How to Stretch One of the Hardest to Stretch Places: The IT Band
Video by Nuno Costa

This stretch is meant to be performed after your runs. Sometimes if too much volume is added too quickly, we’ve seen cases of IT Band Syndrome and the best way to get rid of this is by stretching. We have received questions from many athletes about how to target the IT band in a stretch – it can be difficult to pinpoint how to do this. Here are two of our favorite ways!

Standing IT Band Stretch
You can target the IT Band by stretching standing up: cross one leg over the other, take that same arm overhead and reach up and hold for 2 minutes.

Laying IT Band Stretch
To use the band to facilitate the IT band stretch, wrap it around the bottom of your foot, lay down on the ground face up and bring that leg across your body. Keep both shoulders on the ground and hold both legs straight with one across your body. You should feel the stretch all the way from the glutes down through the outside of your knee. Hold this stretch for 2 minutes per side after your run.

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