Hydrate Yourself with a Refreshing Suero!
Recipe by Michele Vieux

Once upon a time I was at a resort in Mexico and it was H.O.T. outside, even in the pool. The waiter sensed we needed some hydration and stat! So he whisked away and came back with a ‘suero’ to revive us. The translation of suero is basically an IV of saline solution and it truly lives up to its name. 

Why You Need a Suero Now

Let me share with you all the good things about this salty, sparkling lemonade and why you should try one ASAP. 

1) It is quite possibly the most refreshing drink I have ever consumed, especially after a grueling workout or on a super hot day.

2) You can actually feel it hydrating your cells when you’re dehydrated from your workout, the sun or the night before, or whatever. 

3) It’s easy to make and you usually have these ingredients on hand so you don’t have to purchase anything special or plan ahead to enjoy one.

Suero Drink Recipe


12 oz Sparkling Mineral Water

½ lemon, juiced

½ lime, juiced

⅛ teaspoon Kosher or other coarse salt



Order is important in this recipe! I’ve tried every which way (mostly by accident) and have found that adding the ingredients in this order ensures that the salt gets properly mixed in and that it is fizzier rather than losing some of it’s sparkle when assembled differently.

Juice your lemon and lime into your glass. If you like it more tart, add more! I’ve even added an extra half a tangerine before when I had a bushel of them from my CSA box and it was a nice twist on the recipe. Watermelon would be an amazing addition to this as well. If you like pulp, get some of that in there too. The bits are a nice surprise when you are sipping. If for some reason you wanted to make this a cocktail…you would add your alcohol at this point too. 

Add your salt. I listed ⅛ teaspoon but again, let that just be your guide and adjust to your preference.  It really needs to be coarse like Kosher for this recipe – not the rock kind, just a coarse grind or sea salt flakes. Those have a lighter salt flavor so it’s not so much a punch in the mouth. They also seem to disperse in the liquid better versus settle to the bottom for one last salty swig.

Pour the sparkling water into the glass but leave some room for the ice! You don’t need to mix the concoction if you let the bubbles do the work. There are many good brands on the market – I prefer Topo Chico if it’s available because I like how sparkly it is and how the bubbles really hold up for the duration. Maybe this is the point you wished you’d made this an alcoholic beverage. In that case, add a Mexican style beer instead. 

Top with ice. I use around 5 cubes which is enough to keep it cold without killing the carbonation. The mistake many people make is by adding the ice too soon which can cause all sorts of problems from ingredients not dispursing properly because they freeze and stick to the ice, to flattering the fizz and creating one massive ice chunk.

Enjoy the feeling of refreshing hydration! You just guzzled down 1.5 out of your 8 glasses of water for the day while replenishing the water, salt and minerals you sweated out! 

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