Steps to Toes to Bar – Progression #7-8 Get Your Body Behind the Bar
Written by Cat Blatner

Before getting up on a pull-up bar for this week’s progressions, be sure you have mastered some of our previous progressions such as the Partner Assisted Push/Pulls and Banded Lat Pull Downs. These progressions will help you feel your lats activate before we put you up on the pull-up bar bar.

Progression 7: Get Your Body Behind the Bar

It’s time to get up on that pull-up bar and start practicing your toes to bar! One piece of the movement that is often overlooked is making sure to get your body behind the bar. Your hips need to be behind the bar – not under the bar – so that you can bring your legs down and your chest can swing forward; this is what moves you into the kip for the next rep. Getting your hips behind the bar will happen if you’re actively pushing down on the bar as you pull your legs up. If your hips are under the bar when you make contact with the bar, the timing will be off and you won’t have time or momentum to bring your legs up for the next rep.

If you are having trouble, refer back to the partner assisted push-pull down drill as well as the partner assisted push-pull on the rig to help control rhythm of complete kipping motion.


Progression 8: Knees Up / Chair Sit

Now that you can control the hollow body-superman kip and get those hips behind the bar, you need to progress to lifting your knees up, which in turn will progress you to lifting your toes to the bar. Start with your hollow body-superman kip; once you feel your hips getting behind the bar, and your arms  pushing down on the bar in front of you, activating your lats, begin to lift your knees into your chest. It should look like you’re sitting in a chair while hanging from the bar. As you progress within this movement, when you lift your knees, lift your toes as well. The goal should be to feel the press down on the bar, hips behind the bar, knees in chest, and see your toes on the horizon.


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