Seize this Opportunity to Create More Standout Moments in Your Life
Written by Bryce Smith

We get so caught up in the rat race of hustling to make money and gain significance that we forget the true meaning of life. Self reflect for a moment. 

What are the five moments in your life that stand out the most?

I bet those moments have to do with relationships, overcoming adversity, and rare adventures that took you on a journey you never would have expected. Since this COVID-19 quarantine, I have seen more people out walking, more people playing with their kids and pets, more people talking on the phone or FaceTiming, and more slowing down. Think about what is important to you and do more of that. 

Capturing Lessons from Current Circumstances

NFC (no f-ing choice) is sure a great motivator. Despite the circumstances of our changed behaviors, lets try to capture these lessons and apply them to our lives after this chaos has surpassed.

As a kid, my brother and I used to fight and he always knew how to push my buttons. I remember being sent to my room so many times by my parents to separate us and to think about our actions. 

I remember when I was very young throwing tantrums in my room and throwing things, breaking things, and doing whatever I could to cause a ruckus. My brother on the other hand, used his time wisely. He would reorganize his room, make playlists on what used to be Napster, and declutter his space so as to declutter his mind. I learned a lot from those moments. 

THIS COVID-19 QUARANTINE KIND OF FEELS LIKE THAT. We can throw all kinds of tantrums and complain that we want things the way they were, or we can make the most of the cards that have been dealt and truly learn and evolve at this time. 

Arming Yourself for the Battle of Life

As I got older, I got sent to my room countless more times. But these times, I began organizing my space and decluttering my mind. I began doing mini-workouts to make sure my body and mind were ready for my brother’s next attack. I began studying books and videos to hone my basketball craft with a behind the door basketball hoop. I began arming myself for the battles to come.

Little did I know, I was arming myself for the battle of life. We have the opportunity to sharpen our swords right now, or recklessly use them. The choice is yours. What lessons have you learned recently about what’s most important to you? How are you acting on it?


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