep feeling healthy. I am just reaching out… Read more »

Michele Vieux

Thanks for sharing this, Nick! Happy to hear positive feedback during this time! Let us know what else we can do to support you all at home!

Linda Smock
Linda Smock

Thank you!!! Your coaches are the best..,

Michele Vieux

YOU’RE the best, Linda! Thank you for your support! Let us know if you need anything!